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  1. Solid looking 320 in Bothell for $6500: https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/cto/d/bothell-datsun-nissan-truck-320-pickup/7285099909.html
  2. It looks like some generic peel and stick stuff that a lot of auto parts stores carry. A quick search turned up this: https://www.brandsport.com/trmg-500-01.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=freelistings&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&adpos=&scid=scplptrmg-500-01&sc_intid=trmg-500-01&gclid=Cj0KCQiArvX_BRCyARIsAKsnTxNpRpJrruCVWFVIA7AVscyvTW7XWygOXeRYjn3KQGHDVsowl5T86sIaAunyEALw_wcB
  3. '79 ZX at the Lynnwood Pick'N'Pull - anyone need some struts? https://row52.com/Vehicle/Index/RNDEXDHrj3dA6efBfw4OCh2wy
  4. The new restrictions will stay in place until at least the 14th.
  5. They were attacking him hence self preservation/self defense. If they were simply trying to detain and disarm him they wouldn't have been hitting and kicking him and swinging skateboards at him.
  6. Keep in mind that Kyle was the original victim - he was attacked by all of the people who were shot. Regardless of their intention, they all were attacking him and he likely felt threatened.
  7. I think a point that's been missed in all of this discussion is that, at least to me, it seemed as though he was running directly towards the police when he fell down. It looks like there were flashing lights at that intersection he was running towards. Once he got up, he continued in that direction raising his hands when he got closer. With an angry mob around me and knowing where the police were, I'd be running that direction rather than just standing around waiting for them to get to me.
  8. Typical American voter (irrespective of party): "The polls show we're up by 20 points; no need to even vote this year!"
  9. Since you've said check your math at least a couple of times, 129,226/2,77,366 would be a death rate of approximately 4.66%. Unless there is another method you're using of course...
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