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  1. https://imgur.com/SIWDjUT Ford 8.8 with traction arm :/https/imgur.com/SIWDjUT
  2. Forgot how to post images .https://imgur.com/UUZLHRR
  3. Controll cable has my specs for e-brake cables ask them for Datsun 620 or 521 Alleycat Garage file , extra long cross over dif.
  4. https://imgur.com/vBL21eZ https://imgur.com/nw7hcOm have yota sold ,waitng for cash.
  5. https://imgur.com/cVCrHsg Trying Imgur again new 33"
  6. Thats a beautiful Roadster ,I think later years have higher cut on front fenders than early 65 66 , I have a 65 sitting here and a customers 68 at this time.
  7. Ok grab the throttle shaft and see if has some side play while bolted down , any is too much ! seen worn carb body leak at idle ,years of a strong spring .
  8. Got 8.8 from a mustang narrowed and installed a single traction bar slightly off center with heim joint in a SR20det wagon ,also had to cut out under seat area for bigger dif. will try and find pics .
  9. I would consider trade if other guy I offered a trade backs out .
  10. Go to junk yards outside of town , buy a bunch of wheels and ship a pallet back , I need two a pair of a couple wheels to make sets , 2x 14" watanabes and 2x SSR mk3 15:"x7.5
  11. Need a pic of heal of cam lobes.
  12. Yo what are you guys doing , here it is again socalcarculture.com Always the beach or automotive diving museum near LAX , is that inland empire meet also about 60 miles out .

    1. bananahamuck


      Hey man i can't do the eagle-swap..  We ( me and Nelson and my boy "fat510" ) are planning to make you go with us to the Pomona swap this year but haven't decided when we are going yet.. Obviously not in dead summer cuz,,, fuck that. 

    2. bananahamuck


      And take you up on that squid tacos place cuz i was kinda bummed your grocery was out of it.. 

  13. I have a blue 78 last S30 also already for my daughter in college ., black metallic is rare car !
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