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  1. glorydime

    Transmission grinding issues.

    Just curious with the slave cylinder off the transmission, how much play would the clutch fork have? Would an inch of play be a sign of something wrong in the bellhousing?
  2. glorydime

    Brake switch on clutch pedal?

    We will in do time, I'm going to make sure this friends truck runs with as much stick parts as possible. Only reason he went with a weber was because the stock hitachi was thrashed. But yeah sooner or later we will set him away from the original distributor and put in a matchbox.
  3. glorydime

    Brake switch on clutch pedal?

    The truck in the photo is a 70 and yeah on my 72 I had to cut the thread on the master to make sure the pedal didn't push. Last night to my surprise once I figured out about the brake switch we didn't have to shorten the master thread at all. Bleed and adjusted great. Lucked out. But yes on my 72 I don't have that clutch switch. By the way this truck will turn over without the clutch depressed. i think DanielC is correct. I don understand it but he must be right!!!
  4. glorydime

    Brake switch on clutch pedal?

    Hey DamielC, We are going to put a weber on this 1970. To disable can we just snip it out or do we need to do anything else to disable the switch on the clutch?
  5. glorydime

    Brake switch on clutch pedal?

    Thank you! Master cylinder installed and brake lights working great!
  6. glorydime

    Brake switch on clutch pedal?

    We're lucky the trucks at home in the garage, we've been slowly repairing stuff to get it back on the road. But this brake switch at the junction will work with out a pedal switch? I only ask cause if I need to instal a pedal switch might as well do it now before I put the new master cylinder in.
  7. glorydime

    Brake switch on clutch pedal?

    So odd my 72 521 doesn't have that neutral switch but has a brake pedal switch. This 70 521 has only a brake junction switch in the engine bay. Is this normal or do I need to instal another switch to the pedal or will the junction switch suffice for the brakes?
  8. glorydime

    Brake switch on clutch pedal?

    While I was replacing the master cylinder on a friends truck I noticed this Is this correct? Why would the switch be connected to the clutch?
  9. glorydime

    Long time Lurker, first time Poster

    Love those eyelids
  10. glorydime

    new brake cylinder and new problem for 521

    Man I've been experiencing this exact problem, the rod is too long no matter how much I adjust the rod it will not fully release. I'm going to cut that rod tomorrow.
  11. glorydime

    Best brake shoe manufacture

    same thing happened to me, I ordered these and it is not the correct part. boo
  12. glorydime

    Newbie introducing himself

    Ohh I was under the impression that the 280 would take a lot more modifications than the FS5W63A
  13. glorydime

    Newbie introducing himself

    I take it back I did find a 78 200sx 5speed in Chicago but it was $800 shipped to Texas.
  14. glorydime

    Newbie introducing himself

    Figured out my brake issues (had 620 cylinders), rolling again. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how much my rpm would drop at hiway speeds if I lowered my pumpkin gear to 4:11 or 3:89 from stock. I have been looking for a dogleg with no luck as I assume afew people can feel. Anyways I would like to take my truck on road trips. Stock set up I can get to 70, just really pushing the rpm.
  15. glorydime

    Baby's Got a New Pair of Shoes

    Super nice

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