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521 part # thread

nismo dr

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any one got any part numbers for an idler arm and pitman arm? mine are shot.

521 pitman arm 48502-B0300 Jan '70 on L16... there is nothing on the pitman to wear out.

521 idler arm assy 48530-B2000 from Oct. '69 L16




Does anyone know the part number for the 521 Hazard light switch?

521 hazard light switch 25590-B0100 L16 motor

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Anyone who can help me out with a pitman arm for the steering gear to a 521 pick up,

I have sent loads of mails to different Nissan dealers but I dont think its possible to get new anymore. I damaged the one I had and need a new one to get the car on the road again.

So if someone have one  I will be very pleased. 

I also need a 280zx power steering gear 79-81 model.





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Datsun 4 Cylinder L Engine Head Castings

Jason Gray Information


The following is a list of cylinder head castings and their corresponding chamber shapes. Keep in mind that list is not etched in stone. For example, the A87 casting can be either open or closed chamber design.  The only way to tell is to pull the head.   To find your casting number, look just below the #1 and #2 spark plugs. The number will be cast right where the head meets the block.              


Casting #: A87   Open Or Closed Chamber

It is found on many L-18 and L-20B's. The "domestic" version usually came with open chambers. Many of the "used Japanese import" engines came with the peanut version of this head. Large quantities of these used engines were imported in the 80's, so the peanut version is fairly common. These heads usually have 1.25" intake ports and square exhaust ports. 1.65" intake valves. Exhaust valves can be 1.38" or 1.30"


Casting #: W53   Closed with some exceptions      

This head is from the Japanese market. Some of these castings are for factory fuel injected engines and have notches in the intake ports to accommodate injectors. 1.25" intake ports and square exhaust ports. 1.65" intake valves and 1.38" exhaust valves.


Casting #: 219   Part #: 11041-V9182   Closed Chamber

The true SSS head from imported used engines or ordered from the Datsun comp. catalog. Later versions could be ordered from the catalog with a V912 casting. 1.50" intake ports, square exhaust ports. 1.65" intake valves and 1.38" exhaust. These are hard to find. Any of the other closed chamber heads can be "converted' to this design by simply opening up the intake port to 1.50" (if that's desired) Some of these heads are marked "A87" on the side, but have "219" cast at the front of the head, just below the timing chain inspection plate.


Casting #: 210   Part#: 11041-N2202 SV   Open rare exceptions

This is the head that came stock on the 510. Tiny 1.125" intake ports, square exhaust ports. 1.50" intake valves and  1.30" exhaust valves. There have been variations reported on the valve sizes. This head is believed to be originally designed for the L-13, and engine never imported to the U.S. I know of one that has the peanut (closed) chamber with 37cc displacement. The earliest versions had more of a "semi-open" chamber design but later examples were the open chamber design. These heads are usually avoided on performance applications.


Casting #: U67   Open

The stock cylinder head for many L-20B's. 1.375" intake ports, square exhaust ports. 1.65" intake and 1.38" exhaust valves.

U60    open Identical to the U67 head, this number has been found on very early L-20B's. It seems to be fairly rare.


Casting #: W58   Part #: 11041-W5880   Open(with rare exceptions

This is the L-20B smog head usually found on '77 and later engines. 1.375" intake ports with ROUND exhaust ports. These exhaust ports have steel liners that help burn off emissions. I know of one of these castings that has closed chambers. These heads don't flow well and are avoided for high-performance applications.

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Hi All


I have a 71 521 pickup and have smashed her into the back of a Navara (at least it was a Nissan) and caved in the passenger door.... looking for a second handy in reasonable cond (bit of rust is fine).... desperate to heal my baby...


Prefer Perth but willing to ship.... What ya got??



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These are my Weber suppliers for decades Peirce Manifolds.  Watch their videos and subscribe to their You Tube Channel.




Call Pierce manifolds great people to deal with.  Mike Pierce explains the Weber and gives some good info in the following Videos.  They know Datsuns/Nissans.  By the way these are old videos and prices have gone up over the years.





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