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  1. I coat all my rust repairs with Hammerite. It works just as well if not better than POR-15 or that stuff that Eastwood sells. It's a whole lot cheaper. You put two solid coats on and it lasts forever! I've used it on everything from my 620, Triumph, Rambler, '49 Chev, '55 Buick... it does a super job! Get the stuff you can brush on.... put it on nice and thick!
  2. 73super

    I had a huge wood....

    Good to see you using it as a truck! Too many aren't used that way anymore. ANOTHER GOOD REASON TO KEEP THOSE HOOKS!
  3. Mike, you're kind of the "rain man" of Datsun 620's aren't cha! Amazing stuff.
  4. Love seeing those pic's! When I was in HS everybody (well alot of guys) drove mini pickups. Those pics depict the way a lot of them looked. I wish I would have taken pictures of my High School parking lot... what a great time. Thanks much for those pictures! :love:
  5. You're not going to slam it and paint it black are you?
  6. Gotta say I like the glossy black. The lettering is cool too. Sounds like your artistic side and your need to stay period correct are in conflict. Regardless, all your trucks look great and it's guys like you that keep me coming back to this website. I'm anxious to see how it all turns out. Great job!
  7. 73super

    620 day

    I didn't get the memo in time! :eek:
  8. Aren't you the one who was complaining about no room in a standard cab? I'm thinkin' this might be a bit more so. But to each his own. It would be a cool little ride around town.
  9. Yes, definitely shoot a lot lower... then ya dicker away.
  10. 6'1", 235... I drive mine to work daily. Don't really think about it. Maybe because it has a heck of a lot more room than my Spitfire had. No, I can't stretch my legs out, but it's not bad. I have driven it for an hour or so over to Eastern Washington and back. No problems.. just have to get out occasionally and stretch the ol' legs.
  11. Well said! I'm from a little down in Northern Idaho.. Kendrick.. pop. 300.. I believe it's 330 now! I miss it.. stuck in Seattle for another 7 years.. then RETIRE to Coeur d'Alene area.
  12. Great to see that it landed in the proper hands. Also nice to see that it will be fixed up. Just my 2 cents.. I'd restore it to what it was.. it's a time capsule. Congrads on the find. Very cool truck indeed.
  13. Last time I checked there was no limit on postings. He's into Datsuns... let him post.
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