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  1. hates liars and cheats that have double standards!!!!

  2. you may also need to get a air filter for that car because it does pop back through the carb a little bit and that will/could also cause a under hood fire and if you do not run one you also take a risk in ruining the valves and carb also by dirt/trash in the air you need one like this http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/VW-Bug-Beetle-Chrome-Air-Cleaner-for-Progressive-Weber_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem1c0f24056cQQitemZ120513103212QQptZMotorsQ5fCarQ5fTruckQ5fPartsQ5fAccessories
  3. love your build but i would recomend not driving this truck with the lower hose removed:hyper:
  4. Appears to have a balance tube and vacuum port. No linkage mount. Appears to come straight out from the head. it does have a linkage mount, look at the threaded holes on the ends, altho not as beefy as the other mani that was posted. (i do have all linkage to this mani) it does have a small balance tube built in. yes it does come straight out from the head but has a slight angle downwards but straight when mounted on the head. i am guessing it angles to compensate for the L series tilt to keep the floats level. yes it has a vacuum port for the brake booster.
  5. who asked you anyways?:fu: i was asking were the progress pics were. i would like to see the progress on this thing and she is saying that its comming together. see her last post in this thread. oh by the way that was your 666th post
  6. naa just want to see the progress pics of what was supposed to be my project truck this summer that she has given to her "guy" to fix for her and to think she didnt even know what a datsun was or how much fun they are if it was not for my passion for them
  7. were is the pics? what all these long nights in the garage and no pics? whats up with that or are you just blowin wind up everyones ass here on ratsun
  8. almost forgot but you may need to fix that fuel leak were its leaking out of the float bowl i think it may have a small crack in it or just a bad gasket not sure i didnt spend too much time trying to find out were it was coming from i just noticed it and you may want to get your man to fix it for you before you have a under hood fire caused by fuel leaking onto the plug wires and the top of the distrubitor cap
  9. i have also had a truck and car with a few new parts along with various other stuff stolen recently but i know who stole them but that is another story so yeah i feel your pain
  10. has to be your daily driver cause i took my volkswagen back and your olds has no tags or insurance and is a p.o.s but the pinto has no brake lights and no insurance unless you got some because i cancelled it monday but glad to hear that all my parts i bought and all my hard work in the cold and rain and snow are working well for you but you need to make a payment before i send someone out to reposses it
  11. J.C_620


    :crying: i have one i will sell ya:fu: $50 plus shipping:rofl:
  12. yes its for a 620. so why all the bitching? i didnt see anyone wanting one in the parts wanted section.
  13. rep is just something to make little people feel bigger and better about themselfs

  14. not worried about my rep thats just something for internet "rambo's" but its coming from my soon to be ex wife and her friends but i find it funny because she says that if i speak to a female online i am cheating and commiting adultry funny shit if ya ask me

  15. i run a fuel pump like that one i mounted it close to the tank were the factory electric puum was located. i bought a f.p.r but didnt use it. my weber 34/34 requires about 2-4 psi or something like that and the pump pushes 4-7. i have not had any problem with flooding of the float bowl. if you have a fuel return line you should not have any trouble useing that pumpif you experience float bowl flooding just open the return line up just a little bit. mr G does not recomend useing a f.p.r with that pump because it will restrict it and cause it to run "hot" and the end result is premature failure
  16. Irrelevant post deleted? what am i missing here? i do not understand. are worthless post like this one the ones you are talking about? if so you missed a few or overlooked them,you could have done a better job.too many internet rambo's i guess
  17. my soon to be ex-wife last names have been jones,wood,cave,sexton,hall with jones being her maiden and hall being mine
  18. /\ /\ :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: /\ /\
  19. thats priceless i wished i would have thought about doing something like that years ago when i lived in an apartment with a jack russel terrier when the neighbors complained
  20. :rofl: i spit mt. dew all over my desk reading this
  21. i wished this was all the drama i had going on in my life i am 33 yo with 1 son thats 7 i am currently married but getting a divorce to a soon to be 38 yo woman who has already been divorced 3 times who has 5 kids the oldest would be 21 if she hadnt gotten murdered last year by her moms ex-boyfriend a gay son thats 16 a hyper son thats 15 a daughter thats 12 or 13 not real sure about that and a 6 year old daughter that she hasnt seen in like five years but yet i am the bad one and supposedly addicted to sex and porn:frantics: and i have to stay at my moms house because i am on house arrest and cant be at my wifes house due to her being violent and busting the windsheild out of my truck and it didnt make anything any better when i found out about her having sex with my 15 yo cousin. so yeah i feel ya on the crazy women out there
  22. radio delete plate in decent condition should clean up nice $15+shipping
  23. yeah i suggest you do as kamakazi :ninja:suggested..... yeah yeah do as he said it will probably work has for me many times:hyper:
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