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  1. Still has not fired, no spark. A follow Datsun friend is doing the engine work. however he only shows up once in a while
  2. looking good, good to see the Datsunville internship is helping and your still doing body and paint. Looking at 5 early 240zs down the st from my shop currently
  3. Coupes have foam over the rear quarter panel area, usually this is exposed on sedans. Vinyl then wraps all the way to pinch weld and hides under the pinch weld molding. This is a 1st for me but very happy with how things are turning out. After cutting the vinyl and attaching it to a thin card board strip. I used a solder gun to melt holes in the vinyl
  4. Make stop and drive time, clean gas tank check, and so on and so forth Coilovers, camber plates, lowered 8 more inches for the win. SOON very soon Grass Hopper
  5. Post Surgery, feeling great and back on the bird Left inter quarter panel, finishing locks and as much as quick as I can. NOS window felt Best stuff ever. This stuff works better then anything at the moment NEW door locks $100 from ebay, however labeled complete set but actually 2 sets of door locks, time to modify and make work. Minor amount of filing and the trunk lock lever fits and works for the trunk lid Door cards are solid, but the detail at the bottom is jacked, cleaned the shit out of the 1st one with lacquer thinner and red scotch brite, then resprayed the chrome detail. Looks good actually better then I thought
  6. Zero Rust claims to go directly over rust, however I like to sand and clean all the loose rust and scale off 1st Off to Chinos for an engine swap L16 / 4 speed. Weber. Almost ready to run Tin roof rusted, worst areas on this whole car.
  7. Another Datsunville project. Some saved Datsuns don't become Ratsun write ups. and end up getting sold before they're finished. or abandoned. 😞 Not enough time in the day to do them all. :) Picked up this early 70 4 door a year ago. Looked like a pile, However once we got started with it realized, its not all that bad. Sacramento Car back in it's day and found in a field by the person I got it from. Slapped some cool Japanese wheels on it and BANG big difference Every other window was broke, so as we cleaned, I found good CLEAR glass and got it installed. Most 70 models have tinted glass, this car has clear and 69 door panels Now we get to see what we are working with, Trunk and rear lower quarters are the worst of it all. 95% of everything else is tittes. Pressure washed this thing inside and out with bleach, Now sanding and wire wheel time.
  8. We are doing our fall gathering again. Nov. 6-7. Swapmeet, car show, potluck, BBQ, and Camp out. If traveling bring a tent. 530-575-0911
  9. Pics look great, totally missed the Williams show. Looks like a great turn out. Goon looks good, where did you get the dizzy wires clamp that are mounted in front of the valve cover? Those definitely clean up the wires.
  10. Wow, Is this thing in Utah now? Looking great, the Coupe will be a breeze
  11. Looking forward to driving this sexy bitch, Not sure about the Lizard Skin, however used it on Dave Witt's and he loves it. I went further with this car then any others. Hoping for the best. Now post BS surgery and almost ready to just back in the ass of a Bamboo tan Bird
  12. Damn son Glad to hear shit didnt get burned, i fear that every year.
  13. Had 3 720s back in the day. My daily was a slammed pink mini 720 with blue ghost flames and snug top walk through. LZ24 4 speed. drove the shit out of that truck. Pics are in my photo album b4 digital Keep up the good work
  14. Waiting on Longchamps 15x7. and Recaros Aint ya mommas daily driver, fond memories of old builds
  15. Interior time: I even brushed a coat of Lizard skin on the inside of this divider panel Old crappy rear quarter panel vinyl, going to replace with new. Not an upholstery guy but seems straight forward. I washed the seats with Oxy clean and pretty happy, no need to reupholster them Found these at a swapmeet 5 years ago rechromed quarter window latches, sexy
  16. Digging through my collection, NOS mirrors, NOS running lights, new eye brow rubber, new door handles. Actually starting to run out of stuff. Bought anew lock set from Thailand, but the lock set is actually 4 door locks and no gas door or trunk lock. time to mod some new shit. I've always loved BMW headlights
  17. On with it boy Went with my last set of NOS taillights, and well worth it I really wan to drive this one, until someone makes an offer I can not refuse haha So more Lizard Skin complete floor. and inside of quarters and doors Time to assemble doors, hinges, and get these doors to line up. Taping aka cleaning paint and crap out of tread holes. Wire wheel bolt treads clean. Small steps that make a huge difference when assembling everything Happy hot mother fucker Bolted up the hood and shit don't fit. looks like a hinge has been pushed in 1/4 of an inch. Polishing trim parts This is always fun finding new parts to add to the build. headlight adjusting screws Here's the number if ya need them Wow, now its all coming together
  18. Picked up from Roberts Shop, And a few things broke. Not Roberts fault, just part of breaking the car in, no pun intended. Again a bit disappointed with new parts not working after 20 miles. I chose to buy new parts to limit shit failing. Once a few more tiny details were taken care of, I did the 2+ hour drive to Winters Some things just need the new owner to dial in. Gauges worked then stopped working. WTF THE END
  19. Ginger came by and helped make her run, he also builds Troy Ermish's 510s. Smart fucker this one. Made a tool to prime the L18 A number of parts FAILED from rockauto. Clutch master cylinder, fuel pump, starter. hoping the best for the rest. Relocated the fuel filer, trying to clean things up. Modified the latch area, seems the new hood shocks might be to powerful. Looking into other options. I've used, used hood shocks and they work great, but wear out soon. new ones change hood alignment. Muffler shop time Starting to look good again Car wash, why not Back in Datsunville Next step Alignment shop. Successful drive back from the Alignment shop. Got to many things going on to dial the last 5% of this build in. So I towed it to Robert Brock (the guy responsible for me getting my 1st 510 in 1989). He said he would gladly finish it off.
  20. Like your wife's panties 😋 On with it, I'm late. This sexy beast is now at its new home. To many things at once to update. baby steps, my key phrase for 2021 Burning out broken studs, engine goes in today
  21. Well Jonathan sold the Red headed Hottie back to me. After doin 100 + hours. However, he did learn alot.
  22. At a shop in Sacramento for a bit with new owner Back to Datsunville, Jonathan will be working on it here with my guidance. This sexy beast is going RHD
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