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1200 brake upgrade mklotz70


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The two closer holes(top in the pic) for the strut mount are opened up a bit to compensate for not being spaced right. I just wanted to see how they'd look with the plating on them :) Unless I order a whole lot of these brackets, I'm not sure I'll have them plated in the kit.

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Looking for a second...actually third opinion...


I can either go with the allen bolts and lock washers under the head or longer bolts with lock washer and nut on the backside. It's not like it's going to affect the price.


Thoughts? Preference?










Just a shot of the "oops". I could probably elongate the hole on the mill, but I think I'll just have them recut. Besides....I found that my caliper holes are off slightly too.....what the heck?! Either I measured wrong or I did the CAD wrong....either way, I'll get it tweaked and submitted for a quote this week. :)



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I just finished modifying the art...again....and I've emailed it to my cutter. I'm going to email the art to the laser guys too and get a quote on having them cut. Since I'm going to meet the min order with them for these, I may just have them do some 411 brackets too :)

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Mike, i think that the allen head bolts look the cleanest, and are plenty strong without the nut, but my concern would be of guys that only have allen wrenches to tighten them, I would bt that these need more torque than most of those can provide. A allen socket would be needed.


My .02

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Good point. It is an 8mm allen...those are usually at least 6 inches long....a box end can add some leverage :) You'd think someone doing a brake upgrade would have some tools, but........ I'll have to think about that a bit. I didn't worry about it on the 411 kits....they've got allens too.


I'd have gone with hex head, but there's clearance issues.

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I modified the artwork a bit. At first it was just to move the holes, but while I was looking at one of the mounted brackets, I decided to thicken up the arc.





So, this is basically what the kit is going to look like, but the plating is misleading. I don't really plan on plating any future kits. I'd have to do over a hundred 1200 kits(200 brackets) to reach the weight minimum on the plating to make it worthwhile....or, plate them at the same time I'm doing truck kits. I doubt there will be many times when they both get done together and I don't want to push the kit as a plated kit.





I spent a bit of time on the brackets I just got...the ones I had the hole in the wrong place on. The hole needed to be about .050" in toward the center. I figured out how to hold the bracket in the vise. More importantly, I found that I had an end mill that was just the right size!!! I was able to slot the hole. By slotting it, it doesn't wander in/out any more than the other holes. The up/down direction is held by the other bolt. With the bracket bolted on and the bolts just slightly loose, the bracket does not move around anymore than the plated brackets. I was surprised that it felt so good. I can probably hold even tighter tolerances on the next batch(if I got the holes right!) but I wouldn't call these sloppy. Anyway....I think you can just make out in the pics that it wasn't much of a slot. :) These brackets are available, although at the moment, I only have enough bolts for two kits.












I hesitate to put a price out there without knowing just what the laser cut brackets are going to cost, but this is what I'm thinking....


The kit with the plain brackets like the last pics, the bolts, washers, loctite will be $55 shipped.


If everyone says they want them plated, it will be $65. I may have a batch plated if the timing works out with a batch of truck kits, but don't plan on it.


Since these brackets are usable, but slotted(and I hate to waste them), I'll sell the 6 kits for $40 each, shipped. Yes, they come with the bolts, washers, loctite. It will probably take me about a week to get the bolts in. Let me know what you guys think. I'm trying to keep the price down, but still make it worth my while. :)

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Thanks Ron! :)




This info is going to affect several things I'm doing, so you may see a similar post elsewhere. I found out this morning that my waterjet guy is unavailable for a bit while they move shops. Since there seems to be a good bit of interest in these kits, I've submitted the art and placed an order for 40(20 sets) brackets to the laser cutter. I haven't gotten confirmation back from them yet, that will probably happen tomorrow. I'm guessing it will take them about 2 weeks to get these done. Here's the good news regarding these kits. Since these are being ordered along with truck brackets and a few 411 brackets, I'm looking to do them all at once and have them all plated. If you want a plain steel set, just let me know before they go to the plater. :)



As for the kits I have now, I've placed the order for the bolts....should be here by the end of the week or early next week.

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Got the new brackets back earlier than I had expected!!! Wow!! They came out perfect! I'm extremely pleased with the fitment. I think the pics will give you a pretty good idea at just how close I got the tolerances. :) The bolts slip right in and thread right in!! If anyone wants a set before they get plated, get in touch with me now. Otherwise, these will sit in a box until the truck brackets and 411 brackets head to the plater. :)
















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I just heard from the welder today, so I'll pick up the truck brackets tomorrow. As soon as I get the machine work done on them, everything, including these brackets, will go to the plater. :)

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I dropped off 18 sets of brackets at the plater's today...should have them back mid next week I hope. There's several guys patiently waiting for the plated kits. I would have had 19 sets, but for the life of me, I don't know where I put one of the plates! I only had 37 in the box...there was 38....I'm sure I'll find it sometime :)

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