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Bruiser! 78 620 KC project


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The whole truck looked cherry...



If it wasn't for the giant hole in the firewall, we would have just swapped over Victoria's drivetrain into this truck.

The cab and frame will likely make a good upgrade for someone else once it is available.  I won't be cutting anything.

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A little late for winter tires but better late than never...

Here are the stock steelies that came with Bruiser.  I had the tires dismounted and recycled a couple weeks ago




I dropped them off at Idol Rides today for blasting and powdercoat (sorry jrock)




I'll let you know how they look when I get them back.

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Okay, it was a scorcher this morning!




And the truck is outside...  What to do?




Ah...  That's better...  Of course the doors were open for just about everything I had to do but at least I could warm my hands back up periodically.


I was able to remove the Hooker Headers firewall bump - the cab is well ventilated now!






That thing was in there!  But I got it out without damage and there is a Ratsun guy coming this afternoon to grab the whole V8 kit!


Here is the firewall bump:




It's fiberglass but it's remarkably sturdy!




After that, Ifinished taking everything else out of the cab including the dash.  The three screws on top were quite a challenge.  I ended up drilling the screw heads off.






The dash screws weren't the only ones reluctant to let go today - the driver's side sill plate screws wouldn't budge either so I used my impact driver, only to break the tip off in one of the screws!

I got the stainless drip rail trim off as well.  Next up are the windows.  Is the rubber still available from nissan for the 79 w/ stainless trim?  Aftermarket?

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I was gonna get some parts off that... :( Wanna sell the Tach and or the hood? 



Let me know on the hood when you decide, also I would LOVE YOU if you sold me the tachometer....



I WANT THE TACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think you've mentioned that before.  :rofl:   Patience my good friend...

What do they usually sell for?

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Do u want a fire wall section I have a parts truck that's striped so the cab is needing to be used so I can make space for another pm me if your interested


Right now I personally won't be fixing this cab, but hopefully I'll find someone who will - I'll pass on your contact info once I have a buyer.

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Well I got some hits on my parts wanted ads on ratsun and craigslist - the first one being an awesome deal on a whole truck... 






Now this was really just too nice to break apart of course so I started dreaming of my own 620 project - actually, first I asked my son Corey if he wanted a truck like his sisters but he still wants my '72 4dr 510.  I began making arangements for the purchase and transportation (no drivetrain) of the truck but then suddenly and unexpectedly the deal fell through.  :confused:


So that night I looked on Ebay and found an interesting truck in Poulsbo, WA not too far from me - It was only bid up to $255 and the auction was ending the next day so I sent some requests for more information and ended up bidding $400 or so for it as it had a bed, hood, dash, hubcaps, beauty rings, etc. etc. etc.  All kinds of stuff we need plus lots of stuff we don't.  Perfect! 


I was pretty excited the next day and did win the autction at $305 but I didn't meet the reserve.  :crying:



I spotted this one, too. Watched it real close. Would've bought it, but found out it was in WA.

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OK. I read this whole thread so far. I have a little info for you on your '79 King Cab. There are items that were only available on the '79 model year.

Check your wiper switch for three positions. Intermittent wipers were ONLY available for '79. There should also be a little black box just under the passenger vent pull that is for the wiper delay.

The panel on your new parts truck tail gate is another '79 only item. With 29K miles, that thing will be beautiful!

The door panels are not Deluxe panels. The Deluxe had plaid fabric in the center that matched the seats. The "tall" panels were standard issue ONLY to the KC trucks and, I think, ONLY for '79.

Consider your tach to be new with that few miles on it. It should easily fetch $125. on ebay. Maybe more.(sorry jastrunk97)

Brown interior was not very common either. If you can save it, DO! I think it's cool Victoria want the tan interior knowing it is not as common.



OH ya, one more thing, give your daughter back her steering wheel. You have been blessed with a coupe....SHARE THE LOVE MAN!!!!!!

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OK. I read this whole thread so far. I have a little info for you on your '79 King Cab. There are items that were only available on the '79 model year.



OH ya, one more thing, give your daughter back her steering wheel. You have been blessed with a coupe....SHARE THE LOVE MAN!!!!!!


Thanks for all the info.  Anyone have tan door panels that don't go up to the window?  I prefer the metal body color up there.  I'd trade with you if you did.

Regarding the steering wheel, this truck definately has strong-arm steering - even with the big stock wheel.  There is no way she could manage to turn out of a parking space with a little Momo...

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