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  1. We make them in house normally convert to a banjo fitting on caliper.
  2. Need my 521 truck this year instead of friends SR 620 truck, fuel system ,some more electrical and registration .
  3. Hy Gene we could and still can paint that thing.
  4. Hi Andrew I can try and get one from Robert next month ,what size 2x 0r 3x

    1. bananahamuck


      2x would be great 👍 .  Tell him I would only wear it to officially sanctioned Datsun events lol. 

  5. If ever you come to Sante Fe Springs stop in was 5 miles from home base .

  6. http://www.superstreetonline.com/event-coverage/car-shows/petersen-japanese-car-cruise-x-ss-2019-meet-pt-i/?fbclid=IwAR2BxVZN-rko7yoaAYwFEh-g9zvWiBrX3nXEo92TIySR4xyjNBrV_vOB20s some more pics, not my car .
  7. Wow if wasn't sprinkling would have been 1/3 bigger, there was nice cars there , when some left reved there engines and were hitting pop off valves ,really loud in parking structure .
  8. Email my name we can talk body work .
  9. I guess I have to get busy and install fuel system on 521 sr20de shop project truck and drive mine this year .
  10. If its just paint and no assembly I can rent a booth from a friend .Single stage or two stage ?
  11. Good seeing you Brian ! great show , only sprinkled here.
  12. Hey Servo , if you like truck and plan to keep offer 500 I am with you ,rebuild motor and run into ground , my local machine shop would charge 1200 to long block rebuild out of car , so find a good machine shop , funny most 85 were FI. I thought , two injectors and simple .
  13. Lot of miles on mtr, OT. 1986 4x4 efi Toyota xcab, I have is crazy , people have offered 7k for mine , just wow considering selling , will probably never go down in price ,LA truck almost never off road .
  14. EFI z24 not too bad, would consider fixing ,can get expensive fast ,hope bottom end is ok . How many miles ?
  15. We are meeting at 7:00 at the address ,try and get there by 6:45 so we can go in at 7:00 RAIN probably !
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