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Bruiser! 78 620 KC project


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I was able to get in touch with the owner after the auction and he had a guy on the East Coast who was interrested in it and had "first dibs" for lack of better terminology - he said he'd call me back the next day (Friday) if it didn't look like it was going to happen.  Well, I did get a call Friday and so I made arrangements to go see the truck on Saturday. 


It's always fun going on a trip to get Datsuns or Datsun parts right?!  Well this one required an Edmonds-Kingston ferry boat ride over to the penninsula.






Now Victoria should have been on this trip with me but she had her best friend over to watch some 7 hour One Direction webcast...  :sick:


Well it was a beautiful cold day and the snow capped Olympics made a great backdrop to the Puget Sound.



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A short drive on the other end to and through Poulsbo got me to the owners home where I could check out the Datsun.


Now then - check this out...


The owner and his wife buy this 1979 620 king cab new from the dealer in CA.  They use it as their daily driver for the next three years putting about 28,000 miles on it.  Then he buys a Hooker Headers brand small block V8 installation kit, parks the truck, and starts the conversion.  He got as far as cutting the firewall, installing and painting the supplied modification panel, and that was it.  So since 1982 this truck has been off the road awaiting project completion.  And at the end of 2013, he and his wife finally realized this was never going to happen so they decided to offer the truck for sale - here are the photos I took at his place.  It has been under cover almost its entire life:


Mechanically stripped front end:



Bed full of everything removed from the truck - plus some extras.  The V8 headers are under the tonneau cover.




It comes with two beds.  Someone tapped his wife in the right rear corner in 80 or 81 so they swapped on a replacement bed but kept the old one.






Inside, the seats are dirty but everythings there and in great shape!




Only one little crack in the dash




He was going to install the tilt steering colum with the V8.




Look at those fancy delux door panels!




Victoria wants to paint her truck metalic burgandy so this entire tan interior will likely make its way into bruiser.

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I liked what I saw so it was time to talk about money...  As with most things, he wanted more than I wanted to spend but hey, I drove all the way over here right?  What would you do in this situation?  I couldn't go back empty handed! So we shook on a deal that included delivery no less.  Awesome!  :thumbup:


The ride home was great with my mind wandering and dreaming of all those cool Datsun parts - as a bonus, I saw a yellow DeTomaso Pantera and a really nice red Ferrari 308 on my way back to the ferry.




Bruiser on deck!




Here is the other ferry on this route going the opposite way.  I wonder if there are any Datsuns on board.




Lots of other floaty type things on the water as well...




The mountain in the background doesn't quite show through...




Later in the evening after getting home, I get a text from the owner with a picture of the truck loaded on a trailer ready for delivery the next day.



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I was gonna get some parts off that... :( Wanna sell the Tach and or the hood? 


The only thing I know we'll be selling for sure right now is the V8 kit, the fiberglass cowl induction hood, the upside down bed, and the rear bumper. We haven't really even looked yet at the condition of everything else.



Also, what church do y'all attend? 


We go to Silver Creek Family Church http://www.silvercreekfamily.org/ in Lynnwood. Awesome place!



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The only thing I know we'll be selling for sure right now is the V8 kit, the fiberglass cowl induction hood, the upside down bed, and the rear bumper. We haven't really even looked yet at the condition of everything else.




We go to Silver Creek Family Church http://www.silvercreekfamily.org/ in Lynnwood. Awesome place!



How much for the fiberglass hood? Wish I had known about this sooner, you probably drove right by my place and you coulda checked out my truck, my dads truck and my brother's truck, all 620's! 



Looks like an awesome church, although their website could use some work! :) My brothers and I just got baptized yesterday! Pretty sweet!

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The rain is coming so I took everything out of the bed(s) and layed it out in the garage to see what actually came with the truck...




Brand new Super Visor plus electronic distributor, cool licence plate frames, etc.








Hooker Header V8 installation kit.  If anyone has an original ad for this stuff I'd love to see it.






Crazy headers are split - you actually build them around your frame!






A bunch of 280zx L28 EFI stuff?




Momo steering wheel with Datsun horn button!  SAY WHAT?!!!!  This is going in one of my 510's!!!




There is a bunch of stuff in the cab too but I figure that's safe for the night...

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Victoria and I spent a little time on Saturday stripping down the front end of the parts truck.  Beforehand, I took everything out of the cab.  There was quite a smell in there.  I think this guy may have had something to do with it.




I don't think there is quite enough fur for a coat... 


It's tough to get a-head in this business...




Just need the dash now. See that yellow thing in the corner. That is a fuse box cover! It was sitting in the windowsill on the dash and was crusty yellow. It broke apart when I touched it. Dang! We NEED one of those!!!




Victoria's first treasure:




Fenders off.  I wish 510 fenders came off that easy!  Not a single broken bolt.




hood hinges and lower windshield trim:




Ewe!  Dirty truck parts!




We'll take care of the rest after we pull the dash



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Saturday evening I swapped out the high power white headlights for stockers (to protect her dash wiring from further melting), reassembled the intake and related plumbing I had removed to work on the choke, chaned the oil,  fixed the wiper linkage, and installed the tan cowl and hood from the parts truck.  We'll do the fenders and lower valance next time Victoria has a wrench in her hand.  I washed the hood and cowl as it was pretty grody after sitting for 30 years.




I washed the parts truck while I was at it.  Man did it clean up nice.  Too dark to tell maybe in the photo but the doors and bed will sure look nice on her truck.  I hope the windows pop out easy...  Is any of this rubber still available from Nissan?



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