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  1. the510keeper

    Datsunville saving Dimes

    SOLD Already at an auto body shop
  2. the510keeper

    Datsunville's Commando PT 2

    Shes alive, Johnny came up and finished her out. Running Coupe, now on to other stuff, breaks, dash, etc Wheels 14-7 staggered (thank you Jared) out with the old, ended up using the rear sub-frame from Fauxbird, just redid breaks before pulling it. ran new lines Went with a set of new ST springs cut half coil, need to order shocks, might upgrade to coilovers later. but thats ez Found these bad boys in my stash haha, urethane top hat spring bushings Front steering time new stuff, only old parts are the box and idealer arm Welding time
  3. the510keeper

    New to the family

    More and more average 2 cars or trucks a month damn looks like Datsunville is expanding
  4. the510keeper

    Blue Lake Datsun show 2018

    Bump bitches haha, 20 hour drive and trying to get a convoy together
  5. the510keeper

    Feng Shui (The 510 Experiment) (All pics are fixed)

    Sweet paint part some much fun, looking great man
  6. the510keeper

    Blue Lake Datsun show 2018

    I can bring parts in my Fauxbird if someone needs anything, Shift knob n the rest room anyone ?
  7. the510keeper

    Datslocos Campout Mt Shasta July 13th-15th

    What do i have to do to become part of the club, get a sticker
  8. the510keeper

    Datsunville's Commando PT 2

    More cleaning and assembly of parts, it aint gunna build itself 280 zx struts shortened to fit VW rabbit inserts, new T3 camber plates and bearing top hats with ebay coilover kit. 14mm ball joints and steering knuckles with T3 bump steer spacers I had some euro T/C rod bushings and NOS factory rubber, so went with euro drilled and rubber combo This next step was a hard one, I have a bad ass trunk spare tire delete, but figured i would keep it stock. One of the last cars i bought had a clean spare tire well. Blasting it inside and out getting it ready Then this fucking guy came over and helped with cleaning up the engine bay harness. Wagon Jon to the rescue
  9. the510keeper

    Blue Lake Datsun show 2018

    Trying to get some cali Datsun heads to this gig, we will see how it goes. Im going foo show
  10. the510keeper

    Datsunville saving Dimes

    Trying to decide if i want to keep it yellow or ???????
  11. the510keeper

    Datsunville saving Dimes

    Here was a very nice example of a Datsun 510 2 door, that just ended badly. We are working to bring it back This is how i got it pretty gutted, but rust free Metal man Chris to the rescue AKA 510 Specialist magic
  12. the510keeper

    Canby 2018 presented by DNW

    No naked keeper if its raining wtf, i like being naked. Ill be wearing this
  13. the510keeper

    A goon has been resurrected in Datsunville

    Coupes are taking up all my money and time Someday this little hot rod will be a runner
  14. the510keeper

    Datsunville's Commando PT 2

    2nd coat of zero rust on the inner fender wells before suspension goes on New and reconditioned stuff yeppi Found some new 68-69 control arm bushings so went with early control arms but stayed with the 14mm ball joints
  15. the510keeper

    Datsunville's Commando PT 2

    Fucking photo bucket, have no idea why pics come out 90 degrees off

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