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What do you use for a radiator overflow bottle?

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id advise against using a glass container, although im sure 'a lot' of people have gotten away with doing it without



coolest thing i could think of that was something i like/drank is jack daniel's 'whiskey & cola" aluminum bottle





never installed it so its just been draining to... :(

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id advise against using a glass container, although im sure 'a lot' of people have gotten away with doing it without


I had a friend with a rat-rod truck that used a Jack Daniels bottle. One cold evening his radiator overflowed into the cold glass bottle shattering it. Shredded a belt and the two passenger tires :(

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82-83 Sentra over flow bottle from rock auto.  passenger side of the rad.........on a 1200 tho.  Sorry, haven't got that far on the dime yet

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That's because that *is* the Wiper Washer bottle location.
And that's because it *is* THE wiper washer bottle.

Confirmed that there were no overflow tanks on a 510, drained directly back to mother earth.

I'm using some bottle out of a JY car I found. I believe it was a toyota, could even be a Nissan. Has similar mounting as the stock washer bottle.

I am actually going to use a 620 overflow bottle with a modified bracket, or, I'll end up using an aftermarket aluminum one. Depends on whatever I get around to making/buying first.

Stock overflow bottle in the stock location.





That is the wiper washer fluid location.  Stock just drained to the ground. In fact that looks like the wiper washer bottle....

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