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  1. the510keeper

    Datsunville's Commando PT 2

    Baby steps, Rear wheel well covering, thanks Todd (TMG upholstery ) for making some tan covers 1st off foam Coupes have foam on the upper areas of the inner quarter panels These little cardboard boxes go in before inner panel On to door glass then back to the hell of quarter window play Nissan OG factory inner window felt I like to glue the window felt in then, install the window to set the glue in place Finishing up quarter window left side 😊
  2. the510keeper

    A goon has been resurrected in Datsunville

    Now at the blasting / painting company. Yep paying to get her done
  3. the510keeper

    A goon has been resurrected in Datsunville

    Trailer time Chris take this and this and make look like they belong
  4. the510keeper

    Canby=Powerland NW datsun meet

    Hey Jbird isnt it, is there enough room for my Datsun and my cat
  5. the510keeper

    Datsunville's Commando PT 2

    Taillights next, I have 2 complete sets, both need a lot of love. Pulled everything apart, rusted and fucked up. Got the frames sent off to the chrome shop. A friend is making gaskets on his laser cutter Quarter window time, new latches and new rubber Petal Assembly One step closer to the edge AND.......
  6. the510keeper

    Datsunville's Commando PT 2

    Had a small party, pizza and beer in Datsunville Worked on the Coupe and made some great progress. Thanks everyone who showed up Dav knocked out the trunk area and drivers door Kieth took care of hood shocks and getting door hardware prepped Jetta trunk shocks, and nipple hardware from a VW beetle Complete dash disassembled and frame installed New part door handles, rechomed pillar vents, Hectors SSS emblems. Thanks Carlos and Carol Fender mirrors and new running lights, and emblems Toward the end Gayleen and Keeny AKA peanutbuttercups and everyone else requested pic with fender on
  7. the510keeper

    Canby=Powerland NW datsun meet

    The Red headed Hottie and i are driving something Datsun up. May throw some parts in the trunk, but last year at Canby selling was a waste of time. Totally cool with parts delivery on request. Just really wondering what the hell i will have available to drive, seems I'm back to selling everything cool I build. would be cool to see the normal crew of Datsun heads Keeper out
  8. the510keeper

    Datsunville's Red headed hottie 4 2019

    Few more things done 😀 Engine bay almost welded up but found more rust, drain area removed and need to patch area behind Donor car has rust free quarters Someone else replaced floor, did ok, i've seen way worse We just needed to make them better and fill in voids, also cut some donor floors from another wrecked dime Once Red Head is finished, Datsunville we be doing a 620 bar
  9. the510keeper

    Datsunville's Commando PT 2

    Windows in, some trim in, exhaust on and got busy
  10. the510keeper

    Datsunville's Red headed hottie 4 2019

    Made a jig, to push the tailpanel center area in to mate up with the trunk floor. and to lift the trunk floor to mate up also.
  11. the510keeper

    Datsunville's Red headed hottie 4 2019

    This project hasn't been touched for a month, most these pics are over the last 6 months. Looking forward to putting color and clear on this one. Tail light panel. Buttoned up most of it and wow, looking at the car makes me feel like all is going to be ok. This is the fun part Some one cut out the metal that would be used to attach the new panel. I decided to weld strap and form it as if were the flange.
  12. the510keeper

    Datsunville's Red headed hottie 4 2019

    And yet another donor car for dash and plastic parts, possibly wiring. And Jimmy Davis helped with wheels. 14x7 front and 14x8 rear Longchamps baby off to the polishers
  13. the510keeper

    Datsunville's Red headed hottie 4 2019

    Haha then a donor car came available Off to Az. to pick up Crispy Critter Floors went in to another project, not perfect but usable, used the under rear seat floor pan in Red Head. Fire fucked the center of the car. Clean rust free car too. Front of this burnt Dime is very usable, engine, and suspension,
  14. the510keeper

    Datsunville's Red headed hottie 4 2019

    Started tailpanel, Just a taste. Dav had been working on her up to this point, after tailpanel vision was in place, we decided to strip her naked. Decided to get aggressive. Gutted red and got her ready for complete blasting. I know a guy. This red head stepped in to put in the hours Got distracted, mybad
  15. Happy New Year everyone Been wanting to do another bare metal car, weird right. However this time put a spin on 2nd color of jambs and engine bay. Picked up a 69 2 door from Brian Barnes couple years ago. No one else saw potential but i did. hahahaha And here it set for awhile, Someone from Northwest might remember this car, has Washington title, someone did some fun cutting to the tailpanel and spare tire delete 1st thing to do fix ugly, going to install a BMW spare tire well, and cleaner tailpanel Look close you can see where someone needed the taillight metal and cut big Slow start, one small step for Datsunville

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