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Shoreline, WA

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I will be intending to get some ass for work July 26, 27, and 28 in Shoreline at the CC.


What's to do? What's nearby? Who's local.


Fill my crack in.

Fixed.  :D

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Lots of stuff up there, all infested with Seattle hipster types. Make a fucking meet or something.



How can I make a meet when I know nothing aboot the area?


Where is Dick's?



Blah, blah, blah...Datsun.

I still read all of your posts.


I have a new person on my block list im fully ignoring.

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Reasonably priced hotel will be paid for by company.


Where should I be staying?


I don't want to stay far enough away that traffic will be a worry but I'd like to not be too far away from being able to meet up for dinner or a mini meet with anybody.

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Dicks in Edmonds on 220th ish


I work maybe half hour from there. Fredges and OscarMeyer in the area along with trophy and a few others. Roy and co out in granite maybe 45 from there (guessing) Rafael, jason, dillon, tb, and a few others in everett/mukleteo/Mountlake terrace/shoreline area


Hit up cinebarre if you get a chance . Chill theatre, no kids, have a beer while watching a movie

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Shoreline is pretty close to just about everything Seattle, Shoreline itself is pretty suburby. Depends on what your into but there is plenty to do in the area. 


Been to Gasworks park? It's pretty awesome and only 10 mins or so from Shoreline.
Greenlake during the summer is great for sightseeing on sunny days. You could hit up Beth's Cafe for breakfast. 
Quite a few musical instrument stores in the area if that's your type of thing. 

Say hi to the Troll under the Aurora bridge while your in town, I'm sure you guys would get on great. :lol:  

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I am in for a get together. Dicks is just a few blocks from my dealership.

Training class for what subject?



623, electrical.


We just had a master quit and they're finally forcing people through schooling. Long over due.


A few of us are expecting Toyota Expert certification by year end.



They are trying to get him to stop putting his hand down the front of his pants in front of customers ,.

I have failed every form of harassment training they have given me.

I am never asked to speak with customers.

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