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Throw on some Weber sidedrafts, Rising Sun hood.... call it good

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Throw on some Weber sidedrafts, Rising Sun hood.... call it good ( sorry hainz ) Not bad for a rattle can. Still not done, as you can see.





Still need to wet sand and clearcoat it.

What should I use to buff out the clear?:blink:

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Hood looks good. If you use rattle can clear if may not hold up to wet sanding then buffing [coats are thin]. If you do though have it in the shade & wet sand with 1500 or 2000 grit then use a high speed buffer [goes 1 direction] @ a low speed & buff with rubbing compound a few times then wax it & it should look fine.

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needs about twice as many sun beams. :)


Technically The "Rising sun" flag that I have stands for an admiral in the Imperial Japanese Navy. It is supposed to have a total of 16 rays. 8 red and 8 white. I did some research on the net about the japenese battle flags. There are some variations on the flags. The one I have is from 1889

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can we get a how to on this? i wanna do mine if i get the king cab....


I would like to do a write up on this but its to complicated the way I do it. I would either have to do it myself or show you. I am a perfectionist with my layout. I can tell you from experience that it ooks good to lay it out like the actual flag. I used a 14" stock rim for the sun (traced around it with pencil)

Used trigonometry to figure out the layout of the beams (2pieR) and used a flexible str8 edge. USE GOOD MASKING TAPE! Its also nice to have a red or white hood so you only have to paint one color. If not figure out what colors you want. DUH red and white! But there are many shades and some look better than others (personal pref) I have done 3 hoods now and have fucked up all 3! The first one had only 16 beams (looked like a nuclear warning sign)



The second 1 the sun was too small



And the third 1 I used shitty masking tape and it left jagged lines!



You can do other body panels as well. I did my gas door and someday want to do a tailgate.



Good Luck:D

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I had a theory about laying out a sun with on old school protractor. My thought was that you could increase the red circle as much as you want within these rays as long as you are on center.


I laid this out as if for a half sun centered on the back edge of the hood (like in the 411 art in my sig), but you could flip it to get the whole thing.


I am bad with geometry, so thought this would be an easy solution. That said, I haven't tried it!



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