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wayno, it is a early 70's MOPAR color-- plum crazy purple. i was going to paint back to OG turquoise but want to be different as always since you don't see any purple datsun pickups anymore unless it is a 620/720. last year when me and charlie69, dat620 went to our other datsun club SWDP bbq i saw this chick with her 620 KC flat black with a mixture of fuscia/magenta pearl candy painted dash i was thinking on painting my 521 that color, but took a different approach instead since i love MOPARS and have a 65 barracuda that i wil be painting B5 blue metallic with black interior after my datto is done soon i hope this year. i am incorporating the purple with black interior and silver pinstriping thru out the truck.

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thankx guys went and got some more paint today so tomorrow when i go to charlie69's house we can finish stripping the rest of dash get it in primer and paint it as well and maybe paint door jambs, back of cab inside also and put dash, wiring, gauges together prior to installing dash back into cab for reassembly.

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charlie69: i agree with you on that. it does look much better than the black. what's new in your world?


sycloned916: glad that you like it.


Z chopper: where's your recent pix? LOL!! i hope that you r nv-us of my 521. U got served.


Z-Train: yea so but what about the dash pix of your ride



thankz for the recent comments/replies

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as of last night around 7pm GRIMACE is alive thanks to ben(fun5ten) and dick lowell(dr.510) from desert datsuns group here in phoenix,az. we still have a few issues to work out such as going with a electric fuel pump or stock 1, wiring issues for coil/distributor, or going with a matchbox system, still gotta bend new lines for clutch/brake master cylinders and bleed systems, gotta see why my rebuilt/ never been used tranny leaks. pix will be uploaded in the next few days and be on desert datsuns website until i can figure out how to transfer them to here

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recent pix of GRIMACE are on website desertdatsuns@freeforum.org it is listed under pickup forum then click on 521 progress now i gotta get a new fuel pump either a stock 1 that cost about $30 clams or maybe a electric type. and then i have 2 matchbox dizzys that i may use or go with a petronix kit and updated coil

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Glad its running Gene. On your fuel pump if you can find a factory unit [has i believe 6 screws on top] they can be rebuilt by replacing the diaphram. The cheapo Taiwan ones work ok for awhile then crap out..ive been through 2. & id run the matchbox dist. Very easy to wire & youll like the performance.

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just recently bench bleed both the brake master cylinder and the clutch master cylinder, in hopes of getting them installed today if the weather permits suppose to have some rain today, cleaned up my man cave(garage) and went thru all my datto parts to see what i will be using and set them aside and the rest are in big see thru plastic totes and labeled as such. installed my tail gate latches. will take some pix

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