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  1. Thanks Jose for another great swapmeet ,biggest ever ! how many sellers were there ?
  2. hosestop@msn.com

    My 1jz 620

    Radiator in back like race truck ? also you maybe can fit 521 heater in there with flapper to control def. or heat no cables .
  3. Xmember has torsion bars assembly , another reason to get rid of torsion bars for coil over hotrod shocks. Just to make trans come out bottom.
  4. Good luck with sale L series for that money I better put a headliner in mine and a dash pad . to ask 30k
  5. The worst part is how are you going to do a clutch job down the road ? trans does not come out bottom , trapped in there above frame (must remove motor and trans as one split bitch job on floor ), I am doing with removable tunnel , and the dagger -really a bitch doing sr20det in a truck also , maybe check out done 521 if someone knows him on here Tanker ! Please how many turbo det 620s ever were done finished , the Red one I did is in Texas now with Toyota lifer.
  6. My advice if wanted -buy redeyes motor mounts and put a sr20de(NON TURBO) in there and enjoy almost twice stock horsepower ,smooth and great gas mileage. Maybe later take on bigger job . I also have one here with coil overs and no torsion bars in front for exhaust clearance ,Its all work not trying to crush dreams.
  7. I forgot to say a guy wants me to do a rb25 in a Datsun 610 ,I have been putting him off for six months , I believe will be a decent swap with bigger longer engine bay with R200 in back and roll cage .
  8. The guy that did a 510 rb25 crashed into a tree ,too much fwd weight. There is a 521running around down here near Inland Empire ! was for sale .
  9. Wish I had pics of going down main straight away at Fontana with Eddie in white SR car.we waited back and drag raced in front of Nascar main stands ,which were empty , people were sitting in pit crew seats .I went 80mph in third gear before I caught up to him .
  10. Hey it was good meeting again Cra z .Sunday we got three laps on track at lunch time with Art Brown ,Johnny Williams ,Eddie Gonzalez need to find pics of parade laps. Also spoke with Troy Ermish about our track car here .
  11. We are going Sunday I believe , this is a great event to watch and hear the sound of r34 s banging gears on steering wheels and other high dij race cars ! we are leaving from Whittier .
  12. Keep looking , carpets removed to show floors are rust free Needs a headliner dash pad , seats are near perfect ,built at shop pics taken at all sides exposed .
  13. https://www.ebay.com/itm/123596776548 Factory Thunder Black 505 4dr for sale .
  14. I actually know of one fibre glassed to a metal deck lid here in the states ,will check it out , cost too much to ship.
  15. Have rare gas door on Fleebay
  16. Fontana speedway road coarse and they use main straight away from Nascar track ,Would like to see Vara races Sat. but my friend is running Sun. with champ cars I think. You guys in IE should go !
  17. Brad Alleycat garage or So Cal social scene on FB. A lot of new shit but man a lot of skyrines ,maybe two dozen R31 r32 also biggest drive in 700-1000 cars many .
  18. We don't have big hills in So Cal just freeways, my vote is R160 sube my choice 3.70 lsd because they are forsale often for 300 usually , 3.90 were more rare , I have a 444 for race car that has 411in it also gears for track.
  19. I may have a engine bay and cabin harness . You need Charlie ?.
  20. Hey I may have a near complete 73 620 harness engine and cabin.

  21. Actually installed a 79 harness in a cut up 73 truck , there was some extra BS and relays did work when done ! was a lot of work , remember looking at diagram a bunch .
  22. hosestop@msn.com


    I run + 10 or +15 17x8s on 521-Have some 0 offset 16x8s on a 620 here seem to fit with 225x50s not super low !
  23. Time Left: 2 days and 2 hours

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    Ok came across these Corvette rear diffs all posi maybe somebody see's what we have here and can adapt to Datsun ? ,tall gears I believe ,Off road maybe some have axles ,location So Cal Shipping at least 100 hit me direct hosestop@msn.com


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