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  1. g-mam

    Selling my 1974 620

    He already knew :rolleyes:
  2. g-mam

    Selling my 1974 620

    4/17/2011 - The truck was sold today, to a real nice guy in PA. He was quite enthusiastic about it, and I think it has found a good home.
  3. g-mam

    Selling my 1974 620

    Thanks for moving it. Of course there is no Kelly Bluebook for something like this. Any ballpark on what it would be worth? $1500? There are a ton of photos in the original post, at that website link.
  4. I’m not sure where to start. I am going to sell my 1974 620. It’s a project that I no longer have the time or money to invest. I have probably spent 2k on this already. It has under 60k on it. I will consider offers $1500+. I live in Northern VA. You can email me at Email me A lot of info can be found at: My 1974 620 website I have put a lot of work into it. Here are some features: New wheels and tires (less than 100 miles on them) New Electronic Ignition and coil New brake Master Cylinder Fuel tank epoxy sealed with Caswell New fuel Pump New alternator New window seals What it still needs: Floorboard rusted out on Drivers side Carb work. It runs but rough. Seat needs Upholstering The tranny is nice and tight, like new. Shifts smooth. I also have to go with it: New brake Drums, never installed New brake shoes never installed Bedliner Kit
  5. g-mam

    cant make up my mind. rims rims rims

    Click here for more photos of My New Wheels
  6. g-mam

    What did you do to your truck today?

    Yoy have to go to the backside and back-off the adjuster. Once you do that you should be able to easily tap them loose and pull them off.
  7. g-mam

    Shift lever question...

    BTW, I got the Brass Bushings. Had to hammer them in, then it was too wide to go into the ears. Had to file them down. It was a real bitch then getting the pin back in. But, now that it's done, there is NO SLOP at all!
  8. g-mam

    oil change light on, please help!

    This is the funniest post I have seen in a LONG time :lol:
  9. g-mam

    How old are we?

    Well, I answered the "Age" question, but since we are doing BIO's. Born in Virginia, lived in Alaska for a few years when young (father stationed there). Live in VA now, two sons, youngest is a Band director, oldest is now back finishing his law degree. Wife, married 29, going on 30 years. Done a lot of jobs in my 52 years. Long haul truck driver Army 13 years with the CIA, doing different "Things" :rolleyes: 13 years with Loudoun Water as a network administrator Working as a consultant for myself now Hobbies are My truck! Riding motorcycles, doing track days at the local racetrack Riding bicycle now that my knees are not as good as they once were Flying RC Planes and Helis Flying REAL planes Playing guitar, collecting guitars, building guitars Photography
  10. g-mam

    What are my radio options?

    First thing I checked. The antenna is broken, but enough there to get local stations for sure.
  11. g-mam

    Shift lever question...

    Can't do pics right now as I have it back together, and that inner boot was a pain, but: Remove the plate Remove the rubber boot There is a pin going through the shifter with a C-Clip, remove the clip Remove the pin Put a washer on either side of the shifter to take up the slack Assemble in reverse order.
  12. g-mam

    What are my radio options?

    I was hoping the factory radio in there would work. Light comes on, makes a pop in the speakers, but nothing else. This has got to be a hard one to get a radio to fit in that opening. I don't need anything fancy, just FM. Is there a place that can repair an old radio?
  13. g-mam

    Shift lever question...

    I took the plate off the shifter today to paint. The big boot inside and the one on top of the trans was toast. I had a new one to go on the trans. The shifter had about 1/8" of play on each side of the shifter between the ears where the stud and c-clip go. I put a washer in there to take up some of the play, but this was really sloppy. I may have to put one on the other side, but need one thinner. Is this normal? Anyone have a good cheap source for the big boot you see in the cab?
  14. g-mam

    "F"'d up my instrument panel!

    Well, got the instrument panel all back together and in the dash, all is working well. Anyone else want to chime in on what that relay does? This thing still chokes and coughs when I first start it up, but when it gets to temp all seems pretty good. Not sure of the cause.
  15. g-mam

    "F"'d up my instrument panel!

    From the wire colors it may be the B.C.D.D. Relay, what is that?

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