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Bruiser! 78 620 KC project


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The plan was to pull off all the black sheet metal over Christmas and paint the cab tan, then bolt on all the tan sheet metal.

I bought the paint, and finished stripping the tan truck, but then life happened and we ended up re-doing Victorias room (new paint and furniture) instead so everything's still in motion, just delayed. 

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Too nice for the sawzall or crusher right?  I think so too.  And I'm not the only one, so a couple local datsun guys that nobody knows :angel: came and picked it up while I was at Church.






Move over J-Lo!!!




And reports say the new owner is pretty tickled to have her own Datsun truck project...



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Okay...  the day has finally come.  I drove it home from work Friday night.  Saturday morning I replaced the brake master cylinder in Cooper so I can drive that again, so Saturday afternoon Victoria and I stripped her truck down to the cab so we can prep it for paint.
















And I'm happy to report that I found 28 cents under the carpet to compensate us for our efforts!  :thumbup:

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Oh yeah, first let me introduce Brad.  Great guy with a love for his old Datsun 620 and some super nice friends trying to build him a replacement.  He bought the majority of the parts off my two trucks that I wasn't using in order to build his replacement (and keep the orange one on the road)










One of my favorite things about playing with these old Datsuns is meeting and helping out guys like this.

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Before we paint we must sand!
















As this paint job is seen as somewhat temporary - just making the truck one color before Victoria and I do a much more complete job, I was happy to stop at removing the black primer and scuffing the original blue.  I only applied bondo to a few - too easy to ignore - blemishes.

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Man!  They don't give away paint supplies do they?

Just enough paint to do the cab was $129 - no primer or clear either.








I have painted a few cars and trucks but it was 25 years ago and I was spraying lacquer through a high pressure siphon gun.  It was so easy to get good results.  I was really happy with my work back then.  I wasn't sure how this would go with modern materials through an HVLP gun.  But I was about to find out!

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The paint went on okay.  But it either didn't flash as fast as I was used to with the lacquer or I just plain put on too much...

I had some runs and sags so that was less than awesome.






I didn't mind too much though, it is all learning and I'll do better next time.  And it is "temporary" afterall.


Part of the problem is that with these newer paints, you mix it up and have to shoot it - not like the old stuff I shot before.  So I felt compelled to empty the hopper when I should have mixed less so I could put on lighter coats with a complete flash in between. 

Also my lighting was bad - overhead only with dark tarps on the walls.

Although the paint did go on nice and smooth, no orange peel or anything, I did have some pin holes (fisheyes?) which could be from poor surface prep (remember, I just scuffed and shot - no primer) or from water in the air line.  It was freezing outside when I did this and my air compressor is in my other garage so I had about 20' of line outside laying on the ground on its way into this bay to connect to my gun.  I may have gotten more condensation than I should have.  I will re-plumb my garage to keep everything inside before doing a real paint job, and may look at adding an air dryer as well.

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