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  1. Wagons to the front! See y'all at 930am Sunday in front of Ikea 10280 NE Cascades Pkwy, Portland, OR right off the 205. A little after 10am we will all be following Jawa Huss mofo up Marine Dr to Blue Lake park for the big 30th anniversary of Datsun love. Tell anyone with a Datsun, Nissan or Infinity to show up and fun will be had. Bring your special other and kids for all the more fun. See y'all there! Good times!
  2. PS if you are in the NW don't miss this shit. It's been going on every year for 30 years! Longer than most of y'all been around. Tell your friends. Blue Lake park off Marine Drive in Portland, $5 a car load to get in or $15 to register and support the club and you get free food and maybe win some bad ass prizes. It's gonna be a great Datsun day don't miss it. Do it in a DATSUN ! Bring your parts to sell but not tables. Keep it on the down low.
  3. Did anyone decide on the time for ikea meet up? I will be there.
  4. reese

    Red Door Meet

    Anyone going tonight? Thinking of loading up the wagon with my family and heading down.
  5. Someone bring me some straight bumper. Any front and wagon rear.
  6. reese

    Red Door Meet

    Anyone been to this recently? I want to go soon.
  7. What did you figure out for the Nardi install? I am going down that road now...
  8. reese

    GOONS check in

    These are for 2" .. http://www.summitracing.com/parts/cci-3di02r/overview/
  9. reese

    GOONS check in

    These are cool...but are 3" and up http://www.summitracing.com/parts/dtc-772-32520/overview/
  10. Time for another long over due update. I have been cleaning and adjusting stuff ever spare minute I have on the wagon. It's a great driver now. I just installed T3 coil overs with 150lbs springs to finish up the front end, it's is all new now with new rotors, calipers, wheel bearings and Z master cylinder.. I had a new 2" exhaust tucked up to get a few more hps outta the stock L16. New clutch slave and master cylinder. I had the minor tears in the seats fixed and got a dash cover for the uncracked dash. All the original lights are installed and working. Still looking for a nice set of bumpers but it's a great car and I am stoked to have found it and keep it going. It just turned over 62k miles. See you all at Canby where you can see it in person.
  11. Great write up and love the wagon.
  12. reese

    GOONS check in

    New coilovers up front. Moar lower! See y'all at Canby!
  13. When I ordered the T3 I asked for an all black set up but red was the only option. Great quality package and at least you cannot see the red.
  14. So I went for techno toy tuning = t3 coil overs with 150lbs springs. I had already rebuilt the whole front end 6 months ago so I pulled the struts out and tig welded the rings on for the threaded collar stops. I put it all back together in the middle of the threaded sleeve so it can adjuster 3.5" up or down from where it is now. It is a little over an inch lower in the front now from my last set up of ZX struts with stock 510 springs with one coil cut and perches as low as possible. It could go no lower with that set up. Now probably 3" lower in front than stock and 2" blocks in the rear. I added 1" bump steer spacers also. Tires are 185/60/14. Going to drive it for a week, see how everything works and if the height needs adjusting then tighten everything back up and get it aligned. This should be all I need chassis wise. By the way if you are thinking about coil overs, ONLY buy t3, they are made so nice, are great to go way low and the owner is very helpful. See y'all at Canby!
  15. reese

    GOONS check in

    The red fendered wagon front and center was moving to Eugene so we all stopped by to hang out. It was all planned on the ratsun Facebook page. Maybe the next time will be 5-10 or Canby...
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