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1200 brake upgrade mklotz70


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Mike, will the caliper fit under 13" wheels?



I was checking this again tonight.....it will NOT fit behind stamped(stock) steel wheels, but Doug (owner) said that he tried an aftermarket 13" aluminum wheel and it fit...barely.


I mocked it up with a stock 411 13" rim....no way will it fit. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a steel 13" wheel that will fit, but I won't be the one trying to hunt that down.


I'm getting to the point where I'm considering putting in an order to the laser cutter.....but I only know of one other guy that's interested in this upgrade. I don't want to put in an order for 22-30 plates and find out there's no interest.


I'm looking into an option for brake lines....if included in the kit, it will up the price a good bit. If not, the basic kit should be around the $50-60 I mentioned before.....basic kit would also NOT include the longer wheel studs.


Any of the 1200 forum guys....Dave.....know if this would be of interest to this crowd? :)

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Here are a few different after market 13" wheels

13" Libre 13X7 BS 3.75"






13" Bud Hand wheels 13X5.5 BS 3.5"





13" slotted mags 13X5.5 BS 2.75" Not centered was just picture of wheel style.







All fit without interference and have more than 1/4" off space between caliper and wheel. Tried 13" steel wheels from 210 and 510, wouldn't go on!

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Installed all new parts and stainless steel brake lines and adaptors.

(Blue hands machinist in the background)


Brake line brackt on the strut tube was bent down so as not to cause rubbing against new brake lines



Bought zinc coated slotted rotors off of ebay for $44.00 free shipping and rebuilt calipers from NAPA and got 2nd Saturday price of $33.00 each. I used ceramic pads, they were $60.00 at NAPA. Brakes lines and adapters were purchased locally and the cost may vary depending on what available in your area. This brake conversion is awesome- slows the 1200 down quickly with less pedal pressure and no fade!


Mike will have the green adapter zinc coated in the future. Thanks Mike for all your work to make a simple brake conversion for a simple little car!

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Thanks. As I keep getting closer to my school date...I'm starting to realize that I won't be putting in an order for brackets until I get back. I'll see about modifying the CAD art while I'm at school. Besides....I've gotten feedback from one or two other guys that they're interested. I'm not sure I want to order 20+ brackets if there's no interest. :)

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I've been driving my 1200 sedan for 29 years now and plan to keep going. I've had a lot of close calls over the years and sure would like to be able to stop better because the other idiots on the road are getting worse! I ask you to please send me a cost for your upgrade kit. I went to 13" steel wheels long ago and went to a 165R80x13 rear tire after swapping in a 310 5-speed trans & rear pumpkin to keep my speedometer accurate. Did you ever discover a 13" steel that will work ? What kind of 14" steel will fit and what size tire do you reccomend ? Thank you for any info you can give SS

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The cabl/Internet is down at the hotel. Hopefully it will be back up by tomorrow. Posting from the phone is possible, just not easy. I'll check back on this tomorrow... Hopefully the cable will be back up.

Morrisun didn't find a 13" steel rim that fit.

Not sure on cost and I don't have any of my hardware prices with me, so I wont have a firm price for at least another week.

I think any 14" steel wheel fit.

Theres several tire size calculators out there that will give you a 14" option to match your diameter. You may want to actually measure your ties just to double check the calc since size can vary a bit be tween brands.

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I'm thinking about opening up the holes just a bit like I did for Doug's, then have them plated with this next batch of brake brackets. There's a note on my desk right in front of me to remind me to check the measurements and artwork and see about having some more cut. I'd much rather be doing that than what I've been doing..........pulling the motor on the lincoln :( I'm seriously thinking about selling the Fairlane off before I get any deeper into it. As much as I'd like to have one to cruise the highway with, there's just nothing between where it is now and driving it that I actually want to do. :(

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You may not sell the Fairlane. I forbid it. You'll feel better once that Lincoln isn't taking up half your yard. Just set it aside and focus on that 521 for a while. The itch will come back and you'll want to rock a long-roof again.


As for the brakes...no rush. Just looking for an update. When they're ready - they're ready. Thanks again.

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Morrisun didn't find a 13" steel rim that fit.




Don't know if it matters, but the 13" steel "racing" wheels from Diamond, Bassett, and Bart should fit over these. I've fit them over 280ZX brakes and those are as big (or bigger) than these.


These are 13x7 zero offset Bart wheels and they fit over the 280ZX brakes just fine.



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hey morrison this looks like a great idea. No machining or fabrication needed except the two caliper adapters. And the brakes are larger than the B310 disks. Not only are they lightweight rotors, but you keep the stock lightweight B110 stuts. Good all around.


mm, the B310 (210) brakes are similar but different.

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I'm okay for money right now. I take deposits when I'm short on cash and need it to pay for parts. I already have boxes of the hardware for these kits. I've tweaked the CAD art, so I'll send it off in the morning to my waterjet guy to have him make a few for testing/prototyping. Once I've verified that the change was good, I'll submit the art for a quote on laser cutting. From there, I can figure up just what to sell these kits for. It will be the 2 brackets and the hardware....pretty simple, so it shouldn't cost much. I know for sure it won't go over $100...probably a good bit less than that.....just depends on the laser cutting price. My truck brackets went up 30% from the last time I ordered them!! :( ......so I'm trying to guess high....much easier to come down on a price than go up after I've put it out there. :)


I put your name on the clipboard I started for my brake kits.




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I've sent the CAD work to the cutter...he's hoping to get to them this week. I opened the holes up on the 4 sets I had here(the strut mounting holes were a bit close together) and included them with the truck brackets for plating. They'll get black zinc as well. It was only a few bucks more to get these plated too, even though I'm not thrilled with the holes being oversized. I'll check the fit to the strut when they get back...I was in a big hurry to get out the door right after I drilled them. Anyway.....hopefully, I can post some picks of how they'll look about the same time as the "good" ones are on their way here. Once I've verified the prototypes are good, I'll get a laser cutting quote and post a price for the kit. :)

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