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  1. I wonder with Doug's wife would say if she knew he was acting like an adolescent idiot on the Internet. I know my girlfriend would be pissed
  2. OK Doug. Enjoy the Craigslist callers. I'm sure a few folks will drop bye your house to check stuff out. At the rock bottom prices you're charging I'm sure they'll be clamoring to talk to you.
  3. I'd be happy to engage in trollish banter in insomniacs
  4. Tom Hardy is British and Charlize Theron is South African. It's first location on IMDB is Namibia the production company is South African George Miller, Australian
  5. found this interesting theory online In some cases, removing the thermostat makes the coolant circulate too fast. In this case, the engine may not truly overheat, but some spots may not get cooled enough and have problems. not sure if BS or not
  6. I thought no thermo meant it ran colder I seem to recall good things being said aboot the turnbuckle alt support I run a single long bolt on my alt with no problems (one end of the alt bosses is threaded) I have a spare bracket you could have, but I am 300 Miles from it for the next seven weeks and my GF wouldn't have the first idea of how to find it in the garage.
  7. Thunderdome? I guess it just wasn't as good as the first two Long live Toecutter!
  8. did this bELCH character get banned? D-Mike sure spens a lot of time in the Post asses and tits threads
  9. well... since there were Teddy Girls I would assume some sort of sex was happening
  10. Ithink the EB Rats rate as psycho-billies and not rockabillies
  11. I usually piss all over reboots, especially when the subject is a childhood favorite like Mad Max. But I think this might be really cool. Charlize Theron does a really good job in the movies she's in so that lends a bit of credibility to it.
  12. my brother is a "rat" biker from The City and he says the East Bay Rats are a bunch of punk ass hipster-kids and not like I call RVD a hipster. hipster
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