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  1. NC85ST

    720 shell?

    I would measure it. I have a topper on my ‘04 Frontier that I used on my ‘85 720, both trucks are kc, it’s 2-3 inches short on the Frontier.
  2. NC85ST

    Larger brake booster?

    I had a ‘73 with a Buick 215 aluminum v-8 in it. I ran the same brake setup you have, Ford 9” out of a ‘71 Bronco and ‘79 Datsun front disc’s. I used a ‘75 Chevy Monza booster on a shortened, if I remember right, Datsun 620 pedestal, stock location. I used a 4-wheel disc Trans Am master cylinder. Never had an issue with the brakes.
  3. NC85ST

    My new 85 4x4 720

    I use a 1986 fsm for my ‘85. I found a free download copy at cardiagn.com. Don’t look under Nissan, look under Datsun, then trucks. It will be at the bottom of the page. It’s split up into the different sections. The electrical section seems to have what you’re looking for.
  4. Also if it’s a fuel delivery problem and you change the filter inside the pump, make sure you order the rubber gasket that goes with the filter. It doesn’t come with the filter. (Ask me how I know) The bottom twists off the pump to access the filter. You can see where in Charlie’s picture.
  5. I’m not positive, but there’s a good possibility that the wiring you need is already there. May not need to do any cutting. You can find a factory service manual online. You’ll need a matching switch and module.
  6. That is really cool looking.
  7. NC85ST

    WOT Fuel Starvation

    That was my thinking Mike.
  8. NC85ST

    WOT Fuel Starvation

    So in replacing my fuel pump filter, I didn’t get the cover gasket (I thought it would come with the filter, I guess that’s what I get for thinking) and it’s leaking. I’m waiting for it to come in at Nissan. Madkaw you’re right about how much fuel is in the float bowl normally, it’s not much compared to the stock carb. Before I preformed my test, I let it idle for a couple of minutes to check and see what was “normal”, then preformed the test and it was nearly dry. I still want to check the float level, not to necessarily change it but to make sure it’s still in spec. The suggestion to run sea foam through it is not a bad idea. Thanks for everyone’s input.
  9. NC85ST

    WOT Fuel Starvation

    The Weber does have a filter at the inlet and cleaned that also. I don’t understand how the float would be set to low, I’ve run this carb for over a 100,000 miles and this is the first time I’ve ever opened it up, but I’ll check it the next chance I get. I’ll check how much fuel I get in a minute. Thanks for the quick response.
  10. NC85ST

    WOT Fuel Starvation

    Is it possible for an electric fuel pump to stop pumping enough fuel? I have a 1985 ST Kingcab that runs out of fuel after about 5 seconds of wot. It runs great as long as you don’t give it full throttle. It has the factory fuel pump and this pump has right at 400,000 miles on it, as does the engine. Here’s what I have done: (1) Replaced the fuel filters, the one between the tank and pump, as well as the one in the pump. Didn’t know it had one in the pump, till I read about here. (2) Used an air compressor to blow the fuel line from the carb to the tank. Blew gas out of the tank, about 3/4 full. (3) Ran it with the gas cap off. (4) Cleaned the float bowl, there wasn’t anything in it. Blew carb cleaner through all of the jets and passages. (5) Then used datzenmike’s suggestion of checking the float bowl for fuel by shutting it down when it’s acting up. Not easy on a Weber. There was barely any fuel in it. I’ve been running this carb over 100,000 miles, never a problem. A new fuel pump looks like the answer, but I figured I would ask here first. Thanks in advance for your help.
  11. NC85ST

    mrbigtankers 521

    You could always keep your marker lights, but still have the smooth look, by mounting them on the backside of the opening so that you just see the lens through the opening. I did that on a 620 I had. Clean look.
  12. Nice. Reminds me a bit of some of the bumpers available in the 80’s. Looks good.
  13. NC85ST

    missing badges & flare

    If I’m not mistaken, the 83 fender emblems are different from any other year.
  14. I was thinking, if that’s an a/c truck, I believe that it should have an electric fuel pump. If it does, is it working?
  15. That’s a really cool truck. Looked like a/c unit under the dash. I wouldn’t let a fueling problem stop me from buying it. There maybe other things that make you hesitate, and that I totally get.
  16. I put a 5 speed out of a 280z and used a driveshaft out of a regular cab, short bed 620. No cutting required. Can’t remember what I did for the mount. I would have to look. Big improvement over the 4 speed. Of course I put an L20b in it when I blew the head gasket on the L16. I did the 5 speed with the L20b. When I did it, it was easy to find 5 speeds and driveshafts.
  17. I have not done this swap, but on swaps, like this, I always use the oil pickup that the pan originally had. In other words, if swapping the pan from another engine, take the oil pickup as well. I would use the dipstick designed for that pan also.
  18. You’re talking about the hard lines right? I blew out the rear on my ‘04 Tahoe a couple years ago and then had the front go out about 6 months ago. You might as well go ahead and replace them all just to be safe. Don’t follow my example. I was lucky nothing bad happened.
  19. Nice work so far. Paint came out a whole lot better than I would have ever expected.
  20. Glad your neighbors didn’t rat you out.
  21. Nice job. Beautiful color. How did you get away with painting it in your driveway, in California?!
  22. NC85ST

    521 with Air

    My 521 came from the dealer with a/c. My dad bought it new in 1970 at Hemet Datsun in Hemet California. The a/c with r-12 worked great. Never tried 134 in it. I love the way they installed the condenser, looks like they used a blow torch.
  23. NC85ST

    Weber idle hang up

    I had a problem with my 85. It sounds like what yours is doing, tap the throttle and the idle comes down to normal. I’m running a very old Weber on mine. My problem was solved with a new throttle cable. Genuine Nissan cable, about $40-45 shipped to my door. Not saying it would fix yours, but your truck is about 35 years old.
  24. NC85ST

    Weber idle hang up

    Did it ever work correctly? When you first installed it, did it return to idle like it should? Is this a new problem?
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