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Guest DatsuNoob

Hey guys, what's a good muffler that produces good engine sound without sounding like a Honda boy fart-pipe? I dont want to be like all the import tuner kids who's cars sound cheap and rattly. I want to have good engine sound, not exhaust sound, ideas? I'll be running a header and was thinking of having short exhaust just before the rear tire. I'll probably lower it a little but not to the point where I have to cut the frame, so I dont think clearance will be an issue there(maybe in the front though cause it's already pretty low to the ground at stock height).

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I have the stock exhaust on my truck L20B back to the torsion bar mounts then several short pieces slipped over top of each other, getting bigger and bigger until I could fit the 2 1/8 inlet of a new muffler shop muffler on it and clamped it down. I guess they put it on and got the pipe stuck or something and had to throw it out in the dumpster, brand new, never used! I put a short half elbow pointing down on it, no tail pipe. I've found that an oversize muffler and no tail pipe, or a short one, has a low tone to it at idle and VERY reasonable sound when driving. You would think a larger muffler would be quieter but I don't think it is. I once put duals on my brother's 318 Challenger. The single exhaust was whisper quiet, the duals had the sweetest sub rumble ever!!

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I enjoy my stock blown out muffler, I did smashed it back together and welded it. Some of the packing must of fallen off because it sounds sweet over 5k :D Kinda like V-tec hehe I have had my fill of load cars. My buddy gets his mufflers from Pull-a-Part, he searches for old school ones. I thought that was a really good Idea. I had a 80's flow master I pulled off a rotary powered dime. In one of my moves I lost it :(

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Guest DatsuNoob

hmmm, I was thinking of running one of those short cherry bombs that bolt onto the collector flange of the header, then maybe a stock muffler or one of those $20 Thrush OEM replacement mufflers at the end to quiet it down a little if it's too loud. I'm just looking to enhance engine sound on my L20 and not really looking for that Honda boy exhaust sound you can hear 3 blocks away when they're only going 15 mph. I want to keep it under $75 if possible.

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I was running a cherry bomb (I'll be running the same one when the trucks back together, but with 2" exhaust instead of the 1.75" on it now)


I really liked the way it sounded, I had the muffler guy run it the quiet way.

If you look inside there a louvers, you want these to 'catch' the sound for the quiet mode, flip the muffler around for loud mode. ;)

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Guest DatsuNoob

I got a buddy with an 83 rabbit. He asked me to weld on a cherry bomb midspan to delete his catalytic converter. He already had one of those coffee can mufflers on the back too. I was curious how this would affect the motor having 2 mufflers. He said he noticed an improvement in performance at higher freeway speeds, but a little loss in off the line acceleration. I dont really care if that happens with my Datsun, I just want it to sound good.

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I replaced my blown out shell of a muffler with one from a newer Nissan I think its an 80's style round with one inlet one outlet . I also had to spread the pipe open for it to work I believe its a 2" inlet and outlet . it was cheap and sounds decent .

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DatDougs Ratsun is runnin 2.5" exhaust with a super 44 flowmaster and it sounds bad-ass! It also hauls ass! That whole myth about losing lowend power with that big of exhaust was gone after he let me take it for a spin. A nice low tone very loud! :fu:

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I made the mistake of letting Doug use my computer while he was here on one of his shoplifting sprees!His 2 1/2" exhaust is the leakiest,most blown out loss of power.....wait thats my 620 I am thinking about.:fu::fu:

He is right though.I really like the 2.5" and flow master.I swear its dead quiet at idle and a beefy rasp at higher R's.His L20 rips like my old setup in my 521.The secondary kicks in like a beast!

Currently I have a stock on my 510,521 has 2" from modified L16 mani to a thrush shit ass turbo then a cherry bomb for the extra pipe length and silencing.It actually sounds nice with the cam lobe.In traffic once a guy asked me what V8 I had stuffed in there.

My 620 has a long tube header with 2 1/4" into a stock type 2" round muffler(1/2 of a ford v8 dual exh)and exit out the side immediately.It kinda sucks cauce its blown out a bit due to backfiring.Like every thrush..Thats where you need a quality muff.Like when you just changed the carb and try to dial it in and BLAP!

Theres a lot you can do and it is not that much of a science.You need a certain level of restriction that will allow larger flow if needed.

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I would suggest a 2" pipe with a chambered muffler. For what you're talking about as far as sound, any straight through pipe may be more raspy than you want. A chambered Flowmaster will smooth out the tone and the torque.


or if you're installing the exhaust yourself, go with 1.75 or whatever size is at the end of the header. Do not go over 2" though.


2.25" is plenty for a 2.8L So 2.5" is rediculous for a 2.0 or less.

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I have an Imco......PLEASE don't buy the flowmasters. Imco is made buy flowmaster and you can get a chambered stainless one for a lot less money then the regular flows.


I have had mine for quite a few years now and it definitely doesn't sound like a Honda or fart can. I have also ran 2" and 2.5" tube with this muffler and they both sound great.....2" is a bit louder and more tone change but not as deep. The 2.5" is much quieter but has a deeper tone, and not much high RPM noise.


Another note.....I cant stand the sound of "turbo" muffs on L motors!

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i am running a long tube pacesetter header with 2 inch pipe to a cherrybomb glasspack thats is mounted under the bed were the bed and cab split and from the cherrybomb it y's into two 1 3/4 inch pipes that run all the way out one on each side of the tag and it sounds pretty good just a little on the loud side above 3000 rpms but good power low mid and high

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So 2.5" is rediculous for a 2.0 or less.


I got the muffler for free brand new and my truck needed exhaust so.......




Fuckin Cool.....definitely:cool:


Loud.......too loud:eek:

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Magnaflow! That's what I used on my Ford, and that's currently what's on the 521. It sounds huge on the Datsun... and I've got the J13! I went with Magnaflow rather than Flowmaster just because of the straight-through design.


I'm planning lake pipes on my Datsun... but, only on one side. I don't need dual exhaust, so I won't bother with it. But, that's still a ways off... I need to get an engine first.

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Guest jaimesix

Watch out for that pipe being too close to the rear valance. Vibration can end up scaling and subsequent rust may appear.


Some sanding and subsequent application of anti rust paint on that corner will prevent worsening of rust, because the heated atmosphere caused by the exhaust pipe will act as catalyst for rust to develop.


Nice ride, my 710 went through the same rear leaf spring leaf swap as yours. Rides fine. At the begining I got some suspension hop. I guess the leafs finally adjusted, because the hop dissappeared. I advise for fluid shocks as opposed to gas shocks.



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