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7th Annual Multi-State Datsun Classic -

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It was nice meeting old friends and making new ones. Putting faces to names. And seeing some neat cars and trucks. The diamonds in the rough were cool. As in years before, it was good to not hear from any one. That just means everyone got to do what they set out to do. Drive to the show. Thank you to everyone in attendance. It was a good day. Will try to bring the 620 next year.


Chopper Jim

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Kelmo your car looked great; I'm especially envious, that as I mentioned at the BRE open house, you were able get fenders on the car without the signature 1200 dimple above the wheel arch. I only wish my car looked so good but I probably wouldn't flog mine as hard if it did.

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Tom, your car looked great too IMHO.  Especially considering the flogging it takes.  Maybe I should bring the grey coupe next year. Then I could be envious of you. B)

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A small contingent of UFO SoCal peeps (who also did the pilgrimage to Shasta back in the day) made the drive out to the BRE Open House in Henderson, Nevada (near Las Vegas) and then out to Williams, Arizona for the Multi-State Datsun Meet on Saturday. Overall the drive was mostly uneventful minus the usual semi-truck lane changes giving someone a heart-attack or need to change underwear. It was a bit warm in the desert sections (80s on the way in, high 90s on the way home) but the weather was about perfect in Williams during the day and dropping to a manageable chill in the beautiful fall evening.
The meet started with a meet and greet Friday night at a local restaurant. The food was tasty, but a bit pricey if you didn't buy the food with your pre-registration, so I definitely recommend doing that in the future. (Also note that most of the restaurants in town are slightly pricey... Williams is a bit of a touristy town.)
The car show ran from 9am to 3-4pm on Saturday. There were probably about 75 cars or so, with the Z cars being the largest group in attendance followed by 510s/roadsters. The cars varied from very nice to drivers with project cars somewhere in the mix as well. The show was well organized and we all got parked in fairly quick order. The only down-side during the show was that the road wasn't blocked off to traffic so as a spectator you needed to keep an eye on the road while taking pictures and/or casual chatting with fellow enthusiasts. The organizers know this is an issue and are looking to improve this for next year.
I was glad to have run into a few old faces, finally met a few of my Facebook friends in person and make a few new acquaintances. Overall it was a nice event and I would love to see it grow in size and duration. (Perhaps it needs a poker rally or a run to the grand canyon)
Here are some photos from the BRE Open House
And from the meet in Williams, AZ:
-Sebastian Hill

Janitor - The Dime, Quarterly

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thanks for sharing the pics 

the idea of the show that i have understood is that normal non datsun type people driving through town cant help but notice the cars and then have to make the decision to stop and check it out or just drive through

I spoke with many people who just happen to be there and thought it was great 

(they didn't come for the show ) but were excited when they saw it 

our trip was all in all good we had some new old tires  the car (meaning they were new when installed but came off a project car that apparently was a long build before selling )

so the tires were new in condition but after some tire issues and reading the date code   they were manufactured in  2005

I replaced 2 on the trip but had to get to Laughlan Nevada before finding my size tire

I discovered my 13 inch spare wont fit over 240z drums as well as the steel rim wont work with my closed end lug nuts as the studs are to long 


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