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  1. Be very careful bleeding breaks, that shit takes off paint Cleaned up the cowl with some black paint, ready for wiper linkage and cowl panel Sexy
  2. Time to clean things up, lined out the battery cable Bought a new RHD upper hood latch but didnt fit, used parts from the new one and an old one to make work great Opened up the holes to help with adjusting New shortened drive line, 37.5 inches center of yoke to center of yoke. long tail 5 speed Had some help cleaning seats and bleeding clutch and breaks
  3. I see light hahaha, Ass up face down
  4. Pretty i love it when a plan comes together Rim is rubbing on the tierod, needed to run spacers. and now not enough stud needed to take my mind off the Bird for a min
  5. Now on to hubs and rotors, found some new parts laying around and figure i would go new. Press out the races from hubs, cleaned them up and painted them.
  6. Install a rubber o-ring to help center the insert. VW rabbit shortened 280zx struts The welding shop uses all these parts to determine where to weld the collar, once gland nut is install everything is pushed together tight no slop Cody Mould showed me this trick use the bolts to clamp it in a vise
  7. Found the wires in my shed, been saving for years New Coilover time, started this area months ago and ended up selling the set. Used an old set to get me rolling
  8. The horn relay in on the back side of the strut tower facing the fuse box, same screws as the headlight relay. 3 prog plug Coilovers look good
  9. Wagon John came over to get more work done on the electrical. Sanding connections and installing new bulbs to start John spent some time fixing the flash to pass blinker switch By days end, shes a runner
  10. And the race continues, getting pretty fucking excited thanks to all the helpers Batter tray, battery , and gas tank finished up and installed, blue tape in the bracket for the cover because it will cut the shit out of you ran the positive cable down the inside of the tunnel, no worries on rad hazards Shortened the fuel line and relocated it to the fire wall, cut the filter bracket and mounted, look clean As I look around the shop i find surprises, new stuff New hood release cable, from Thailand, i'll let ya know how they hold up $10.00
  11. Thats what ive been doing is telling everyone. The one thing I hear is there is no spoon I mean Canby People that live 20 mins away still do not know. I’m driving up, not sure who else will be there but, Jay will be there and I’m gunna give him a hug thekeeper
  12. Always with the baby steps, Every step is forward and backward, but still making progress Epoxied in studs to the tailight frames most were rusted off Once glued and dry, file and die Door glass 101 this was fun, got weatherstripping at a glass shop in town and made one good door glass Say cheese look up damn it Door weather stripping
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