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  1. Vid of my buddy driving the 510. We're going to Laguna on the 23rd... that will most likely be the last track day in this car. Haven't driven there with the new sway bar, and it will be nice going through the corkscrew without worrying about busting a half shaft u joint and dying a violent death ha.
  2. Went out to Buttonwillow this weekend... fun track! Really plays to the strengths of this 510... Still needing that extra bit of camber and caster, but the push wasn't as bad here as it was at Thunderhill. The CVs held up, and damn what an improvement over the stock axles. Super smooth! 4th gear spins up much quicker now too. As usual, the Gopro battery died just as the action was getting good :( My buddy was also driving the 510 so the Gopro had double duty, I should've brought an extra battery pack. I also F'd up the angle of the Gopro, as I always do haha.... In Session 4 after the battery died, I was having fun playing with that yellow Mustang for a couple laps then he pointed me by, and I went after a pretty fast E30. Had a couple big slides playing at and beyond the limits :D I'm going to try to run Laguna in 2 weeks... need to find someone willing to give up their spot as the event is already sold out lol. I also have a buyer lined up for the car, we've agreed on a price that I think is pretty fair. It's a good friend of mine who I know will build the car to the level I always wanted to. Just waiting for him to get the $$ together. It's been fun playing with the 510, just time for me to move on and start racing for real. Not much I can do with a 510 except... vintage? My buddy was going to carry my tires and everything else for me but had to back out at the last minute :\ Good thing I have this newly acquired Mazda 3 hatchback to use as a race tire transporter :P Had my other buddy drive that for me. Got pulled over en route to the track for drafting the 3 in the 510 lol... told the police officer I was just trying to save gas. She was not amused. Our first two sessions were cut short due to tards going off track and crashing blah blah blah. Unbelievable how many people were going off in session 1, and even lap 1 of their first two sessions.
  3. Dooo eeeet. After my first track day, I had no desire to Autox my 510 anymore. 2 mins of drive time vs an hour and half of drive time.... Love the pics and vids in this thread!! I just signed up for Buttonwillow May 10th with Speed Dynamics. I know you guys are itchin to drive some more ;)
  4. You have the equipment to respline axles? I suppose it could be done on a lathe with the right tool... I tried to do it at work but when I got a quote from Dutchman I said F it and sent the axles out to them.
  5. Pieced it together. VW Vanagan Type II axles with Matt N Dew's adapters. Have ~$500 into the setup. http://community.ratsun.net/topic/8502-installing-mattndews-510-cv-axle-adapters/ I'm soooooo tired of swapping u joints and I was really just too low for u joints. They were noisy but somehow held up to the track abuse :p
  6. Finally. Unbelievable difference from the stock half shafts!
  7. Got the CVs together.... nothing has gone smooth with this project :( They are the same part # as the Ratsun guide for VW Vanagan Type II CVs, yet the axles are a bit different. Dutchman had issues and had to write a whole new program. The female splined pieces slide off and on the axle a bit too easily... I seem to remember them being pressed on from the factory??? I don't have a stepped shoulder for the splined washers... The bolts that came with the adapters are too long... BLAH. I'll be happy when these are done and in the car.
  8. Picked up a new daily, which means the 510 can finally sit while I do a bunch of stuff to it. Yussss. Next to my dad's Speed 3. 510 is getting more camber, caster, (DP Camber plates and custom offset front control arm bushings) new front rotors, brake ducts, window seals and CV axles. Some small things here and there... Hoping to make it to Buttonwillow in May... ever since they repaved that track I've been dying to drive it!
  9. Rear sway keeps the inside rear more level with the outside to an extent, but its actually pulling weight off that inside wheel. Due to the funky rear suspension design where we get camber and toe change as the rear suspension goes thru its travel, you want to minimize body roll. I prefer to use springs to do this, no rear sway. I have a lot of rear toe in. Makes my car really stable, and atm a little pushy. Trying to work around that with stiffer rear springs and more front camber. Wish I could make it out to this event, been wanting to drive Thill West for a while. Got a bunch of stuff to do to the car, but its my daily and I don't have time or motivation to work on it lol. Hoping to run Buttonwillow in May tho. Would be cool if you guys could make it out to that one :D
  10. Anyone here tried Haas' new control interface thingy? And the new handle? Your thoughts?
  11. We have a bunch of really old Matsuura horizontals and a Matsuura RA1 vertical. For old ass machines they work pretty well... they're in much better shape than the 2003-2004 VF3 at my last job.
  12. Thread revival! Couldn't find the machining pr0n thread so this will have to do... One of our two new 5 axis machines came in.. w00t!
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