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  1. Ive had 2 4X4 620s in NM. The 79 was metallic blue... Looked at your profile pic...has some potential
  2. Is it a KC metallic light blue?
  3. Looking for ideas for bucket seats for a 77 620 Std cab. I put in some from a BMW Z6. They look cool, but I need folding lessons to sit inside... Ideas? TIA
  4. abbylind

    Lifting Datsun 620.

    Oh and I had to extend the lower brackets for the front brush guard.....
  5. abbylind

    Lifting Datsun 620.

    I had a 2" body lift kit on my 74 620 4X4. It had spacers for the cab and bed, Straps to lower the radiator, and spacers for the steering column IIRC. I think it had longer hoses for the heater core too.
  6. IIRC the points are a voltage regulator to make sure the fuel and temp gauge receive a constant steady voltage. I thought mine was bad as both gauges (temp and fuel) didnt work. Cleaned the contacts where the wire connector meets the temp gauge sender and the same on the gas tank. Both had corrosion...both started working....
  7. Honda made a front wheel drive truck.......well you know how that went...
  8. abbylind

    door weatherstrip

    Use the old clips with your new weatherstrip. The new ones dont hold has well
  9. Where did you get the bucket seats?
  10. abbylind

    '77 620 KC Project

    At least you wont have to mess with emissions! I might be selling my 77 620 in the near future and not having to do the emissions game is always a good selling point....
  11. abbylind

    '77 620 KC Project

    Unfortunately youre dealing with NM MVD.... I went to MVD Express to register a trailer that was out of state. I had good results there, and the staff was better informed than MVD A VIN inspection by an official NM VIN inspector goes a long way to getting it titled Good luck
  12. abbylind

    '79 Strip down

    Is it right hand or left hand drive? The steering column surround would be different for each one as the ignition switch is on the opposite side.....IIRC....
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