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  1. Nice 510. Is that your Celica back there?
  2. Thanks for the plug Bro! yes my workload keeps growing as I expand my offerings of lenses but would gladly add this to my to do list if the other guys are too busy. You can check out my current offerings on Instagram. My handle there is @offdamarkt
  3. Thanks! Yes the factory casted them in multiple pieces then glued or fused them together. I do plan on doing the 2 and 3 color lenses also. (Ducks to avoid tomatoes thrown by Mr. Big Tanker). I plan on marking them somehow to make them easier to spot as reproductions. Not saying they will look as good as the factory units but would hate for someone to try and sell mine as if they are new or great shape originals. I have a wait list for those and am crossing my fingers my plan works out.
  4. Yes the original lenses had 2 chrome rectangle trims on each lens. The reproduction parts you posted look a little ticker than the originals. I Guy I know purchased the same reproductions and is trying to stamp or press the metal trims for the taillights. Curious to see if he can pull it off. As for your other questions, I heard the factory was in Tecate Mexico and yes still badged 510. Not sure on what years they manufactured them there. I know one major difference was those sedans had leaf springs in the rear like the Wagons to keep the cost down.
  5. Will do soon as I’m pretty slammed with orders and want to catch up on those first. Luis.
  6. So far the Guys who have purchased these from me are using colored LED Bulbs and Light Bars.
  7. And now we have clear Wagon lenses! Message me if you’re interested.
  8. Welcome Manny! I also have a 69 Wagon. Like Draker mentions above, several items are unique to this year like the round rear side markers. Let me know if you need side marker or taillight lenses as I make them. Looking forward to you posting some pictures. Luis.
  9. From the green line I added up front where the radiator support meets the fender to the front edge of the black plastic base we have 6.5 inches. The green line closest to the windshield has the center of the small hole at 9 inches. Hope this is helpful. Luis.
  10. Hope this helps a little. Mine is a 69’Wagon and not sure if all cars have the rubber hood stop shown to the right of the fender.
  11. I needed to get my pressure chamber set properly to compress the air bubbles down to a size no longer noticeable.
  12. Those First Gen Celica Liftback tail lights!!!!
  13. Got to meet up with some of the local Wagons and rolled up to a Classic Celica meet in Murrieta CA. Always nice to meet up with these Guys!
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