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Question... 620 short bed?


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Soo still lookin for a datsun 620 to pick up, but i had a question. What kind of truck is this.




I am thinkin it a datsun 620 short bed but not too sure. Are all the 620 the same body style ie a 73' 620 and a 78' 620? On a side note, do you think it is just lowared or bagged? Found the picture on the internet and everything was written in japanese so i wasent able to find anything out. Any help would be much apreciated. Sorry i am kinda newbe at the datsun thing, i just joined. :)

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I should imagine everything forward of the door handles are the same from '72 1/2 to '79. Fender badges changed over the years and the grill changed in '78. Some had small rubber bumperettes on the front bumper. Some pre KCs had a vent in the side pillar behind the door.


The long bed was available in '75 and the King Cab in '76. The long bed has 5 bed hooks and the short and KC only 4. This isn't a KC, probably a short bed.

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You are correct that it is a 620. However, highly modified 620. Most notable body mod is the unibody. I would bet that it is on bags. it is possible to static drop them that low, but you cant turn them unless you can raise it back up a bit.


Where are you located in the world? So we can share anything we find for sale to help your search.





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Keep any info comming. The reason I ask is because I am looking to do something similar, well at least along those lines. I am located in the bay area, san jose area so if you hear of any desent 620's up for sale let me know. Yea i was kinda sure it was a 620 but from the angle its kinda hard to see if it was a short bed or long bed.

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I think that i wont matter whether you weld it or not, it is going to crack. Might take a couple of years, but i think that it will happen. Do you see any signs of the pictured truck being anything other than a show truck? I dont. That means that it is not bouncing and seeing driveway ups and downs and angles that the frame is normally designed to absorb and flex to. I agree that it looks VERY good, but a lot of work and in a short time it will look like crap if driven daily. Great mod for a guy that has access to a paint booth, know how to paint and has the energy to do it often.


I have always wanted to learn to paint, but not yet.



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yep now they are all friday cars


holy shit, didnt think anyone would remimber that shit! well, i guess i have to get used to being on here with other older intelligent people like you guys, lol. i have been stuck with damn ricers on other forums for years and am so glad i finally found this truck and got out of that crap......on a side note, i might be buying a 92 mighty max pickup for 800......not a bad buy...it also runs 6 lug, didnt see that coming!

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