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Aussie girls twin 320's

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Hey guys, my name is lisa, I am new to this page I just thought I cud get some help off you guys if I get in a bit of a pickle.

ok so I came across 2 datsuns in a farm a few months back, a bargain I say.. one is a 64 no engine no driveline, just chassis cab and suspension with a flat bed tray.. and the other is a 65 and it is complete everything original.. engine still runs to this day. My plan is to restore the complete one and get it up and able to drive on the road and the other without the running gears It has been under construction fir a few weeks now, so on this topic I will be uploading the progress shots of the one I will b cutting and fabricating, also bringing the complete truck back to life, searching for parts etc.. so that is where you guys come I, so if u have any opinions or ways to help or see me doing something wrong, or getting rid of something I shouldn't please let me know.. the following pics r one of me so u get to know who ur talking to and 2 of my trucks original pics, then as I go along I will update u with more..




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Lisa, did you want your Project thread moved here? so you don't have to update both. It can get confusing posting questions and getting answers on two or more. Or close this one? http://community.ratsun.net/topic/61062-the-twins-u320s/page-6?do=findComment&comment=1065083

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OK, so you sanitized her thread, eh, are you going to do this for all for the guys threads too? You know the threads with tits and ass shots that have no business being in that thread, eh,it seems that you are discriminating for all the others here, because she is a girl she gets special treatment, eh. I never saw her complain aboot what was being posted,eh, just one guy said he didn't like it, so he must squat to pee also, eh



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Well congrats you two. Looks like miss grease monkey has left the building. You aren't the only ones, just the worst. How 'bout in the future you stick to insomniacs where this shit belongs? 

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