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  1. Drove this little beast about 500 miles and the 7 gallon tank sucks balls and spills gas everywhere. So taking it back apart to make things better. Also dug out some NOS door rubber to install Had to also remove a nicely bent and welded in rear shock tower bar Now to weld in OG fuel tank mounts and cleaner up
  2. Gas tank painted and back in the trunk, now to attach the fuel line.......
  3. Kerleybird installed new rubbers to all the doors, cleaned and painted dash parts. The sill plates take the cake these thing were shit now near new condition. Vinyl died visors to go with the new headliner Picture i forgot, Dash pad fun, fiber glass is good um kay Rubbers, cause your mom don't know where I've been Door panels installed with handles etc and ready for fun, now for seats Old plastic strut spring toppers for spacers Big thank you to Kerleybird, for all the hard work. Making this project way more manageable for me.
  4. On with door mirror holes Just to clarify this is not 100% build, matched the paint and cleaned up. Datsunville does not have a year to do a blasted bear metal restoration. Looks amazing but not concourse on to the interior dash pad ready for the upholstery shop
  5. Back to da Ass and quarters I took this pic to show, we needed a small space heater on the panel even though the shop has heat. If it aint warm it wont stick.
  6. Kerleybird just busted ass on this little Blue Pill, welded in the spare tire delete plate. on with a template and panel for the right floor area of the trunk. Then rear left lower quarter panel rot replacement. these areas were ripped so welded them back together at the same time A little on the shy side of this being complete, so, Anthony made a template and bents some clean metal and bam done
  7. The drive back from Medford after 1 year and endless hours, im actually driving this Bird. Stay tune 2nd drive Sacramento Datsun meet, had to stop for some BS and someone needed a pic, KerleyBird grab this pic behind me.
  8. Trunk floor and left rear lower quarter next, Chris made me a flat replacement panel for the spare tire well. with the meatball patch rolled in it. Anthony Kerley flew down from Portland area to help out and get some auto body experience. He made massive progress on this little beast. We cut the top of a fucked 620 tailgate to use as a support brace under the filler panel.
  9. PHOTO DROP All the new parts installed, helper doesn't take pics WTF On to the POOPER
  10. Looking good Homie, Clean and a fortune in NOS keep up the great work
  11. Yes they, they really do. Been to Powerland twice and feels good, like Canby years ago.
  12. Modifying parts to fit the inner cooler Clean and vinyl die visors Lacquer thinner bath for the plastic parts This little bugger had more dust then paint. Sanded my ass off with 1500, 2000, and 2500 looks great. This is the shit show of chrome attaching, good times in Datsunville Note to self, install Stainless steel before inner window felt WTF
  13. Good morning Ratsun Color looks great, even before distressing, patina here we come. Getting all the front end parts together, changing parts out when i find even better parts. New ball joints tie rods etc As it goes in any shop shit gets scattered everywhere, decided to dedicate this cart to Blue Pill. Good times Also came across control arms and T/C rods with euro bushings. the T/C rod bushing have already been drill, sweet. After modifying struts, I realized I had a set already modded for VW rabbit inserts. Look and the difference. I want this bitch on the ground. 13.5 verse 17inch New coilover kit, been sitting in the sun and faded, New VW KYB inserts, how to install them correctly....... Bolts in the bottom, so vise has something to hold. T3 camber plates and bearing top hats for the win.
  14. Cool, looking good, enjoy the ride
  15. Great work, looks like this will be able to take some power
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