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  1. Hi Ratsun Fam, I’m currently working on the floors of my Wagon and was curious if anyone can tell what these are from? They do not look like the 510 Wagon seats I’ve seen in other Wagons. Thanks!
  2. That would look awesome on my garage! Any idea where he got it?
  3. SSS_Restorers on Instagram does great work!
  4. I always heard the trim on those lights were metal. I used Spaz Stix spray chrome on the my dash trim and it looks better than the Krylon or Rustolium spray chrome. Not quite Chrome but looks OK. You should have those taillights redone by a professional if possible.
  5. Hola Jorge Luis, acabo de encontrar esta parte pero no estoy seguro si es lo que buscas. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Datsun-510-passenger-FRONT-window-regulator-DECENT-USED/123766999517?hash=item1cd11689dd:g:WJUAAOSwpx9c2f1j Podrías subir una foto de tu puerta para que podamos ver lo que hace falta? Saludos, Luis.
  6. I see he has visited since my last comment but he did not reply. I’ll keep an eye on this one and see if replies. His profile says he’s looking for parts to complete his 510.
  7. Hola Jorge Luis, Buscas comprar la parte o necesitas ayuda arreglando la? saludos. For the non Spanish speakers I am asking him if he needs help fixing the driver’s side window elevator or if he is looking to purchase the part?
  8. Early morning fill up before Cars and Coffee this past Sunday!
  9. Thanks for the info. Just ordered the cable and gear assembly.
  10. What year and model? I ask because the Wagons are different.
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