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  1. On to the next step. Things always take longer then expected. Getting ready for powder coating Rob Fucking Hill The Boss Custom hitch for the rotisserie to attach to
  2. You are a cheap truck lid i have a carbon one, need to glue an inside frame and make beautiful, 530-575-091one
  3. We held the door up to save time. Usually i would hang the door and open and shut it to make sure shit is perfect. Rob Hill only has some much time.
  4. This this is a nasty bitch, but with the help of Ratsun folks she will be made a honest lady. one more step done, mostly 😉
  5. I didn't paint it but it's painted. yeppi
  6. Looking good, rotisserie will make it cake.
  7. I'm gunna be there with parts and a complete car or truck if serious interest And others
  8. WOW been months. Started up a little more work on something that is a massive project. Once Blasted noticed more rot. A pillar reconstruction Thanks 620 Rob Fucking Hill one more step in the right direction
  9. Just a Datsun show or BBQ and swapmeet? I use to buy a load of parts from Puente Hills Nissan in teh 90s
  10. Making progress Spray foam to keep the roof skin from oil caning One more priming / sanding and paint time
  11. Made it to Datsloco on a trailer Then this happened taking it off the trailer, it took it self off the trailer. Right on No terrible damage, the pompous glass was like a big cushion Back to work, wiring 101 continues Simple tranny hole cover $300+ now temp registered Decided to install some NOS mirrors These little fucker straight from Japan, rear seat hardware. allows rear seat to fold down New shoes 1st test drive 1000 miles +++ Powerland Datsun show Thanks to Cody for the great pics
  12. Actually and friend and i put all these ideas on his computer back in 1994, with pics and looked kinda lame not to mention nothing lined up. 1994 kids, never give up on your projects
  13. Trailer is making progress After blasted and sealed some areas were a bit worse then expected. Roughing the body is a bit more work.
  14. Once home Wagon Jon came by to wrap up the flash to pass switch and other wiring fun
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