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  1. 5001 Wilshire Blvd - Time to be announced .
  2. We are going ,six cars , lets meet around corner from event in a parking lot .
  3. Hi Ed how has it been going did you get auto.?

  4. Are they going to let you in Coupe group with grey poop-on ? cheese and wine ?
  5. Hey John do you know Top end yet ? they were the kings on welding up jet valve on these things , had a friend with two out here .

    1. datsunfreak


      Yes sir. Thankfully the previous owner had the jet valves eliminated and the balance shaft removed already. 

  6. Thanks Jose for another great swapmeet ,biggest ever ! how many sellers were there ?
  7. hosestop@msn.com


    Radiator in back like race truck ? also you maybe can fit 521 heater in there with flapper to control def. or heat no cables .
  8. Xmember has torsion bars assembly , another reason to get rid of torsion bars for coil over hotrod shocks. Just to make trans come out bottom.
  9. Good luck with sale L series for that money I better put a headliner in mine and a dash pad . to ask 30k
  10. The worst part is how are you going to do a clutch job down the road ? trans does not come out bottom , trapped in there above frame (must remove motor and trans as one split bitch job on floor ), I am doing with removable tunnel , and the dagger -really a bitch doing sr20det in a truck also , maybe check out done 521 if someone knows him on here Tanker ! Please how many turbo det 620s ever were done finished , the Red one I did is in Texas now with Toyota lifer.
  11. My advice if wanted -buy redeyes motor mounts and put a sr20de(NON TURBO) in there and enjoy almost twice stock horsepower ,smooth and great gas mileage. Maybe later take on bigger job . I also have one here with coil overs and no torsion bars in front for exhaust clearance ,Its all work not trying to crush dreams.
  12. I forgot to say a guy wants me to do a rb25 in a Datsun 610 ,I have been putting him off for six months , I believe will be a decent swap with bigger longer engine bay with R200 in back and roll cage .
  13. The guy that did a 510 rb25 crashed into a tree ,too much fwd weight. There is a 521running around down here near Inland Empire ! was for sale .
  14. Wish I had pics of going down main straight away at Fontana with Eddie in white SR car.we waited back and drag raced in front of Nascar main stands ,which were empty , people were sitting in pit crew seats .I went 80mph in third gear before I caught up to him .
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