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  1. Next time Andrew you guys come down we can go to Automotive driving museum near LAX ,I bought my second six pack of that beer here it is ,we need to figure out something cheaper on gas for you guys
  2. Thanks for another great /swapmeet show Jose , great seeing everybody and talking with Andrew .
  3. Wanted Datsun 610 2dr coupe rear window for a customer here !
  4. Datsun 620 521 wheels set of five with tires 15" clear Willwood brakes no spacer will be at swapmeet 450$ will be in space # 9 .
  5. Time Left: 14 days and 9 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Made in Japan super lite wheels fit over Willwoods with tires 215 and 205 x 60 tires ,So Cal will call please direct e-mail hosestop@msn.com


  6. hosestop@msn.com

    Alleycatgarage So Cal shop

    Shop shots Z in for some tuneing, 2dr almost done 15x8s fit in there!
  7. hosestop@msn.com

    Alleycatgarage So Cal shop

    Grocery getter has tuner fonts on list ,See greddy and Pirelli,hks.
  8. hosestop@msn.com

    4 Cromodora 7x13 wheels 1/2 " negative offset

    I also have a set of 14s Chromadoras also used by a Datsun driving school , they have some hairline cracks and I am not sure if magneseum ,not sure who can weld them , should you post in classifieds ?
  9. hosestop@msn.com

    SR20DE swap 720

    You know the guy in Nampa with all the Chevy's my buddy shipped a Nomad here from there ? I think Na is a nice swap for daily use and cornering .
  10. hosestop@msn.com

    SR20DE swap 720

    I am ready to see a short bed sr20de 720- maybe some big brakes , the 620 here with S15 na is almost done will post.
  11. Clutch slave hose sale 20.- sets of ss hoses for 4wheel disc cars. Also one piece clutch hoses with banjo fitting on slave cyl.
  12. hosestop@msn.com

    Alleycatgarage So Cal shop

  13. hosestop@msn.com

    Alleycatgarage So Cal shop

    The white 510 is the Jakal owned by a friend that passed a year ago , has many fibre glass parts, fully built with some nice stuff needs some floors patched small squares , has Z20 with big head and BRE manifold , some of the guys want to do a corporate car thing so they get a chance to get on track ,tires mostly !.Yellow 510 wagon has sticker on rear window saying grocery getter , sr20det with big turbo and Ford 8,8 getting done . other shots of yard . https://i.imgur.com/68hciuA.jpg]
  14. hosestop@msn.com

    Inland Empire Classic Datsun / JDM Meet

    This is on tonite may try and make this .Always fun in IE.

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