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  1. Test fitted a lens I made for my Wagon. Crossing fingers I get the equipment dialed in to improve the final result.
  2. I think you forgot to attach the picture.
  3. Installed the grill and made some progress on my SSS center console restore.
  4. Congrats on the sale. Is it staying local?
  5. Glad I could help!
  6. It looks factory to me.
  7. My 69 510 Wagon has shoulder belts.
  8. There are some dimmable LEDs but the small ones we have are just off and on.
  9. I found some while LEDs in amazon that are plug and play and love how they look. I can actually see my turn signals in day light now. No more driving a good distance not knowing my turn signal is on. Car is too loud to hear the clicking of the signal relay. Here’s the link to the bulbs I’m running. They press right into the original sockets. https://www.amazon.com/Partsam-Instrument-Bright-Cluster-Dashboard/dp/B00KT1BH1Q?pd_rd_w=yq2fc&pf_rd_p=2020812b-f441-4130-ae1f-95cfbcb2c9c3&pf_rd_r=52T2HZHJHS4AHZBNBWV4&pd_rd_r=7f894aea-8b09-4eb2-bdb3-70e6ea9d4595&am
  10. Watching a Spanish movie on Netflix and quickly noticed the fender mirrors. Had to rewind and pause since they only showed it for a few seconds. On close up I noticed the SSS badge! The Wife was like how in the hell did you notice that? 🙂
  11. Not trying to derail this thread but can you share what models came with the "Safari" grill?
  12. These are a little different than the 68-69 510 (6.5" long) turn signals. They look similar but look slightly different shape. The Circle pattern is smaller on the 510 lens.
  13. I made some straps for masks that sit on your neck instead around the ears from this same material. Almost a year old and no sign of deuteriation yet. They are not in direct sunlight and usually sit on the passenger seat of my car outside. I’m surprised it’s held up as well as it has for this long. Not sure how long they will last in direct sunlight though. I think I’ll set a pair out in the backyard for a while and see how they hold up.
  14. Finally installed the eyebrow trim with 3D printed gaskets, and the upper and lower grill trim.
  15. It still showed in stock when you posted the link. Someone jumped on it.

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    3D printed in flexible filament. $15 pair shipped via USPS priority in the USA. The gaskets sit nice and snug on the trim’s edge. I take PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, gold shillings, and EBT for those down on your luck.


  17. Started the tear down and DIY resto of my Safari Grill. Scored a set of NOS Spot lights too!
  18. Hi and Welcome, No idea. Definitely not a VIN. The VIN Should start with PL510, or WPL510. Is the first number you listed on the firewall? Is it a 2 Door, 4 Door, or Wagon? I have a 69 Wagon. Luis.
  19. Yes I did notice the emblem and it looks it was made to be there. The bezels look good like that too! Did you have a Ontario Metal Polishing do the grill? Did you take it apart before hand? Luis.
  20. If the price was right I’m sure Wagon owners like myself would want one. Keep in mind there will also be the cost of shaving off the side plate lights and procuring the bumper light.
  21. I was able to drill new holes in the stock 510 seat brackets to get my Recaros in. Not sure if your seats are narrower and that would not be possible.
  22. 3D printed a relay holder that bolts to the firewall and finally cleaned up the rats nest!
  23. Wow a little steep for a spare set. Don’t be surprised if you see someone making more reproductions.
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