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  1. 1974 Datsun 620 S15 SR20DE NA Getting back together , has my farm implement style big oil filter and #10 hoses ,believe it has over a quart more oil in system and some cooling from remote filter with Aeroquipe crimped hoses .S15 got some Tomei cams , springs ,bigger injectors and a couple small things , after I get running and tuned we will dyno this thing for truth ( GOAL is 225 hp. ) S15 na is best ecu and stock na output . MY 1992 Dodge W250 diesel parked next to 2019 2500 diesel 27 years difference .
  2. Whats up with parking antennah there big green hornet , you use that ? always on big trucks ! jdm ?
  3. Shop shots Floors and other stuff selling a couple cars 69 4dr and 2dr track car after a bit if re-fresh .Got too many watanabes selling some 13s (Anderw for 411)1969 under shots not bar just L rear quarter needs help .
  4. Whats been up Andrew ? I am selling a couple cars here.My 69 4dr with 68 rear lights.
  5. Shop shots -window sticker from 1992 Dodge w250 LE. ,has anti spin differential front and rear , Yellow 510 wagon Ford diff. with center traction arm , Rust repair on 1969 4dr 510 for sale soon .Race car and Arties bagged 510.
  6. Cool I will try soon ! want to figure out why no Imgur crapola no workie. Ok then start over , my dog Zed and white/tan shepherd , Nelle she was a damaged save dog on way to a shelter ,took four months before I could pet .Zed and w250 5spd. best truck ever made ,maybe slowest !
  7. https://imgur.com/SIWDjUT Ford 8.8 with traction arm :/https/imgur.com/SIWDjUT
  8. Forgot how to post images .https://imgur.com/UUZLHRR
  9. Controll cable has my specs for e-brake cables ask them for Datsun 620 or 521 Alleycat Garage file , extra long cross over dif.
  10. https://imgur.com/vBL21eZ https://imgur.com/nw7hcOm have yota sold ,waitng for cash.
  11. https://imgur.com/cVCrHsg Trying Imgur again new 33"
  12. Thats a beautiful Roadster ,I think later years have higher cut on front fenders than early 65 66 , I have a 65 sitting here and a customers 68 at this time.
  13. Ok grab the throttle shaft and see if has some side play while bolted down , any is too much ! seen worn carb body leak at idle ,years of a strong spring .
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