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My Ratsun Datsun 521, now with L-20-B and a five speed

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That's 2% or 1 MPH at 50..... nothing.




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Last time I posted to this thread, was January 23, 2019, and it is now August 17, the same year.   Ratsun had 43523 miles then, and 45736 as this is written.  Ratsun has been pretty trouble free, although the clutch slave cylinder went bad, and while waiting of one to arrive from Amazon, I finally called a local auto parts store, and the auto parts store had a slave cylinder the next day, I picked it up.  Guess what arrived from Amazon that afternoon.


The upper link pin bushings were worn pretty bad, and a few months ago, I replaced the bushings on the left side.  The bolt that goes through the bushing was rusted solid to the metal sleeve in the bushing, and after fighting that for while, I cut the bolt into three pieces with a cutoff disk in a small angle grinder to get it out.

Because a Datsun 521 uses SAE bolts on the body parts, the bolt is just a grade 8 1/2-20 bolt from a hardware store.  I was able to get the new bushings from my local Nissan dealer, but I did get them a while ago.



I started to remove the bolt that holds the upper link bushing with this press made with three pieces of all thread, and two pieces of 1/2 steel plate,



I got the bolt to move this far. and no farther,


 I tried using a punch on the bolt, with no luck, and that is when I decided to cut the bolt.



That was Saturday, a week ago.  The next day, I went to the Blue Lake Datsun meet in Troutdale, OR.  I actually took the next two pictures Monday, after the Blue Lake meet.


The other side of the truck.


At the Blue Lake meet, they had a raffle, and I won this, along with a die cast Nissan 2000 GT-R model driven in one of the Fast and Furious movies.



While working on the upper link bushings, I pulled one brake drum off the front hub, and noticed I needed new brake shoes in the front brakes.  The brake shoe change was done last Wednesday.  Friday of last week, I took Ratsun to Les Schwab in Clackamas, Or, and had them check the front end alignment, they changed a few things, and they put some other wheels with new tires on the front end of Ratsun.



With new brake shoes put in on Wednesday, I adjusted the front brakes again on Saturday.  Also on Saturday, while I was under the truck, I greased kingpins, tie rod ends, steering idler, lower link bushings, and the slip sleeve in the middle of the drive shaft.




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