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  1. Hi Vicdat, This is the March 1968 Spring Catalog from Lafayette Radio Electronics. Both clocks came in LRE packaging. Funny that the paperwork they have includes a warranty card stating a 90 day warranty. 52 years later and the one I have in my 510 Wagon fired right up for the first time and sounds great! Luis.
  2. Thanks! It takes some getting used to.
  3. Hi Guys, I have some old Jeco dash clocks (Battery powered) and cannot find much info on them. I have seen 2 of them on Instagram and 1 on the web. Does anyone know what model cars these were intended for? Any idea what they should sell for? I found a 1968 catalog for LRE that has them listed. The one in the catalog is probably a rebrand. The 2 clocks I have save Jeco and Japan on the face along with Japan on the bottom.
  4. Installed a Nardi wheel and got most of my DIY restore 69 dash back together.
  5. Got most of the dash back in and just need to make some brackets to hold the stock 69 AM radio firmly in place.
  6. Cool! I will get a roll of ABS to play around with for some other parts. I’ll let you Guys know how that goes.
  7. I thought about that but the PLA will warp from being in the hot sun. I figure a quick wrap in fiberglass should prevent that. I want to get a roll of the stuff that doesn’t warp in the heat. It is a mix of composite and aluminum I think.
  8. Hi TJ, I have pics and dimensions from someone on the realm and that’s how I was able to model this one. So I have the final model and will post pics once I am done printing, and sanding it. Thanks, Luis.
  9. Hi Guys, I could not get my hands on a Steering Column Cover for my 69 510 and decided to model, and print one my self. Below are the pics of the prototype. I am currently printing all 4 pieces in black and will do a light fiberglass wrap on the outside to prevent it from warping in the sun. Above are just 2 pieces for test fitting.
  10. Wanted to share that I got the Alternator connected and it charges the battery. Here is how I have it connected. Red/White wire (excite wire) from the alternator harness is hooked up to a toggle switch, that when flipped to on provides a current from the fuse box. This toggle switch is mounted on the dash to the right of the steering column. The red wire from the Alternator harness, is connected to the stud of the Alternator. The Alternator stud had an 8 gauge wire that connects to a 70 Amp Maxi Fuse, that then connects to the battery. Now just need to clean up the wires and hide them behind the dash.
  11. Thanks! Yes I did it myself. Not sure if I should post here as I don’t want to hijack this thread or if I should do a separate thread.
  12. So the Mechanic came out and figured the mess out. He took about 30 minutes to figure out what was done by the person who did the motor swap a few owners ago. I had a bad hazard flasher and decided to replace it, and the turn signal flasher while I was at it. He found the wire that was supposed to supply power to the signals and brake lights Green/White I believe, was connected incorrectly near the fuse box. He also found the Blue/White wire was also incorrectly connected down by the fuse box. After he re-routed the cables, replaced the flasher units, I now have working Hazards, Turn Signals, and Brake lights. I asked him about the alternator wiring since the Previous Owner mentioned it above and he pointed out it was not connected. He explained how it needs to be wired so I could do that myself. Glad these issues are resolved and I can now move onto the next. Thanks to the Guys who commented above with some advice! I will definitely ask for more help here on the boards as I go along with my Wagon.
  13. Sounds cool!!! Post a pic when done.
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