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Farmer Joe

My 77 KC 620

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Still looking good as always! you get that mani installed yet?!?


mani? the exhaust manifold? ive had that on the truck for a couple months now. the video i made was when i put that on and rebuilt the exhaust.


i got the new master cylinder on it yesterday. works pretty darn well! its kinda hard to shift when you only have like 1 second of time before the clutch releases. lol


i dont know what really im gonna do next. a buddy of mine has a couple sets of old gmc/chevy steel 6 lug wheels. if theyre 15s im probably gonna save for some tires for em. i really need new tires, so that prolly what ill save up for.


more to come...

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finally went and washed the truck today. got to wash it for free too! the lady before me left and the deal still had 5 minutes left. :P:p


anyways, i took some pics with the new camera my girlfriend bought. it takes some pretty darn good pics.


check em out...
















haha no more automoatic!!



the c-notch...




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Guest DatsuNoob

Looking good Joe! I like how you only removed the area in the bed needed for the notch, instead of hacking out the entire middle section like so many tend to do.

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well now that i finally have a job again i can start workin on the truck some more.


so first off, i have a new frame for it. its a 78-79 frame. dont know the exact year but a ball joint disc brake frame. im goin to bag this frame and then this winter im gonna swap the body to the new frame. im also goin to do a stockfloor bodydrop. i also plan on running hardbody spindles and doing the 5 lug toyota hub swap and a toyota rear end.


the reason for the 5 lug swap... i want to run a set of cragar SS 5 spoke chrome wheels. i think a datto would look badass on some cragars. so thats what im gonna do!


once i get the body on the new frame im gonna repaint the truck too. i was going to redo the orange. im gonna keep the burnt orange, but with some flake in it. then painting the top and pillars white with tons of flake.


so thats the plan for the frame. ive still got a bunch of stuff to do for to the truck while im still drivin it. im gonna get either a 4.10 or 3.90 chunk here soon. i need to get them revs down on the freeway. im also goin to redo the mono leaf ive got goin on. im gonna run a main leaf, and the second leaf from the leaf pack upside down on top of the main with the straps of the end of the leaf clamped back on. i figure runnin the other long leaf wont make the axle wanna wrap so much with how much drop its gonna give.


so thats pretty much all for now. ill get pics when i get the new frame over to the house.

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Where do you have that Valve cover breather line going? (green)

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hey just found this thread ...i like your kc...good work so far..orange with flake good idea cant wait to see this one:D

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well i bought some wheels for it yesterday. theyre some 15in with 195 60s on em. got em for 100bux of craigslist.


anyways, heres some good pics...




i had to roll the bed just a bit to make em work...





haha! i think my truck runs a little rich...



my exhaust is pretty much on the ground all the time... time to weld some recesses in the frame for the exhaust to run in.



oh yeah! so ill be getting that new frame here in a couple days if everything works out right. so ill get some pictures of that when it gets here.

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Niel the new rims look good. And wow that exhaust hangs low :rolleyes:


thanks man!


yeah i know that exhaust hangs low! lol im gonna do those frame mods here soon and then take it and have a muffler shop build a new exhaust sytem.

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well, after getting a job again, i have some to a point where i actually have a large sum of money that i can dump.


so on thursday the bag are gonna be ordered. i found a deal on some bags that i can pass up.


im just gonna bag this frame now. i doubt itll even get a discbrake frame. it just gonna be the bagged beater. and this fram is already notched, so its just easier.


so im gonna be gatherin up all the other parts i need. ive gotta get the tabs for my 3link, and ive gotta get the bag mounts from the front. my buddy has the parts, i just need the cash and were kickin ass.


the bags are 1/2in ports, but im gonna run 3/8in for the system. i still need a tank, but i think i have the air covered. the AC compressor is a york compressor and its all ready to make air. the crankcase and air are separate. so all i need to do is put a filter on the suction side, and ake a leader line for the disharge side.


i also need 3 more valves. so ive gotta save up some scratch for them.


anyways, just though id update. when stuff starts comin in and work starts getting done ill be sure to get pics.

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well i ordered the bags tonight. im supposed to be getting an email when they ship em. so while im waiting for those, im gonna requisition my bag mounts and all my linkbar tabs.


more to come...

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well i gots me some bag for it now. i wasn't expecting them to be as big as they are, but they're gonna work awesome.








gonna start on the front maybe on monday.

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well i got the front fenderwells cut out. kinda all i could do. did get some cash tho, so im gonna go get my front bag mount from a buddy of mine.


i did run into something that gonna cause some trouble. even with the 15in wheels i have im gonna have to tub the firewall.


anyways, ill get some pics up later. im on my phone right now, so postin the pics is a pain in my assholes.


more to come...

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okay heres those pics i promised.


its not much, but its a start for now.


heres the driver fender before it got cut



this is where i put the coil for now. ill make it look better when i get some more time



and then the end result






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Gotta love the grinder...:D


hell yeah!! i love my sawzall just as much! maybe a little more lol


so ive got metal for the front bag mounts. im gonna have to put a pocket in the frame for the bag. the bags are big. i really didnt think they were gonna be this big, but im not worried about it. id rather have a bigger bag for the ride. im tired of the static drop lol. it makes my kidneys hurt!


so now ive just gotta wait till next week for my next days off and then well have some progress!

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so i broke the passenger leafspring today on my way to work. it busted right where the overload spring ended...


no problem with getting it home. got lucky and it just bottomed out on the shock and that kept everything in place to limp it home.


ill get a picture of the broken stuff tomorrow.

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alright then!! well i finally got the truck back on the road.


got up bright and early and went over to the junkyard and got a set of leaf springs and also picked up some bumperettes. im kinda no happy about the price i payed for em, but whats done is done.


anyways, heres some pics of what went down today...


new parts!



the broken leaf...







this is one way that i tried stacking the leafs. didnt work well with my 3 in dropblocks.



heres how the final leaf arrangement came out.





and then the bumpers





now with the new leafsprings it sits alot lower in the back. the rearend is hitting the bottom of the bedfloor. gotta get a little hold in the bed cut, so the rearend dont bang around.


anyways, ill try and get some new pics of the truck in the daylight here soon.

Edited by Farmer Joe

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