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  1. Hey still making one piece SS. lines with a banjo o at slave cyl. side they make easy fix for all Lseries or pushrod mtrs with oposite side .
  2. Hey Ray ,I still have my sons green wagon here , got it running needs harness done and driveline install ka24de with header.
  3. Two 521s green one has SR20de z32 brakes coil over front shocks ,,Blue dream getting L19 long rod motor with Su's it only has 69k miles when parked 1980 ,41 years parked , will make runner with disc brakes
  4. I make hoses in house -521s fool most people with Sae threads not metric , should be able to purchase .
  5. I missed a pair up there that was for sale ,like a poker game ,wait to see who sells two first. ,
  6. Found these to make a set finally , (odd set ,nice edge ) ,will paint B Bombs black in centers , look the same since they were copies .Close enough for me .
  7. I am the seller and this car has a lot of DP. parts from a shop in Huntington beach and a comp trans , you saying 5-6 is what a stripped shell cost at this time , had very little rust by the way a Cal car all its life . I have a clean 2dr roller no int no motor, bumpers barely small rust in front floors . will let go for 5k .Good luck .Not mad just saying reality .
  8. Yes Andrew ? I am selling cars and parts ect soon , was talking to Jose about maybe Longbeach car swap merge .Brad Alleycat garage for xray pics.
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/124561517231 Selling a 2dr with track goodies
  10. 1974 Datsun 620 S15 SR20DE NA Getting back together , has my farm implement style big oil filter and #10 hoses ,believe it has over a quart more oil in system and some cooling from remote filter with Aeroquipe crimped hoses .S15 got some Tomei cams , springs ,bigger injectors and a couple small things , after I get running and tuned we will dyno this thing for truth ( GOAL is 225 hp. ) S15 na is best ecu and stock na output . MY 1992 Dodge W250 diesel parked next to 2019 2500 diesel 27 years difference .
  11. Whats up with parking antennah there big green hornet , you use that ? always on big trucks ! jdm ?
  12. Shop shots Floors and other stuff selling a couple cars 69 4dr and 2dr track car after a bit if re-fresh .Got too many watanabes selling some 13s (Anderw for 411)1969 under shots not bar just L rear quarter needs help .
  13. Whats been up Andrew ? I am selling a couple cars here.My 69 4dr with 68 rear lights.
  14. Shop shots -window sticker from 1992 Dodge w250 LE. ,has anti spin differential front and rear , Yellow 510 wagon Ford diff. with center traction arm , Rust repair on 1969 4dr 510 for sale soon .Race car and Arties bagged 510.
  15. Cool I will try soon ! want to figure out why no Imgur crapola no workie. Ok then start over , my dog Zed and white/tan shepherd , Nelle she was a damaged save dog on way to a shelter ,took four months before I could pet .Zed and w250 5spd. best truck ever made ,maybe slowest !
  16. https://imgur.com/SIWDjUT Ford 8.8 with traction arm :/https/imgur.com/SIWDjUT
  17. Controll cable has my specs for e-brake cables ask them for Datsun 620 or 521 Alleycat Garage file , extra long cross over dif.
  18. https://imgur.com/vBL21eZ https://imgur.com/nw7hcOm have yota sold ,waitng for cash.
  19. Thats a beautiful Roadster ,I think later years have higher cut on front fenders than early 65 66 , I have a 65 sitting here and a customers 68 at this time.
  20. Ok grab the throttle shaft and see if has some side play while bolted down , any is too much ! seen worn carb body leak at idle ,years of a strong spring .
  21. Got 8.8 from a mustang narrowed and installed a single traction bar slightly off center with heim joint in a SR20det wagon ,also had to cut out under seat area for bigger dif. will try and find pics .
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