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Bruiser! 78 620 KC project


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Oh yeah, here's another thing to add to the "things to do differently next time list".


Don't leave the door open to air out the garage while the paint is drying and then walk away.




Our cat decided to inspect the paint job.  Thanks Jack.  I guess this really was temporary. 

Paint job take II coming up next...

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So, since the cat decided I needed to try again...


I took the opportunity to get a better paint match.  The first attempt didn't turn out well.  It was very yellow compared to the panels from the parts truck:




The guy at the store took a good hour tinting and re-tinting and re-tinting until he found something we were happy with.  Little did I know, he was making all the sample marks on one of fenders...   Okay then.




I think he got pretty close in the end.  And I got to spend more money on our temporary paint job!  :rolleyes:



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Second time around the color was a MUCH closer match.  It went on reallly nice again and I had no runs or sags.  Still some fisheyes but that was it.














The big thin I learned this time around...  I should have removed and re-masked all the windows for the 2nd paint job.  All those coats of paint just glazed right over the edges of the masking tape and I had to cut through it with a razor blade to remove the tape, leaving a less than perfect edge around the window rubber.  Next time...

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Here it is with all the panels on.










The repainted cab matches the repainted (30 years ago) bed perfectly!!!  The hood, doors and fender still carry 30 years of oxidation so they are a little matte by comparisson but should match much better once they are buffed back to as-new finish.

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why only temporary paint and all that work?


Great question.

Victoria want her truck painted a Lexus Red color:






And we weren't ready to tear it all down to bare bones yet so we did the "quick" paint match the cab job.  Also, as shown above, I had (have) a lot to learn/re-learn so taking this intermediate step was a good way to minimize the consequences of my mistakes.

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$129. is pretty cheap for auto paint really .  We almost twice that on my sons 85 Celica, we painted in the garage last year. And that was without adding in the cost of primer,, ouch.  i hate HPLV guns as imma old lacquer sprayer myself,, that stuff was so much more forgiving in the runs department,,, ,,man o man .

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$129. is pretty cheap for auto paint really . 


Yeah, but that was just for the cab!


Anyone rhino-line their truck bed?  I'm thinking that would be a good option for the inside.  Maybe even make the single wall bed sides a little less apt to get little pokey dents from un-restrained passengers...

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The parts truck came with a tonneau cover.  I tried to put it on this spring after the truck was back together but it wouldn't fit.  Once the sun and warmer weather arrived, I was able to lay it out and streatch it over the sides and it snapped right on.




Here are some pictures of Bruser hanging out with a couple of his buddies before that:





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  • 2 weeks later...

Well, this isn't the kind of project update I had hoped to post - but the brakes went out on Brenda yesterday. Haven't investigated yet but the truck is off the road for a while so it can think about what it's done. :bye:

That's no good man, hope its an east fix (bad seal somewhere?) And she gets back on the road.

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