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7th Annual Multi-State Datsun Classic -

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The weather for Williams, day of the show: High 73F low 37F 10% chance of rain.  The only year that I can remember we had rain was the first one, and it was mostly on Friday and cleared off and sunny by about 10:00 in the morning.

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We will be leaving Kingman @ 7:30 am from shop at 119 E. Andy Devine Ave. for anyone interested. Again my cell # 928-263-0166. See you then.


Chopper Jim

so you are going to the show too 


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looking at routes from San Diego.


Not that far, anybody got suggestions on freeways.


Do want to see cars and ratsun members. Registration a good idea?, both my cars are somewhat taken apart.


So a Z with a new motor and no interior , or a stock 1980 ?


Anyway weather looks perfect

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Can't help with a San Diego route but.....


Woke up to rain this morning and looks like it will be here through tomorrow.  We are leaving tomorrow, most likely it will be raining.  Dang man, I spent a lot of time cleaning the car, the truck, and even the trailer. Just a heads up kids, Uncle Kelmo is gonna have a water spotted car.


240zness, have you not registered yet?  If you have, they are pretty good at changing vehicles.  Some details get mixed up in it but usually works out.


Looking forward to meeting some new folks and seeing some old folks(wait, I meant people I have met before not like old....well faak).

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If anyone has a spare 195 50 15 I could use one

One tire started to separate and apparently around here including Flagstaff is a specialty

Let me know if you have e one and what I would owe you

Mine currently are hancook ventus 2

Thanks Randy

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edit   got some lug nuts from rick in our sac datsun group

we are going to run the spare home 

have to try to get some open end lug nuts 

the closed ones are to short for the steel rim

anyone have spare lug nuts in town 

parts store in town is closed sunday

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Well, another show done at Williams. The missus and I got back about 2 hours ago, unloaded the truck and decided the car could be unloaded tomorrow.


We had a great time at the show and running our booth.  Got to see some people that we already knew. Got to know some people we didn't already know (well, with the exception of the interwebs).  Even a lurker or two on here (you know who you are, I'll be watching you).  This was the second show the missus went to and she is starting to get into the "car scene" thing and the type of people that are involved, and I think she is digging it.  She will not shut up about what we are bringing next year and is telling me my ass needs to be in the shop "like tomorrow" and start working on cars.  If she is gonna bitch about something, that is what I want it to be.  We truly enjoyed visiting with each and every one of you, you know who you are.


If you happened to buy/win a Duke City Datsun Club shirt thanks/congratulations.  When you wash it, turn it inside out....it will help the ink to last longer.


I was too busy running my mouth to take pictures so, bummer pal.  The missus and I took some at BRE and I will try and post them in the next day or so.


One last thing, the Keeper shook my hand on I40 at 70MPH but I wasn't in his car and he wasn't in mine.

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Will be leaving Phoenix at 7 am Saturday morning with Gene to come to Williams for the day.  I hope to see and meet many people after and during admiring lots of Datsuns/Nissans.

I was not able to attend this years meet due to major back pain.  Gene decided not to go either.

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