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  1. I have some Vette rear diffs with axles wanted to put in ls1 Zcar have three for sale .
  2. A guy makes lower strut adapter for ths wide lower strut mount.
  3. I have built a few L- turbos recipe - L18- oring block- turbo Z pistons -valve springs a few other small mods -water injection easy , wanted to napz24 vg30 fi two injecter thing .
  4. Hey Andrew that music is daze and days.Next time we go to beach and look at bon bons .
  5. Thanks Jose for another great swap meet , More vendors again ! how many ? Ted and Andrew should get a long distance driven award !
  6. Gas is too much money now ,have cust needs a turn signal switch .

    1. bananahamuck


      For what my man?   

    2. bananahamuck


      It's not gas prices keeping me from rollin down,,  it's the time it takes, to coordinate and make the trip.    

  7. Anybody Else going to meet in Tustin tonite at same noodle house as last year , not underground anymore ! will try and get address .
  8. Went last year was cool show and has inside museum with old cars , near LAX.
  9. I am aware of dowel pin problem , I believe has been done already will check records ,have most all the way top window sticker that was 26,000 new with extras ,has lsd front Dana 60 I believe ,says it on sticker.
  10. Twenty seven years old- we are restoring this good old truck has 167k miles (they say is barely broke in with one of these 12 valve Cummins motors )Gertrag trans is a + also, no rust ,also has made me want to paint in parts at this time .We replaced leafs ,shocks and a longer steer arm for 4" lifted leafs ,also rebuilt steer coupling ,most parts are cheap so far .Maybe best truck ever made for tow ect.Also cut the snow plow mount off for less weight and make as stock as possible much better raised also !
  11. Ok its been almost a year and recently picked up a 1992 Dodge w250 5spd 4x4 Cummins diesel for a tow rig and road dog .
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