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  1. SS320

    1964 320 build downunder

    G'day mate. Great to see another '64 downunder. Looking good so far. Keep up the good work.
  2. SS320

    1960 datsun 320

    Have you tried doing a 320 forum search for seals?
  3. SS320

    320 oil filter?

    Nice work guys.
  4. SS320

    Cain's 64 NL320 Project Thread

    I might know someone that would like to get hold of the stainless side trims. -If you're getting rid of them.
  5. SS320

    v320 wagon build thread

    Guess that's a negative on the '64 grille. What's your tailgate like?
  6. SS320

    320 voltage regulator

    Maybe so, but it is a lead to a seller who may have the correct part. It also leads one to the eBay category where the part may be found. You gotta start somewhere.
  7. SS320

    Interior door panel and headliner

    My '64 U320 original door cards are a bit different from Waynos. I will try to get a pic later. Kwoo, not sure where you are but, this may be helpful. http://community.ratsun.net/topic/62161-headliner-fabric-source/page-1?do=findComment&comment=1084521
  8. SS320

    1970 datsun 521 J15 rat rod barn find

    G'day mate and welcome. Nice ute. Keep those posts and pics coming!
  9. SS320

    Who's sober?

    “I feel sorry for people that don't drink, because when they wake up in the morning, that is the best they are going to feel all day-” ― Frank Sinatra
  10. How do you actually get into the vehicle? Is it a run and jump type scenario?
  11. SS320

    Datsun 320 Speedometer Repair

    ^^^Thanks for posting. Great writeup & pics so far. Very handy info.
  12. SS320

    What are you drinking right now?

    Jack Daniels. Neat. Beer chasers. No sissy health drinks here in OZ for real men.
  13. Oops. Sorry I forgot how we do some things differently here 'down under'. I have seen them in the two prong version. There may even be other combinations too.
  14. Just make sure that it has the right amount of connections on the back. (I think there are three for the 320 headlamps)

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