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521 part # thread

nismo dr

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Thought I would compile the part numbers I have found.



Nissan King Pin Kit - 40022-14825

Nissan Fulcrum Pin Kit - 54502-20525

Nissan KA24 Oil Pump - -15010-40F00


L motor


Nismo Composite Head Gasket

88.5mm Bore, 1.5mm compressed thickness



Nismo Roller Pilot Bearing



Nismo Competition Valve Springs



Nismo 8 Position Adjustable Cam Sprocket



KYB Gas-A-Just Rear Shocks - KG4605A - Same product in CarQuest box 1844257


KYB Gas-A-Just Pinto Front Shocks - KG4511


MOOG Center Link - DS846


Mallory Distributor (points) - 4558901


Addco Rear Sway Bar Kit - 228


Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch Kit 200mm - DF506276


Wagner Amber Fog Lamps - 4412A


Centerforce Throw Out Bearing - 1602


Grant Steering Wheel Installation Kit - 4591



its a start

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so i'm a little unclear on the wheel bearing part numbers so i'll just post it here.... out of all the threads sprinkled throughout ratsun i keep reading that all the numbers listed on all the autopart sites [rockauto, carquest, drivewire..etc] are wrong resulting in a wrong part


i recently bought some nachi brand part number 40210-73000 and also has 32kbs1 and 830425 stamped on the box. they are supposed to be 521 inner bearings and races.


did i do good? if not is there a sweet spot that has these elusive wheel bearings?


sorry if this is redundant but all the searching i came up with still hasn't left me clear on this.


thanks smile.gif


edit: i haven't tried installing them yet as i do not have all the parts for my disc brake swap yet otherwise i'd just be asking "hey, where do i get these?" laugh.gif

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I actually found a source in signapore thanks to boxboy. PM if anyone wants the guys email. he has the original KOYO 32KB02 inner wheel bearings.


Sorry to litter the thread Dr.


But at what price are these bearings?

And how long is the wait for shipping?


Bearing adapters from Klotz, and easily-obtainable 620 bearings seems like a smart way to swing.

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