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  1. hosestop@msn.com

    So Cal Datsun event

    We are going Sunday I believe , this is a great event to watch and hear the sound of r34 s banging gears on steering wheels and other high dij race cars ! we are leaving from Whittier .
  2. hosestop@msn.com

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    Keep looking , carpets removed to show floors are rust free Needs a headliner dash pad , seats are near perfect ,built at shop pics taken at all sides exposed .
  3. hosestop@msn.com

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/123596776548 Factory Thunder Black 505 4dr for sale .
  4. hosestop@msn.com

    Rear spoiler HELP!

    I actually know of one fibre glassed to a metal deck lid here in the states ,will check it out , cost too much to ship.
  5. hosestop@msn.com

    WTB 521 Parts

    Have rare gas door on Fleebay
  6. hosestop@msn.com

    So Cal Datsun event

    Fontana speedway road coarse and they use main straight away from Nascar track ,Would like to see Vara races Sat. but my friend is running Sun. with champ cars I think. You guys in IE should go !
  7. hosestop@msn.com

    Tomorrow So Cal at Duck pond /Honda center 1-5-19

    Brad Alleycat garage or So Cal social scene on FB. A lot of new shit but man a lot of skyrines ,maybe two dozen R31 r32 also biggest drive in 700-1000 cars many .
  8. hosestop@msn.com

    R200 diff

    We don't have big hills in So Cal just freeways, my vote is R160 sube my choice 3.70 lsd because they are forsale often for 300 usually , 3.90 were more rare , I have a 444 for race car that has 411in it also gears for track.
  9. hosestop@msn.com

    79 ,620 wiring diagram ? Ill pay you for it wtf.

    I may have a engine bay and cabin harness . You need Charlie ?.
  10. Hey I may have a near complete 73 620 harness engine and cabin.

  11. hosestop@msn.com

    79 ,620 wiring diagram ? Ill pay you for it wtf.

    Actually installed a 79 harness in a cut up 73 truck , there was some extra BS and relays did work when done ! was a lot of work , remember looking at diagram a bunch .
  12. hosestop@msn.com


    I run + 10 or +15 17x8s on 521-Have some 0 offset 16x8s on a 620 here seem to fit with 225x50s not super low !
  13. Time Left: 12 days and 8 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Ok came across these Corvette rear diffs all posi maybe somebody see's what we have here and can adapt to Datsun ? ,tall gears I believe ,Off road maybe some have axles ,location So Cal Shipping at least 100 hit me direct hosestop@msn.com


  14. What a friendly little town .
  15. hosestop@msn.com

    2.3l ford ecoboost in a dime

    Not anti FORD -years ago people put those 1988 Thunderburd turbo 2.3 motors in 510s and peentos ,ran really good ! I can't put a Chevy in my 56 Ford truck (considering a L6 turbo for years ?) Anyway these would be a cheap alternative and I am not dream crusher just look at all alternatives , that new stuff may cost a lot , really most bullet proof motor is Evo so bolt one of those up 2500 why not use proven motors .
  16. hosestop@msn.com

    2.3l ford ecoboost in a dime

  17. Next time Andrew you guys come down we can go to Automotive driving museum near LAX ,I bought my second six pack of that beer here it is ,we need to figure out something cheaper on gas for you guys
  18. Thanks for another great /swapmeet show Jose , great seeing everybody and talking with Andrew .
  19. Wanted Datsun 610 2dr coupe rear window for a customer here !
  20. Datsun 620 521 wheels set of five with tires 15" clear Willwood brakes no spacer will be at swapmeet 450$ will be in space # 9 .
  21. Time Left: 5 days and 2 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Made in Japan super lite wheels fit over Willwoods with tires 215 and 205 x 60 tires ,So Cal will call please direct e-mail hosestop@msn.com


  22. hosestop@msn.com

    Alleycatgarage So Cal shop

    I thought I could post my work here at struggling shop here ,I need to HIRE someone who is a tech and can be taught hose business we make all hoses custom AC,brake hoses and hardlines, pwr. steer, oil cooler and systems remote ect. Off road ranger 4.0 has super custom front suspension with fat rack,all glass body almost, full caged, rear beefed with king shocks ,(I am repairing hardline and new ss front brake hoses)This is trailered usually ! ][url=http://s1183.photobucket.com/user/Alleycatgarage/media/104_1718.jpg.html]
  23. hosestop@msn.com

    Alleycatgarage So Cal shop

    Shop shots Z in for some tuneing, 2dr almost done 15x8s fit in there!
  24. hosestop@msn.com

    Alleycatgarage So Cal shop

    Grocery getter has tuner fonts on list ,See greddy and Pirelli,hks.

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