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Another 620

gene knight

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My nephew recently purchased/down payment for a 79 Datsun 620 standard cab today, it has some issues with electric wiring, rings in motor, tires needed. But with my help and those here in Phoenix metro, I'm sure that we can get it ready for a daily driver until he figures out if he is gonna customize it.

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Well me and my nephew picked up his recent 620 purchase today and got it to my place, 1st thing gotta do is remove the 350 z radiator, motor, transmission and clean up the engine bay and paint it, then tackle the wiring issues, then throw in another motor transmission we bought from another datsun/vw friend last weekend so he can use it as a daily driver until gets some $$ to rebuild the L20b and 5 speed then swap it back into the truck

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ordered complete engine gasket kit for the L16 motor, tie rod/sleeve, transmission rubber mount, then me and my nephew rotated the 3 motors around that I have in the garage so we can have better access to work on the L16 and get it cleaned up and change out all the easy to get to gaskets and throw a quick coat of paint on motor before installation

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Me and my nephew was working his daily driver motor today getting it cleaned up for paint and new parts to be installed before putting it back into the truck. I sent Charlie69 some pictures to post since I'm photobucket challenged

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