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  1. Made it to Datsloco on a trailer Then this happened taking it off the trailer, it took it self off the trailer. Right on No terrible damage, the pompous glass was like a big cushion Back to work, wiring 101 continues Simple tranny hole cover $300+ now temp registered Decided to install some NOS mirrors These little fucker straight from Japan, rear seat hardware. allows rear seat to fold down New shoes 1st test drive 1000 miles +++ Powerland Datsun show Thanks to Cody for the great pics
  2. Actually and friend and i put all these ideas on his computer back in 1994, with pics and looked kinda lame not to mention nothing lined up. 1994 kids, never give up on your projects
  3. Trailer is making progress After blasted and sealed some areas were a bit worse then expected. Roughing the body is a bit more work.
  4. Once home Wagon Jon came by to wrap up the flash to pass switch and other wiring fun
  5. While out on the trailer, follow 510er BIG (owes The Datsunville Rat) took care of a full lube on the bird Got behind with getting her together, so towed her to the Datsun Solvang Roadster show I met this guy Tom, he imported this Bluebird Coupe in 1977 to California. Funny story we started talking. He mentioned he imported an orange coupe, then it got painted yellow. Light bulb over my head went off. This coupe was factory orange then repainted yellow. I thought it was imported in 1978. Nope 1977. and Tom use to own it. No taillights, however I had been saving a set of NOS taillights, since 2002, (before i ever owned a coupe), and installed them in the parking lot. The ones i want to use on this car are back at the chrome shop.
  6. Sweet 😊 Decided on cable linkage to make things simple. However needed to make brackets and petal assembly Off to get an alignment
  7. On to some interior work Factory door pane;s cleaned and installed Cleaned up some sill plates Cleaned up and vinyl died visors Installed a pathfinder day / night mirror Back to the grill areas, Headlight bezels oh my Step 1, polish a clean set of bezels, left and right, not 2 of one side Step 2, Mask and scuff and paint black areas Used this handy tool for masking and then wrapped a scotch bright around it and used it for scuffing Hours of fun
  8. Put in some hours, still missing a few Coupe specific parts. Installing rocker trim, something i almost never get around too. found some new and used clips Used anti seize to keep them from rusting, These ends rust and snap, when you go to remove them. Installed a super clean set of belt moldings and NOS rubber inner squeegees Now deciding on grill to run with Before installing the grill every hole needed to be cleaned of paint and debris
  9. Did he have a Gotee? From Cali. possibly me. texting is best 530-575-091one
  10. James


    I just left a message on your phone. We are looking for a right side door shell and front half of a rear quarter with door jam for a 1972 510 2dr Sedan that is a vintage racer.



    Darin Blomquist

    T-Zero Racing

    425 941 8424

  11. Be very careful bleeding breaks, that shit takes off paint Cleaned up the cowl with some black paint, ready for wiper linkage and cowl panel Sexy
  12. Time to clean things up, lined out the battery cable Bought a new RHD upper hood latch but didnt fit, used parts from the new one and an old one to make work great Opened up the holes to help with adjusting New shortened drive line, 37.5 inches center of yoke to center of yoke. long tail 5 speed Had some help cleaning seats and bleeding clutch and breaks
  13. I see light hahaha, Ass up face down
  14. Pretty i love it when a plan comes together Rim is rubbing on the tierod, needed to run spacers. and now not enough stud needed to take my mind off the Bird for a min
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