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  1. No there is now only one coupe in England, there were two but the other was sold last year for equivalent $13,000 US requiring restoration to a buyer in the Netherlands. There are only around six sedans, including the one I will be selling , just considering what the markets might be like in other countries since I've seen many cars fetch very good prices in USA. I have imported cars from USA that are worth more in the UK than in USA, for example pickup trucks.
  2. Seal was on ebay, from Thailand I think.
  3. quite surprised by that, its one of my favorite styled Datsuns. Didnt see the 521 but saw a 220 truck that fetched $28,000.
  4. I have seen very nice low mile 1 owner 620s etc sell for 10-15K, would this not be worth at least that , being rarer than a 620, possibly no other ones in USA? I have one of these cars which I'm debating sending to one of the big auctions.
  5. I have a question for our USA members.. If a '73 - '77 Right hand drive Datsun Laurel 200L like this in good condition were to be in an auction in USA perhaps alongside other JDM models such as C10 / C110, how well do you think it would do? Not everyone can afford $175,000 for C10 GT-R or whatever the last one just sold for so what do you realistically think an original unmolested Laurel 4 door sedan with no issues would sell for , and are there any other known Laurels residing in USA ? As you may know the 200L is similar in styling and shares a lot of parts with the 240K GT Skyline. Are there any restrictions to registering imported cars in USA, if so are there year cutoffs that make it easier /harder or does it depend on what state you are registering in? Thankyou
  6. Thanks for the comments. Yes, they are now turn signals with amber bulbs (Compulsory UK/Europe regulations) hence flipping the units upside down. Also the front side markers have been rewired to the turn signals. Truck is off to new owner tomorrow. I have some other Datsun projects to get on with including a 620.
  7. About time I posted some finished pics! Very happy with the end result. Sorry to see this one leave.
  8. Thanks folks. Its a VW colour, called Paprika
  9. We used duck tape over the handbrake cables etc as it provides some protection from the sandblasting. Well... here she is..... New windscreen installed. More pics to come
  10. Willdatsun

    Floor repair

    very good! I have a 521 here with a floor at least as bad as that.
  11. That can be done another time. Truck has actually been sold and the buyer asked me to respray it. I suggested doing the back end blasting while the bed was off as it didn't add much to the price, but taking the cab off and blasting that etc would be quite expensive if I am being paid by the hour. You don't tend to see under the cab much anyways, but you definately see under the back from behind, and that's where most of the rust tends to start. Here's the bonnet (hood!)
  12. I have some 810 parts here (perfect crack-free dash pads mmmmm) but... only fit right hand drive.. sorry. If you get stuck for any little bits of trim, give me a shout, I have new and used 810 parts, however, the 810 that we got in the UK had quite a lot of differences to the USA market one, for example ours only had 4 pot engines. (L16 or L18) So the whole front end was shorter.
  13. Seriously Dolo, you have so many trucks out there still, I see pics of these in the junk yards still with good bodywork, I see people breaking these things up just because they need a part or two for another one.. I don't think anyone is going to miss the odd one going accross the pond. besides, you lot get our Minis, Jaguars and Range Rovers :) I've even sold a Skyline to a chap in USA. :P Pic for Haub.. Truck had no battery tray, (we made one for it) . Choke flaps were missing, no washer bottle , wirin or jets. Wiring harness had been rerouted in engine bay. Same truck?
  14. Bought this '71 off a chap (Craigslist I think it was) in San Pablo. Here is is arriving in England. Originally a burgundy red truck, It is very scruffy with a terrible primer job, even all over the weatherstrips, and inside the cab, no prep, just primer dumped all over the truck. A lot of if fell off when we washed it! Windshield was bad and it needed brakes and steering joints doing and a few other jobs. Luckily truck is rock solid and pretty straight too. Engine is L20B. We took the bed off and sandblasted it inside and out, and painted it underneath and inside in a darkish red (but brigher than the original colour) Then did the back of the cab, (becuase you can't get to it with the bed on) and also sandblasted the exposed frame and suspension. Then we gave it a nice coat of primer and some 2K black paint with matting agent. Also converted to RH drive (see http://community.ratsun.net/topic/45664-has-anyone-converted-a-521-from-lh-to-rh-drive/) We repaired the tank which needed the pickup pipe soldering back in. Then we put the bed and tank back on , So now it looks like THIS underneath! Then stripped and prepped the cab and the truck went off to a professional bodyshop to have the exterior done. Stay tuned to see how it turns out! (Also see my Facebook page for updates (datmanuk)
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