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  1. I've always used SEM Trim Black for my interior parts. Not sure of its availability in the UK though.
  2. *sigh* It wasn't intended to be serious. As they say, if you have to explain it...
  3. There has been talk about this virus being man-made. I wonder...
  4. - Open image in a browser - Right click image, select 'Copy image' - Start message/reply here - Right click, select 'Paste' Results may vary if using a phone, but the principal is the same.
  5. For whatever reason the search doesn't work with anything less than 4 characters. If nothing else, maybe try searching for 'leds' (that returned something for me).
  6. The mobile version is different too - switching from condensed to normal makes no difference and there are little chat bubbles on each topic, taking up additional real estate. The chat bubbles don't seem to do anything, just an added 'feature'
  7. 67_1600

    What was this?

    That's exactly what it is - exhaust runs through it to heat the manifold. Inside is just carbon built up, not any type of filter. As far as a vacuum leak, it shouldn't be an issue as I don't think the exhaust gasses do anything but circulate around but don't actually enter the intake system.
  8. It's mine - be sure and look at the damage to the front of the car and consider that most everything was removed from the engine bay in preparation for paint. Overall a very solid car though.
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