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  1. Made some more progress on designing the top portion of the SSS Center Console that I’m missing. I plan on printing the parts and cleaning them up with some fiber glass and and sanding to a better shape. Hard enough to find these consoles and even harder to find the top parts.
  2. The movie is about a Tsunami called The Imposible.
  3. Woohoo! Going to paint your Wagon in the black Momo scheme! Going to need more paint than the jars though. 🙂 Just kidding, looking forward to seeing the mini version of your Wagon!
  4. Looks like the 69 SSS cluster. Sorry I don’t have the wiring diagram for this but only the 69 standard cluster.
  5. Cleaned up my JDM Deluxe 69 Speedo and repainted the needles.
  6. Window crank is in a different spot. I bought some door panels for a 4 door and had no issues with the rear doors. The front doors had the window crank hole cut out in a different spot. Luckily the hole they came with were only in the particle board and not the vinyl.
  7. 3D printed the base to the 69 rear side markers with flexible filament.
  8. Time Left: 3 hours and 29 minutes

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    A pair of 3D Printed cable boots for the 69 510 rear side markers. Printed in flexible material. $30 shipped in the USA. Let me know if interested.


    - US

  9. Think this is a Roadster and Celica in Cobra Kai.
  10. Sorry to derail but is the back window the same on Wagon and 4 door or all the back windows different? Thanks.
  11. The 70-73 Wagon tail lights have 2 bulbs used for brake and turn signal. The lens has 2 sets of red circles and a line barely visible that separates the red portion of the lens in 2. The top portion of this lens has is usually amber in color in non USDM versions.
  12. The 68 and 69 Wagon tail lights only had one bulb for turn signal and brake. The lens only had one set of red circles as opposed to 2.
  13. Thats Troys Wagon. Check it out on Instagram. @Sullythe510Wagon
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