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Bruiser! 78 620 KC project


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Nice truck for the young bloke.


Ran SU's and had the new floats you have after a retune were pretty good but often needed to be balanced every few months to make them realy sync well.  

Here in Australia didn't need the choke where I live.


That bed came out real nice!

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Heater cores for the 620 are impossible to find as is the radiator. In Canada there is a major manufacturer of radiators and if you're willing to sort through hundreds of listings you can probably find a suitable alternative (amazing just how many different radiators exist). You can follow this link to see what I'm talking about Products (spectrapremium.com) and select Visual Comparison then a range of years.


It doesn't look like they sell radiators into the US market, probably some kind of US industry protectionism thing so you have to find your own manufacturer there, there must be one.


Alternatively you can have one custom made for $$$$.

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The crazy thing to me is that the sunny trucks in Japan have the same or a very similar heater core setup to the 620 so you would think heater cores would be pretty easy to find still since they made those pickups through the 90s.. I bought a new radiator for my 620 in about 2016 at oreilly auto parts but now it seems you can’t find them anymore sucks 😞 it’s getting harder and harder to find parts. 

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There are odd parts that become obsolete and make it really difficult to keep an older vehicle on the road. Years ago I needed new exhaust "doughnuts" for a 440 powered motorhome and all I could find was gaskets. Finally found some but wasn't easy.

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Truck stuff...




PSA - I was taking this front clip down South on I405 and the strap snapped - cut from being stretched over the (apparently sharp) sheet metal.

Fortunately it stayed in the bed - only sliding back to the tail gate, and I was only 100yrds from an off ramp allowing me to remedy the situation.  Lesson:  Don't tighten straps over sharp edges without some protection and/or use more than one strap.

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