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521 part # thread

nismo dr

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On 9/25/2019 at 1:39 PM, Jacob said:

Does anyone know where I could find a windshield wiper linkage assembly for a 521? Or point me in the right direction.


It may be time to upgrade




Those looking for screw sizes for your factory knobs, this is what you need - M3 x 8 .5 pitch


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1 hour ago, Jacob said:

Thanks for the video and picture. That was extremely helpful. Do know where I could get the metal arms that come off the motor, or a set that would fit the Datsun? Arms that hold the wipers that then connect to themselves then attach to the motor.


What is wrong with your wiper assembly/transmission?

Is it froze up?

Is it broke?

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No but it really rusted. Looks like the windshield seal has been leaking onto these arms or the seals on the windshield wipers are pretty cracked. Tried taking the driver side assembly out, and see if I could repair the broken bolt that runs up through and connects to the windshield wiper. But now I think I shorted something in the switch or put it back in wrong, because now when I turn on the wiper switch it blows the fuse.


reasons for doing this: diver side wiper fell off. Took the end of the bolt with it when it snapped off. Now trying to fix it.

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On 10/10/2019 at 12:55 PM, wayno said:

Where in Washington are you?

Are you saying when the wiper arm fell off it broke the 1/4" post off with it that holds teeth thing on that hold the wiper arms on?

When you tried removing the wiper post did you remove the dash?

The actual wiper blade arm fell off on the outside of the truck. It’s the teeth thing that fits into the wiper blade arm. I tried JB weld but it didn’t hold. 
when I tried to remove it I didn’t remove the dash. I’m thinking that I should have.

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It's called a pivot. Has a tapered spline that mates to the arm spline. Rotates back and forth. There is an A and a B pivot but they look identical and the only difference I can see to the driver's side (B) has a single linkage to it while the A has one from the motor and shares the one that connects A and B.


FWIW the driver's side pivot part number is 26371-14802 but I doubt this will help just get another assembly complete. Be sure to disassemble and use lithium grease on all rubbing parts. I did this on my 710 and the wipers are slightly faster now.

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It’s the part that sticks out to the outside of the windshield that pivots and the windshield wiper connects to. That piece broke and the whole windshield wiper fell on to the hood of the truck.


do you guys know where I could get a whole assembly, or a OEM assembly that might fit?


have a 1970 521

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There are two seal used in the rear axle of a 521. 

I am trying to use National Oil seal 1973, for the brake plate, or outer grease seal.

The inner seal I am using is a National Oil Seal 223542 for the inner, or oil seal.  This seal is in the axle housing. 


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