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  1. candygreenmonster

    72 521 new oics. mighty mouse.

    Shit looks nice bro just got my new wheels put on
  2. candygreenmonster

    521 parts in LA?

    Yeah there are no little parts business for datsuns in LA thats weird
  3. candygreenmonster

    My first Datsun.

    Yeah its a nice truck i like how the white rims look on the truck i am doing something similar to that i will post some pictures of the rims i just painted on a post i made
  4. candygreenmonster

    521 part # thread

    what are repops of those can you show me a link or something
  5. candygreenmonster

    521 stock mirrors...

    I also need some mirrors does anyone have a link to where i could get them? Or does anyone have some on sale?
  6. candygreenmonster

    521 part # thread

    Anyone with a pair of side mirrors for a 1969 521 datsun let me know pm me
  7. Do you have any bumperettes or visors for sale ?
  8. candygreenmonster

    Might be trading my rx7 for a 521. advice?

    Clean truck go for the truck trust me you will not regret it
  9. candygreenmonster


    Hey tdaaj i am willing to look at the 620 and roadster hubcaps could you put some oics up
  10. candygreenmonster

    72 521 new oics. mighty mouse.

    shits looking good carlos i need to work on my truck as well havent had the chance to get around to it but i will
  11. candygreenmonster

    My 521 project

    you have to upload pictures on photobucket or anyother photouploading site and copy and paste the url
  12. candygreenmonster

    My 521 project

    well on the bar when you reply to this topic there is a little picture icon under the smiley face put your "photobucket url in there"
  13. candygreenmonster

    This here is my 521

    so sad that your selling it or already sold it but hey in the future
  14. candygreenmonster

    Sunkist 521 ka24e

    hey when you first started in september you were a noob now your not i am the noob lol check my truck out
  15. candygreenmonster

    Merlin's trucks- the 521

    well that are the major differences that body stays the same....lol

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