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7th Annual Multi-State Datsun Classic -

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The 7th Annual Multi-State Datsun Classic is October 7, 2017 and is expanding!  Becoming the largest Datsun gathering in the Country and is now opening a new section of the show for ALL Classic Japanese Cars 1986 and older.  The Datsuns will be the main attraction parked on Historic Route 66 with a separate staging area for all other classic Japanese cars.  As the show expanded we are looking for participants as well as sponsors and vendors.  To sponsor an award category or to be a vendor contact chris@nostalgicdatsun.com.


Registration for the 7th Annual Multi-State Datsun Classic is now OPEN!




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Registered the green coupe, hoping to bring two cars but we will have to see if that works out.  Now I had better reserve a hotel room cuz sleeping in a 1200 could be diffficult.


It will be interesting to see how this show goes with other brands now attending.

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Same as in years past, the same applies. We are in Kingman, Arizona. We have a truck & trailer available if the need arises. Cell Phone # 928-263-0166. Hope to not hear from anybody again. But if needed don't hesitate to call. 928-263-0166.


Chopper Jim

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Chris should make a new award category, call it "Bad Ass Dude Chillin' on the side, Just in Case" and award it to Chopper Jim.








Just my opinion, I could be wrong.



Chopper, are you going to Williams this year?

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We'll be there. Truck & empty trailer I hope.


Charlie69 & 73dat, Been broke down before in a state where I didn't know anyone, and a person helped me, been doing the same ever since.


Kelmo, Thank you. But that's just what we do.

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Your Datsun does not need to run to be in the show from what I understand.  We have pushed 1 or 2 cars over the years.


Missus Kelmo and I are trying to decide if we will be a vendor again this year.  It is a little difficult to be a vendor and enjoy the show.  The idea we are kicking around is to have the booth open from 10:00 to 1:00 in order to have time to see all of the cars.  Usually we have Hot Wheels and T-shirts and may add some metal art this year.

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Well fak, guess I will have to spend another 2 years figuring this out.




HA! maybe not, guess you can teach an old dog new tricks. Next I will roll over and play dead.....no wait maybe not yet.


This oic is from the Williams show 2016.

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Thinking about doing the BRE event also, I mean if the Keeper can spend 28 hours in a Datsun, well it should be no problem for me to spend uuhh, hhmmm somewhat less hours in a Datsun.


I don't math so good.

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Typically it runs between 50 to 80 cars.  It fills a pretty good stretch of Route 66.  The show runs from 9:00am to 3:00pm and after 3:00 they do the raffle and awards.  A lot of people from California and Arizona show up and then some from Nevada, Utah, and maybe Colorado...Oh, and the 4 or 5 of us from New Mexico (not really new, not really Mexico) and let's not forget the one guy that actually IS from Mexico that shows up every year.  Hell, RickRat even showed up once.  Roadsters, Dimes, and Z's make up the primary attendance but there is always something cool that you don't get to see every day....had a Kenmari and a GT Skyline show up last year and I think a Sylvia (?) the year before.  The truck attendance has been growing also.

1200's, 411's, B210's creep in every here and there too.

I have been to every show since this started and have had a great time at all of them. 


EDIT: You said you were thinking about flying down for this. Commercial or General Aviation?

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