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  1. ol' 320

    Charlie69's 66 520 Build

    Charlie, those wheels look nice. Good luck with your electrical saga!
  2. ol' 320

    Charlie69's 66 520 Build

    As stated by that famous philosopher in the movie "The Waterboy" ....... "you can do it!"
  3. ol' 320

    mrbigtankers 521

    Is your turbo done? Beautiful work. Getting tight under that hood:) Not a lot of room left, but I am sure you have something else in mind to stuff under there! I don't know about JCCS yet. I will try to go.
  4. The best racers are now 110-115 years old! If it starts with a crank, I am a fan!

  5. ol' 320

    KA24E N/A Build Plan - Need advice

    Matt: What needs to be done to strengthen the KA crank? Are there any differences between KA SOHC and DOHC cranks?
  6. ol' 320

    Post-tits $1.99

    Hey.... the images still show in the new website update. All is well. Carry on, Thomas!
  7. ol' 320

    Charlie69's 66 520 Build

    Any Ratsun is better than no Ratsun... At least this site has not been bought by Photobucket:)
  8. ol' 320

    1977 620 KingCab Deluxe

    Steve: What are your thoughts on the full exhaust? And will you run your exhaust over the crossmember? Perhaps through a notch?
  9. ol' 320

    Mine now ('74 Cactus Green)

    This has always been one of my favorite trucks on Ratsun. Very practical mods. A/c would really make this a perfect dd, in my opinion. But then I live in the land of "hot" .... the Central Valley. Only place worse would possibly be Phoenix or Death Valley.
  10. ol' 320

    Anyone watch Wheeler Dealers?

    Just remember Winston Churchill. One Churchill makes up for a whole lot of douche bags.
  11. ol' 320

    320 windshields on ebay!

    Windshield rubbers for 320: I bought mine from Scott's old rubber in Australia. Fantastic quality, and moulded out of that really nice modern ozone resistant rubber. Fit beautifully. Wayno had Kotto make up new front windshield rubber gaskets for his windshield run. This is how I met Wayn0. Awesome guy. He drove down from the PNW and stayed my house on the way south to pick these windshields up, then dropped my two 320 front glasses off on the way back. My wife still talks about how nice he was!
  12. ol' 320

    320 windshields on ebay!

    I bought two 320 windshields from Wayne's group buy, cut by a fella in LA. Wayne had 18 windshield made up by this fella named Kotta(sp?) and I think they were cut down from a Plymouth minivan windshield. Awesome quality. When I needed a 521 windshield, I ordered three from Pilkington classics, back east, and they were shipped together to Santa Clara from England. I bought one and a spare for my 521 project, and I sold the third to Ray (Mrbigtanker). I am told some of the windshields available stateside are slightly thinner. I wanted the Pilkington version as it was known to be very high quality and the exact same thickness as stock. The Class division fella told me they bring them in about 50 at a time. Call their toll free and ask for one of the two glass guys. They both seem to be very long-term Pilkington employees and were really nice to talk with. I still have that spare for piece of mind. Just this evening my wife moved the spare couch to vacuum in the study, and asked me why we have a windshield trussed up in blankets stashed behind the couch in the study:) BTW: Three windshields came in a very sturdy crate. I should have kept it, it was built like furniture.
  13. DaBlist: Will you coat or seal this tank inside to help preserve it from deteriorating? Very clean setup.
  14. ol' 320

    Canby 2018 presented by DNW

    That brings up a good point. For a first time visit to Canby, what would be the best "one" day to go? Why?

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