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  1. Thats what I figured. My car was grandma stock when I got it. Im leaning pretty strongly towards the rat style catch can. Just got to find the appropriate alcohol haha.
  2. In my car that is where my window washer fluid bottle is mounted.
  3. Im looking for some ideas on what to use for a radiator overflow bottle, and where to mount said bottle. Oics obviously welcome.
  4. Mine originated when I needed an xbox live gamertag, Humboldt where I grew up Humboldt county California. And Hoov the first 4 letters of my last name Hooven. hUmBoLdT HooV.
  5. Yea im not that big a fan of it either, wouldnt mind having the car itself. But the exhaust and oil cooler would definitely be changed. That thing was gutted too, only a drivers seat in it.
  6. Spotted this old BMW today while I was at work. Its a tad bit Boso'd.
  7. I dont have a tach in my 510 but if I had to guess, probably the 3500 to 5000 range. Anything lower and she spits and sputters. Damn stock carbs.
  8. Damn, wish I woulda been able to make it. Was planning on it but my U-Joints took a shit on me.
  9. Spotted this today, my old roomate used to have one. Super fun to drive.
  10. I had friends and family posting this on facebook, hilarious stuff.
  11. I'll have to get a pic of the 510 that lives down the street from me. Old guy owns it and it is immaculate, pretty sure he bought it brand new and has garaged it it's entire life.
  12. Saw this Bently in L.A. on my trip back up to Oregon from Arizona.
  13. Ill be their popping my Canby cherry this year, should be tons o fun.
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