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  1. carpet is done Ready for Humboldt Datsun camp out Need rear coilovers installed Camping fun
  2. Back to it, been awhile since this bird got an update, life is busy as always. wanted finish up a small area of rust under the rear seat. then do a carpet kit Fun Fun
  3. Are you towing this little birdie to Humboldt? Gunna drive mine :)
  4. This Bull Shit doesn't stop us, been running as always getting shit handled. Time to take events to the backyards of Datsun folks. "Fuck the police" oh, wait, the government. And have been told, while a quick run to Medford Oregon, the police are going to back up our rights and not arrest people for being out and actually living life.
  5. Who ever is scared to drop in Datsunvillle for the pre powerland party Thursday afternoon night. no worries. We will have a great time without ya 😛
  6. Back on Da Bird Just picked up the rebuilt SR20 NA S14, yes years in the making
  7. Lets just all hope this crap is over by then and we can smile, drool, and laugh.
  8. Hello , I was wondering how many 510 RHD SSS gauge cluster moulds you made , and if any were for sale?

  9. Weird, thought we were talking about the yellow 510
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