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  1. Bamboo Tan, paint Forest paint Momma always said some shit about something
  2. Looks like a lot of filler but look close most of it is on the floor
  3. on on and on Chemical stripper sucks nowadays so i went with 36 grit 7 inch disc on a 5inch air grinder, slow RPM to remove old paint material, No sparks, as sparks mean your removing metal. Almost saw dust like Area between the rear window and truck also had 12 coats of paint or more, these cheap Harbor Freight chisels work great. watch out for your eyes This Bird is a DD or all of these little areas would have been blasted and cake. hand work in these areas is hours of work
  4. The LUST continues Bottoms of both fenders need blasted but it was winter and couldn't do it. Will blast before next step. Don't forget to roll your fender lips before paint Primer time Datsun heads
  5. Thanks Jbird, Sleeping in the Fiat wasn't so bad Had a great time seeing Datsun Heads i only get to see once a year
  6. Driver door was rusted badly, didn't want to take the time to fix, so grabbed another from different coupe. Also found a better trunk lid, no blue no black we going grey Also trying to keep the dust out this bitch, lots o tape and plastic
  7. Actually she's already painted, but not finished and i'm slow with updating these days New hood, fits great That's a chisel, to help remove 20 coats of a old Japanese paint
  8. Lagging at update, I'm living in my shop with no internet. back in Dec 2021, finished the engine up. Head is purty
  9. Hello everyone, been awhile. Busy busy. Kyle from Socal did a ton of work to this little birdie, a friend sent me the listing, once up for sale. Decided to make the buy. Check it out Couple pre pics
  10. This little sucka has continued, pics soon
  11. On with other RHD details Relocate the brace that holds the petal box Make sure everything lines up, once painted it will be a bitch to redo anything
  12. On with the right hand drive conversion. Start with this little time consuming plate. It needs to 180 of what it is. 4 nuts need to be removed and welded to the opposite side. Also is flanged, in the center. the flanges need to be flip to the other side. And lastly has a curved area at the bottom Also made the slight bend I used the old steering column to make sure the 4 nuts went where they needed to be exactly The fire wall it self also needs to be flanged. All of these flanges make this are of flat metal stronger
  13. 300zx breaks, no booster. I ran that set up in my turbo 510 and worked great. 4 piston calipers up front and dual pistons in the rear
  14. Very cool Datsun, Love the fender badges. Enjoy the ride
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