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  1. Boaty

    Boaty's KA24DE 2DR

    Thank you FutoFab! These are awesome, although I have a small clunk from time to time that I always worry about. Especially when at a stop and turning the wheel, the whole car shifts and it clunks. Hasn't fallen apart yet though! Can't re-create it by hand. New box, center link, idler arm & solid kid /w bushing (From Troy Ermish), new ball joints, tie rod ends, and of course LCA's and T/C rods. Crossmember was modified with reversed LCA pickups, also raised 1" over stock to combat bump-steer. Pretty solid! And I'd like to point out... I Really miss my damned garage...
  2. Boaty

    Boaty's '79 King Cab

    Zero-Rusted the front floor pans. This shit seriously took fucking 3 months to set up hard enough that your finger didn't leave a finger print! I guess the cans have been in the weather, outside, frozen multiple times and probably baked as well. Been outside for 10 years, since I bought two quarts for my 510 from Bruce Palmer (510 wagon guy!). This shit is like magical unicorn sex in a can, and if you care about your datsun you'll use this and tell POR15 to screw goats. I do believe James is testing this stuff out these days? I love it. My bumper was poorly prepped, and I checked it out yesterday... no rust, still black, holding up great. 10 years later. Battery Tray is completely toast. Like... I don't know how I want to attack it. Needs all new sheet metal and a new tray. Cleaned up heater assembly cover... There are more but honestly I hate photobucket with a purple passion so I am going to look into finding alternative hosting. Took me half an hour to log in and it's slow as hell. To top it off I had to use the phone app which is just ghastly... anyways long story short the truck should be on the road very soon. Everything is there it's just down to the wiring now and that's pretty much it besides interior work! I also picked up a pair of Kia Soul seats (not sure what trim, because they don't match ANY pictures of Soul seats out there... I'll snap a pic tomorrow). I'll be compiling a list of things I need to get once everything is back together and I can see what I am missing. As of right now though, the center caps for those 17" 7-spoke Titan wheels come to mind. I also need to figure out the dome light situation... my dome light doesn't match everybody elses. Will advise. PS - Has anybody re-sealed a king cab slider rear window? I want to take it down and get new felts, and new seals. I don't want to deal with rattles and leaks, it's out of the truck now (Thanks Brown!) and will likely get a light tint. All coming together guys! MOTIVATE ME!
  3. Boaty

    Boaty's '79 King Cab

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy... I get to post an update a year later! So this happened: Bought a 79 standard cab in Medford, OR that had a blown rear end. Apparently this was a local guys prior, who is also on Ratsun. No clue as to his name. Anyways bought a parts truck (no pics unfortunately, unless Farmer has them - I can't find mine, but he towed it for me.) Practically everything came out of the parts truck to donate to my King Cab which is once again with engine, transmission, hooked up and ready to rock. Some wiring will be done this weekend (11/21, 11/22) and hopefully if everything goes right, I'll get her cranking and the lights working, dash functioning, etc. L20B has all new gaskets and a paint job, new starter, new alternator, a thorough cleaning because Jesus Christ people can you change the fucking oil once in awhile? New clutch, the usual. Trans is unfortunately a 4-speed, but, it feels nice and tight and not sloppy after new bushings so that is promising. My old 5 speed was sloppy even with new bushings... I'll STFU and prove I did something over the last year. :D Unfortunately it's an open, round port head. Fuck it. It ran. Cleaned up the engine bay a bit before I slap the new engine in... Lol, hand polished down to Meguiar's cleaner wax. Meh. I was bored. Bought a set of these 17" Titan wheels - WHICH i NEED TO FIND A SET OF FOUR (4) CENTER CAPS (3.25") SO IF YOU HAVE A SET AND WANT TO SELL IT TO ME, IF THE PRICE IS RIGHT THEN YOU HAVE A DEAL!!!
  4. Boaty

    Boaty's KA24DE 2DR

    Well no updates on this build. Been my daily... Current love is going into my wagon. No build thread on that, yet. Updates soon though.
  5. Boaty

    Boaty's '79 King Cab

    Well nothing has been done... but hoping to make her movable with the L16 out of my wagon which is now getting my L20B. Updates soon enough!
  6. Does it feel weird that the company I work for supplies your Non-Ethanol fuel? :P Nice car - I wouldn't mind one as a daily. Or something newer anyway - creature comforts are nice.
  7. That's not the 19psi Nismo cap, right? The 1.3 bar? If so you can expect to blow all the things. Like I did. Grats on the progress :D
  8. Boaty

    Clutch replaced now wont turn over

    If it tries to crank but can't... could also be the input shaft bushing being bound up/super tight. I've had that happen before, even if you push the clutch in it still won't turn over. BUT if you put it in Neutral, it should fire just fine with the clutch in. Most likely not the case but something to think about. If it is, once you get going it only takes a few seconds of running for the bushing to wear-in and not keep a hold of the input shaft. For this reason I always clean the tip of the input shaft really well and give it a light skim coat of grease, and I take a dremel tool to the inside of the bushing with a felt bob and give it a quick buff. Also helps tremendously with installation too ;)
  9. Boaty

    siqx20's 620 k/c

    Lol, good timing - literally yesterday it met it's final demize.
  10. Boaty

    Boaty's KA24DE 2DR

    Decided that since I'm sick and at home, not at work, that I had to do *something* productive. So I popped the hood to see if I could find anything easy to polish. Didn't even realize that I have fuel injectors - I'm still stuck on L-motors apparently! So I popped the 4 injector caps off, took a look at them, and figured what the hell. That was the result. I posted on the fB page, but I figure I can polish a set of four up for $25 (return postage included), if anybody is interested. Already have one buyer, anybody else? Shoot me a PM. I can polish other stuff, too. I prefer aluminum because it's the most forgiving, but I can do stainless steel as well. Hell I can do brass copper, or even steel if I needed to. I'm just not set up for anything requiring a die grinder or dremel, until I can buy more materials. My 'inventory' is kind of small for air tooling, but I have plenty to do bigger stuff. Shoot me a PM if anybody is interested. My turn around time for the caps would be same, or next day to get them done, and that day or the next to send them off. I do have a day job, afterall. I do paypal.
  11. Boaty

    620 alternator "upgrade"

    I sort of dislike GM one-wire alternators. I like my Delco CS105's, per Saturn. I think if I were to do it again, I am actually quite fond of the KA24 alternators. My 240sx alternator doesn't skip a beat even with all my kid-like stereo stuff. The Saturn alternator swap is very well documented on this site, you might check it out and collab some information?
  12. Boaty

    Boaty's KA24DE 2DR

    When we had the biscuit fire, it made this summer look like HEPA filtered atmosphere. Biggest fire on the west coast, I believe ever (not really sure, but it's up there - over half a million acres). It was crazy because all summer long it was non-stop smoke, and then we had thunderstorms as well like every week - blood red lightning is something awesome to see. But so many people got sick because of the smoke, in the evening when the smoke settled into the valley, it was like 800 ppm, which I'm sure the respirator companies loved. Everybody was wearing one. Lots of elderly folk died. Smoke is awesome, IMHO - but it was getting annoying after a couple weeks. No pictures from back then unfortunately. This year I was dying for some lightning smoke shots... no such luck though.
  13. Boaty

    Boaty's KA24DE 2DR

    Here was a 'normal' day. Not thick, not thin. Just 'average' this summer.

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