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Rick's ratsun

Guest Rick-rat

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Nice BED HOOKS. Why would someone remove the factory hooks and install those?


Very clean truck, i like it. Not my choice in wheels, but i can picture it with some different ones and a major lowering job..






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Hey Rick, I'm Doug the one who talked to you @ the Coffee place in the harbor. The truck looks excellent! As you can see by the few posts you have already gotten thes dudes are not shy about voicing there opinion! I always just give them 1 of these:fu: There all cool tho.:D I like the rims and the bed hooks. That interior is clean! Show us some engine pics and let us know a little story behind it.:cool:

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Guest Rick-rat







Picked this up about a year ago and have done lots of work because it sat for 6 years, all hydraulics rebuilt or replaced, carb rebuilt, all hoses replaced, water pump, clutch,alternator. 106,000 miles on it , runs great now that everything has been taken care of, daily driver to work and occasionaly used to haul rocks ,top soil, beauty bark, cement blocks for walls, still just a truck so will use it as such

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Very clean Rick. I look forward to seeing you and your truck @ some shows and around town. I hope you enjoy the site and if you have not already seen the 620 pics under trucks then check em out!:D

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Nice truck

I think you should sell it to me!!!!!!


Hainz are you thinking about getting out of your 521 and into a 620? Say it isn't so! And let me add again what a sweet 620 this is. That floor mat even looks brand new. I keep coming back to the pictures. And that you use it for real truck work and it still looks this good shows how well you take care of your rig.


AND nothing wrong with slotted mags. Kicking it old school is kool. And a +1 for creativity for using the white walls with them. So here's a big :fu: for the slot haters!:D

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