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  1. he tryed to JDM510 some alter boys in the ass

  2. -175? .. .. Haha

  3. well if some one buys it cash gives me 600 and pay pals you 300 ill send off the lights and take that loss on the 100 bucks :D
  4. let me know how that puck disk works out for street driving..... last one of those i ran it was a ON/OFF type deal you have to rev the motor to 3k and jsut dump the clutch for it to take off with out jumping all over the place...... however that clutch set up was in my baja bug so idk how diff it will act in a datto with hydro clutch set up
  5. i owe 400 on it... so you give me 600.. and pay pal skunk 400 and the truck is yours.. trust me its worth every penny
  6. sorry man did not mean to be a dick in any way im trying to get you money as fast as i can such as i always have been i even decided to sell the truck to get it even faster althoguh i really didnt want to and make the hole trip a big waste but yeah man sorry
  7. ok ill sell my 240 and ride the bus just to pay you off ok??? ahaha dude you should of never made me the deal in the first place i dont know what you or i was thinking driving all the way up their.. i had the impresion you did not need any money and it was a pay when you can thing and you just needed the truck gone???? anyways i have to go to sleep but liek i said befor man youll get money im here i never left or ran or hide or nothign i just have no money sorry man give me some time and things will pan out my bad im sorry :D
  8. yeah im going to swindle you out of your 620 next punk watch out!!! lol hahahha oh yeah and for the record i want a ls6 ahahaha
  9. whatever dude im still the same legit guy jsut with no money lol :lol: :lol:
  10. somthing like this right past your red pile of shit even with one of your fag friends that still cant drive
  11. hahaha your town can suck my fucking dick!!!! your going to say my 240 sucks once i swap out the motor bitch!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: what you know about that power son!!!
  12. 2400cc's of fury for that ass!!!

    1. ctaylor



  13. all this stress is making me sick i just want nothing to do with cars dealings or anything from now on im going to put my money into hookers :lol: :lol: :lol:
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