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  1. That shop looks nice and deep. If you can trade off the Barracude, you could probably fit two 510s in that spot:)
  2. Looks great! What size are those wheels? The NL model with the longer doors really ads some comfort over a L320 with the shorter doors. Hope you get it back on the road soon!
  3. Good luck! I had a '68. Not the same thing, but I enjoyed mine with just a slant six. I had a chance to buy one of the rare all aluminum slant sixes to put in it, but didn't realize what a rare find that was at the time. The stock six would cruise down the freeway at 80-90 anytime I wanted, tho. Liked that engine. I looked at a '64 Barracuda before I found the '68, but I decided to buy the seller's '64 Valiant signet 200 convertible instead. I would still have the Valiant convertible if it hadn't been a rust bucket. Always liked that cool back window on the early Barracuda....
  4. Dylan: Do you have a build thread on your 320? Pics?
  5. ol' 320

    Jake's 320 Build

    The only pic of your truck that shows up for me is of your dash. Any chance you can post a coupe of pics?
  6. ol' 320

    My Rusty L320 Build

    Wow. I just discovered this thread. Nick you have done some awesome rust repairs on this. What are you working on now? Did you ever identify that what that trans is... L series 4 speed or? More pics, please!
  7. Thanks for the update, @MIckey 1845 (Tanik). Looking forward to seeing the test sample. Eric
  8. Steve: I wonder if 320 wing vent rubbers would fit this thing? Boy, that would be a hoot:) PS: If the Tesla swap doesn't work out, will we shortly see custom sets of REDEYEYE KA-1000 motor mounts offered up here?
  9. Steve, you will have to add some mighty fine brakes to this Datsun 1000 to compensate for "Tesla torque.." But if you pull this Tesla swap off, I would be very interested in going for the third or fourth test drive.... the one right after you take your lady for a spin and the rig is reasonably safe! My brother has a mid-level Model S and it is more than fast.
  10. I had no idea when I started this thread that as of today, there would be 356 replies and 15, 950 views! Just saying...
  11. But this company, AAS, is not asking for someone to participate in ownership of the molds. They are just selling parts. with all the patient discussions on 14 pages of dialogue, people should be past the point of asking questions about who will "own" these molds. I don't care if they mold them print them, or use a GEnie's wish these gaskets into existence. For $136 a set, if the company in Thailand can grow new vent window gaskets on trees. I just want a set. And in case you have forgotten, this thread was started in 2011. Interesting to learn NOW that you used to work for an injection mold company. If you care so much about this p=thread that you feel compelled to snipe from the sidelines on every single attempt to recreate these gaskets, why didn't YOU step forward to make an effort to assist with making new gaskets? Woulda coulda shoulda. Mike, if these gaskets do get made and put into production, I would bet good money we can all look forward to a post from you stating once again .... something like, 'These should have been done 'here' - or these could have been made cheaper, or whatever. If this company absconds with anyone's money, that's different. Everyone should bitch. But until then, give it a rest or bring forward your own proposal to remake these, since you must have learned something about how the business of injection molding works during your tenure there. I guess now we all know that this is yet another thread you just can't let go. I give up. Like our President, why not start tweeting about this? I'll promise to stay out of my own thread (this thread) from now on if you will. Christ. I suppose your next response will be to ban me and close this thread:) It will give you something to do while you're sitting on the sidelines, contributing nothing positive to this effort and running everyone down for trying to accomplish or encourage any forward progress.
  12. Daniel: Hopefully you can fix this without too much trouble. I always learn something from your posts.
  13. Mickey, Trakker, others: Thank you for taking this recent effort so far. Since I started this thread in 2011 I feel like I at least need to show some faith in any legitimate effort to move forward. Mickey: I sent in my pre-order today. I was delighted 40 years ago when someone made vent window rubber available again for my '56 VW. My 521 has one of the early run sets of the now-availabe good quality vent window rubbers. I want a new, OEM quality set of 320 vent window rubbers sometime before I die of old age. Might I add: The requested pre-order deposit is now less than dinner for two at a decent restaurant. When your 320 project is nice and tidy and water tight, you will forget the cost of these gaskets. Thanks again to whomever took the risk to tear their truck apart and send their irreplaceable gaskets in to this company for evaluation. When I receive my gasket set, these will make an awesome present for my buddy, the current owner of my old 320. And I will gladly post pics of these items when I receive them. In closing, one thing seems certain: If enough people don't order gaskets, then none will get made. I am willing to risk a relatively modest hunt of money in the sincere hope that AAS will deliver us a decent product.
  14. Datzen Mike: "So who owns the molds that 'you' paid for? What happens when 'your' rubber seals begin showing up in Australia? or elsewhere on the internet?" If you buy a part from BMW, you don't suddenly "own" BMW...
  15. ol' 320

    521 on BAT

    Ray: I don't know what your truck is worth, or your wagon, but you must have at least $5,000-worth of rare Datsun accessory clocks by now:)
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