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  1. Rules be damned.... Someone would have to be a true living fossil to discern the cheat if we scanned these and then had them machined out of steel. That project has been sidelined while my friend has been obsessed with collecting vintage racing go-karts, but the Buick is hopefully going back on the road before then end of 2020. PM me and day and I will send you some pics of our old dinosaurs. The vintage pic in my profile is of a 1912 National. That very car raced here in the Central Valley. I have been trying to find it since 1998 - but a friend has its twin. The Buick is a Model 32 White Streak - and was a former fairgrounds racer in the Bay Area. He inherited it from his grandfather.
  2. Sam: I wanted to comment on your quote above about welding on your cast iron manifold. A friend and I used to vintage race a 1912 Buick - most recently at Laguna Seca back when the event was referred to as the Monterey Historic Races. This 4 cylinder Buick has cast Iron "jugs" - the cylinders are large castings that pair two cylinders together. The rocker arms are also cast iron pieces and break and break and break.... After more than a century, some of the rockers look like the deformed knuckles on an arthritic invalid's hands. To make repairs, we first heated these in a pottery kiln, then brazed these back together. As you discovered, the key was to then drop the heat slowly over time until they assumed room temperature. Your statement above reminded me of this infernal process:) Anxious to see how this wagon turns out. Love all the pics.
  3. Turbo.... for the good of the order, can you post a pic of your solution? What does the new bracket look like? Did you end up using the 120 amp Justy alt or an SR alt? Spriso: Does your Justy alt mounting kit work with that 120amp hi output Justy alt as well? Steve: If the prototype bracket works will you be making these? Just curious.
  4. May I suggest, if Phil Muffet or anyone else has a scan of some vent rubbers, that you start there. Someone on Ratsun must know somebody within the USA who can scan some vent rubbers without shipping stuff overseas..... Anyone?
  5. Again: I looked into this extensively. I think a molded "one piece final product" is the only practical/marketable solution. It needs to be a ready made report that is ready to install of at least OEM quality. I almost certainly won't front money, but I will make a firm commitment to buy at least one finished pair of vent window rubbers if you can show me a finished ready to deliver product, assuming the cost is below $200 a pair. I still have a 320 "in the family" that needs a pair! I would like to see this happen. If someone gets serious and makes a commitment, I am happy to discuss offline.
  6. does Sam have a thread somewhere on his 521?
  7. I think lowered 720 springs are available new from Bell-Tech in Fresno. I have a pair on my 521 but I did not install them. They may or may not be bolt on as sold by Belltech, but in my case the fellow who modified my frame and c-notched it sank the front shackle into the frame to lower the truck even further. They ride really good, tho:)
  8. I recall these are "opposites" so you would need a left and right mold.o find someone with a good pair or the best possible condition pair of rubbers to make molds from. It may be possible for a good mold maker to take good condition or even fair condition even rubbers and fill them with temp material to make god quality molds.... but this depends on who is making the molds.he At one time there was talk of having someone scan these and 3d print a set. These would not be adequate to use, form what I have learned about 3d materials, but a 3d scan might be able to be modified digitally to create a perfect model that could be translated into a permanent mold. In other words, scan the best used pair available, then fix it digitally and use that file to make a mold or to print a temp rubber part that could be used to produce a mold. I really don't have the expertise for this discussion as I have not personally molded or scanned parts like this. I did pay a lot of money about 30 years ago to reproduce some old oval window door latches that were made in a limited run, but that was "checkbook" parts making. Eric
  9. I also looked at the other option.... having a tool and die guy make three piece molds that would result in nice glued together rubbers. These were more economical, but the process results in molds that would likely only hold up for a run of about 75 pieces before failing. I was targeting a retired Boeing tool and die guy who has made short run pieces for Toyotas and some older classic cars. It would have still cost about $300 a set to produce 75 sets, and then I would have to have gambled that I could sell them instead of ending up with a pile o' parts in the garage. Everybody says they want stuff until they actually have to write you a check:)
  10. Newbie: I made several attempts to have new vent rubbers made domestically in the USA. I tried Lynn Steele (Super high end quality for classic car and hard to get rubber goods) and got a quote of approx. $7500 to make two precision molds (left and right). Then to make a practical short run (based on efficiency, not cost) was for a run of 50. This was years ago so I don't remember if this was for 25 sets or 50 sets. IF you do this, make sure you have an agreement where you "own" the molds, so the manufacturer is contractually prevented from selling these parts without your participation. Also, I suggest you discuss making these out of EPDM )Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Monomer), which is well known for its excellent "ozone, weathering, and aging resistance." I copied that description from the manufacturer you listed, because it illustrates the material properties I was told by virtually all three of the rubber extruders I talked to. It would be a shame to go to all this effort and not upgrade to ozone-resistant material so these last longer than OEM before deteriorating. Most importantly, unless you have money to burn, I would want commitments from people who will buy these. With that said, there was a very unfortunate debacle a few years ago on this very site when people paid in advance for new extended cab 620 window rubbers. I would become a PM to take this offline so as not to cause angst on this forum or break any "for sale" rules. If the price is anywhere close to what you put out there in your post , I will buy two sets. I sold my 320 to a buddy, who uses it to haul his vintage Norton and BSA to bike shows. But someday this truck is most likely coming back to me. Before you do anything, search ratsun for the 620 extended cab rubber gasket threads. Just saying.... go into this with your eyes wide open. DOn't let me discourage you. There are a few of us who would dearly love to see quality reproductions made!
  11. Bigtanker: While you were making gas, I was processing Thanksgiving gas ... Turning turkey into methane.
  12. ol' 320

    70 521 "lina bear"

    Carlos .... the Chuck Norris of Ratsun. Drives his 521 off a cliff, rolls and it bursts into flames. "I'm starting to feel the hit I think. I'm a lil sore."
  13. ol' 320

    70 521 "lina bear"

    For sale ... Never driven in anger Carlos, hope you are ok That hit looks like it hurt
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