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datsun 510 tail light Guide

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Ok well i have seen a few diff tail lights so if you have some diff pics post them


sss bluebird



GL Tail lights



euro tail lights



71 sss tail lights or mexican



68 euro lights




I know im missing a few post up pics that are diff

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Oh the horror, the horror of that early 80's paint scheme of that poor goon...anyway here's a clean shot of just the euro wagon tail light lenses.



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^^^^ that 80s goon ended up down here.. it was in east lake parked on the street with the origon plates.... i must says its a clean car i would primer it and rock it... that reminds me i should go see if hes tired of it yet and wants to sell it

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That's 1200 Coupe (Euro?) ^^^

Below is USDM on my car:


If you have them, they are of no use to you. Give them to me and I'll safely dispose of them :D .


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In response to all the "GL" and "SSS Bluebird" comments above.


The Bluebird sedan taillights were different by year - not by trim level.


'68 Bluebird lenses look the same as US '68 lenses

'69 and '70 Bluebird lenses are the same as '69-73 US lenses

'71 Bluebird lenses are unique, but they used them on the Mexican 510s.  (does anyone know if they were on the Mexican 510's BEFORE the JDM Bluebirds?)

'72 Bluebird are again unique.

Regardless if the car was a standard, DX, GL, SSS or "sports" trim level, the tail lights were the same.  The badging might change, the finisher panel between the taillights might change (for instance, on the '71 bluebirds, the GL and SSS cars had some fancy scrolling on the taillight finisher panel, the DX (and I assume standard) was plain), but the taillights did not change.


The Bluebird coupe taillights were also the same - regardless of trim level.


Some people do not know that Bluebird Coupes came in SSS and non/SSS versions.


Not every coupe is a SSS, not every SSS is a coupe!  Make sense? 


Oh, and the grills change too - and are often misidentified in the same way.


This should help:





Though only SSS coupe and 4dr are shown.



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The 70-73 Wagon tail lights have 2 bulbs used for brake and turn signal. The lens has 2 sets of red circles and a line barely visible that separates the red portion of the lens in 2. The top portion of this lens has is usually amber in color in non USDM versions.


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