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    '80 280zx-sold '74 valiant-sold '76-280z died to save 2 other z's '80-510 meh '71 goon
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    cars, slammed cars, and learning about cars. DATSUNS
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  1. This was one of my favorite cars ats Canby. And then realized who owned it. Crazy putting faces to cars.
  2. It looks the same, what happened to the red shell
  3. It definitely looks like a wakeboard :rofl:
  4. I hope the landlord finally decided to work on it and didn't sell it.
  5. A lot of people have been missing here
  6. Lifted 2014 Ford f350 super duty. Pain in I'm the ass getting on a 4 point lift and backing in to tight spaces
  7. He wants pics of a datsun on 22's. No cheap wheels. He wants it to look nice.
  8. A lot of us are in the northwest. Which has aerospace everywhere haha.
  9. That white one is a 210 correct.
  10. I wish there was a 610 or 1200 coupe on craigslist in my budget :rofl:
  11. Carter where do you and work at?
  12. I personally see nothing wrong with that. If you can make a profit why not. Sounds like people are jealous.
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