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  1. Lagging at update, I'm living in my shop with no internet. back in Dec 2021, finished the engine up. Head is purty
  2. Hello everyone, been awhile. Busy busy. Kyle from Socal did a ton of work to this little birdie, a friend sent me the listing, once up for sale. Decided to make the buy. Check it out Couple pre pics
  3. This little sucka has continued, pics soon
  4. On with other RHD details Relocate the brace that holds the petal box Make sure everything lines up, once painted it will be a bitch to redo anything
  5. On with the right hand drive conversion. Start with this little time consuming plate. It needs to 180 of what it is. 4 nuts need to be removed and welded to the opposite side. Also is flanged, in the center. the flanges need to be flip to the other side. And lastly has a curved area at the bottom Also made the slight bend I used the old steering column to make sure the 4 nuts went where they needed to be exactly The fire wall it self also need
  6. 300zx breaks, no booster. I ran that set up in my turbo 510 and worked great. 4 piston calipers up front and dual pistons in the rear
  7. Very cool Datsun, Love the fender badges. Enjoy the ride
  8. Looking good, and I thought my work space was tight
  9. Merry Christmas ya all. This little beast had a VG30 / 5 speed combo, However the new owner wanted something more OG. Just happened to have a L18 / 5 speed. After a quick compression test POOP. needs to be pulled apart. These guys came over had some beers and made a couple hours out of it. Shit came apart quick Ya all might not know this about me but I've never even done a head gasket. been working on dimes since 1989 Freeze plugs out and to the machine shop hot tank
  10. Looking good man, parts in the mail soon
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