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  1. snaps, its been a while. planning out a 521 build...a few levels up from this one, but still street'able. on that note, Ive taken time away from cars to focus on career stuff. I sold this thing and its living near Pasadena/inland LA. maybe a few years before I grab another shell, but I should be working on a 71 Blazer and 914 until then.
  2. Stock datsun rad works for every day driving. Under heavy load it heats up. I could not use it for long road tracks. But coned autocross is not enough time to over heat it.
  3. Jester, I took her put to some cones last month. The drift suspension, bald street tires, and lack or rear weight proved to be challenging. But I did beat a few cars there. I'm sure with proper springs, nice dot slicks and about 300lbs over the dif and I would be in the top tier. Also figured out that I've been roasting tires through third gear, with less than 50% throttle. Bumped it to 75% and its a different beast. Shits crazy.
  4. The Facebook links I used for them die after a while. I'll make a page for all the pics soon.
  5. Cpl620

    JCCS 2015

    I've talked to them already, sounds like a refund is too late? I would still like the goodies, so if you can, shoot me a PM and ill give you the info to pick up and drop off. Would even consider mabe one or two of you driving my truck...
  6. Cpl620

    JCCS 2015

    Who is going to JCCS that can pick up my goodie bag for me? shoot me a PM. I was all ready to go, but ive had some things come up and cant attend. No one to drive my vehicle there either which sucks.
  7. Yeah, seems I fell off the wagon with it. Being a tech, you never want to work on your own crap...
  8. Its been daily driving my butt 95 miles a day right now. I really haven't done anything to it because I work as a tech, so the last thing I want to do after 2 jobs and 100 mile commute is work on her. Im moving to a new place next weekend, so ill be riding my bike to work, I can put her under the knife again after that. Hooning video incoming some time soon. And im not deleting them, linking them from facebook seems to only work for a few months. Then the link dies.
  9. on a side note, i hate this high waste pants and shorts crap...but this fucking song is awesome. little electric, trap, drum and base you'll get from me.
  10. Cpl620

    JCCS 2015

    Who's going to JCCS this year? This guy!
  11. Cpl620

    JCCS 2015

    just made that drive for wekfest a few weeks back. i think at one point all 4 tires came off the freeway at 85mph on the 405...my seat still spells like my pants. ill be leaving super early to cruise down this time...
  12. first post in MONTHS! and wtf, a new thread....
  13. L20s are not the hardest thing to come by. go and blow one up with the nos and tell us how big of a shot it can take.
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